IELTS exam is considered one of the most significant examinations in India. It gives abundant resources and opportunities to the aspirants who want to study or live in other countries. This exam tests the English proficiency of every individual in order to let them know whether they can survive in other countries or not. Indians mostly get an average band of 5.5 or 6 points. India ranks at a second position that gets higher bands after China. This exam is actually easy because of the English background that Indians have. In order to get maximum bands and the country of one’s own choice, you need to work with a little focused and determined mind.

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Is IELTS Easy or Tough? 

IELTS exam is easy for the candidates who prepare in a proper time. You need to give it a few months for perfect preparation. Most of the people think it is quite easy and therefore they land up failing or having lesser bands. Many people avoid studying for it or start studying before one or two weeks of the examination. This brings a lack of concentration, focus, and extremely low revision. This exam tests reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in the English language. You must prepare yourself in such a way that you do wonder in each of these aspects. You must start reading, recording your speaking skills, listening to English interviews, etc to judge your own capabilities and do more hard work in the weaker areas.

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How Difficult is the IELTS Test?

It is not a tough examination but everyone cannot be perfect in every field. There are many people who can write well in English but can’t speak it fluently and vice versa. You need to work on the aspects that are a point of weakness in you. You must start practising previous years’ papers or resolving your queries on online platforms for a better understanding of everything. This exam does not require too much practice or studying but you need to give adequate time for scoring good bands. Time management is the key to succeed in these examinations. There are certain visions of it through Indian students.

#1. Indian Pronunciation and Slang

Indian English does not make a great impact on the selection criteria of the IELTS exam. Speaking test has its own significance and if you are not good enough with pronunciation and diction then you will not be able to qualify the further processes of the examination. You must start practicing pronunciation and vocabulary a few months before the exam to be able to confront the interviewer amazingly. India is a nonnative English country but it has high values and English communication skills inbuilt in the citizens that gives incredible skills of pronunciation but still lacks in slangs and phrases.

#2. Taking the Exam for Granted

Any exam should not be taken for granted instead you must prepare for it effectively. It is a fact that what you write is the same as what you speak and therefore you can have mistakes in writing because of your pronunciation. Indians have a different accent than Americans and Australians that can bring challenges for you. There are many words that can be misunderstood for some other words of English because of the accent. This is the reason why you must focus on gaining fine skills in grammar, diction, and dialect. You must give time to precisely prepare yourself in all the contexts to rise and get to your destination.

#3. Learning English is a Process

You must strive to learn English every day to get proficiency and excellence in it. You must not go on to the direction of thought where you think that learning a few rules and applying tricks will bring you success. This is not going to happen. You have to reach out to various sources and applications of learning and growing for success. You must have a daily practice of words, phrases, accent, reading, speaking, and writing. There is no end to learning in this universe and hence you must learn the maximum you can that will not oy help you to crack the exam and get your desired place but also will grow your personality as a whole.

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IELTS Academic is Easy or General?

Both the portions of the exam have their own contexts and relevance. You have to know about every aspect in detail before starting the preparation for it. Writing and reading exams are different for academic and general categories but listening and speaking have the same tests for both. The academic section basically contains the contexts of anyone entering the university or professional institutes and the general exam depicts the questions and topics based on general interest and social context. Both are easy for the candidates who practice everything perfectly and work on it effectively.

Writing Test

For general, it is done for 60 minutes where the candidate will be asked to write a letter of 150 words and a short essay of 250 words, and for academics, the time is the same that is for 60 minutes where the candidate is asked to describe a table, chart, or diagram in 150 words along with writing a short essay in 250 words.

Reading Test 

This test is done for 60 minutes for general as well as academics. For the general exam, there are 3 sections. The first section consists of 2 or 3 or several short texts, the second section of two texts, and the third section of one long text. The texts mainly come from advertisements and notices. While for the academic, there are three long texts coming from books, journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Speaking Test 

Speaking test is the same for general and academic. It is an interview done for 11 to 14 minutes with a structured discussion on known topics and areas. You have to confront the interviewer with confidence and skills to win over it.

Listening Test 

This test is also the same for general and academic. It is conducted for 30 minutes in 4 sections. Each section has 10 questions. The first 2 sections deals with regular social terms and contexts and the other two sections are done with training and educational areas.

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IELTS exam can be regarded as tremendously beneficial for Indians. The band calculation of the examination depends on the marks in each section of it separately. You must work on every section and aspect to excel in the examination among other candidates. There are four major things on which the examination depends are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. You must give proper time to succeed in every term. You must concentrate on each module to score incredibly great in the exam. If you want to crack this exam in every way then you must go to the IELTS Ninja website where everything is easily available. The professionals there will help you to get good scoring and precalculation methods for having excellent marks.

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