If you are adamant that you want to move abroad to pursue your education or for work purposes. Then, you have to also check the country in which you want to move, keeping various factors in mind. You have to hurry up your decision-making process along with making the best decision for you. So, to make the best decision you have to do thorough research using various sources like articles, blogs, and the experience of other people.

You need to see the pros and cons and then make the decision after you have decided the country, you need to apply for the International English Language Testing System examination, which is used to evaluate the English proficiency of the candidate.

Many universities ask for an IELTS score, through which the candidate can get into the college. IELTS score is also needed to get entry into a country along with the visa. Every country requires an IELTS score equal to or above the minimum band score, specified by the country.

IDP IELTS Exam Dates 2021

The IELTS test can be taken in two ways, it is either paper-based or computer-based. Candidates opting for paper-based International English Language Testing System exams will be taking, reading, writing, and listening sections on paper with a pen or pencil, and the speaking test is taken face to face by a trained IELTS examiner. The test result for the paper-based IELTS exam is announced after 13 days.

If you are taking a computer-based examination the structure remains the same as the listening, reading, and writing sections will be taken together, and the speaking test remains face to face with the examiner. The computer-based test has more flexibility in choosing the test dates according to your convenience. And the results are announced within 3-5 days after you complete the results. IDP is the first organization to conduct a computer-based IELTS exam in India.

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IELTS Test Dates

IELTS exam dates are different each year, so you need to see for the year which dates are available. When we have entered the new year 2021 then you have to look for the IELTS exam date 2021 in India. For computer-based tests also you need to apply for your preferred centre location. The centre for the computer-based IELTS exam has the latest system with high-quality headphones that don’t allow the external noise to disturb you when you are giving your exam. There are separate chambers for the candidate that ensure privacy and CCTV cameras have been installed to have a safe and secure environment. You can choose any date which is available for 7 days a week. Not one time, but 3 times a day that is morning, afternoon, and evening. You can opt for any date at any time according to your flexibility and convenience.

Steps to Apply for IDP IELTS Dates

When you have to apply for the IDP IELTS dates, you can go to IDP official website. If you are planning to apply for the IELTS examination, then you can use the same official website to fill the International English Language Testing System forms.

IELTS test dates are offered 4 times a month, which counts to 48 fixed test dates in a year. But the availability of IELTS dates in India will be different for Academic and general training modules. The academic training module is for the candidate who is planning to pursue his/ her studies from abroad.

For General Training module candidates who are looking for moving abroad for work or other professional purposes. For Academic modules, candidates can choose from 48 dates in a year but for the general modules 24 dates in a year. So, you need to follow simple steps to apply for dates, and centres from IDP.

Steps to Follow

  1. You need to login to the IELTS IDP website
  2. Then select the “Register for IELTS” option
  3. Then you have to specify your test date, and test city according to your location, you will have to choose the speaking slot separately as it is taken separately from other sections.
  4. Then complete the online application form
  5. Then you have to complete your payment through a credit card (Master/Visa)
  6. After completion of the payment, you get instant seat booking and acknowledgement

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IELTS Exam Fees

When you are applying for the International English Language Testing System examination you need to secure a small part of your spending to complete the IELTS exam process. IELTS exam fees are INR 14,000 irrespective of which centre location you choose, which date you choose, which mode: paper-based or computer-based International English Language Testing System exam. You can use any mode of payment: Credit card, Bank deposit, or bank draft, to get the information for the same you can go to the IELTS IDP website.

How to Prepare for the Computer-based IELTS Exam?

If you have opted for a more flexible IELTS exam that is computer-based, then you have to see what is the structure and how it is conducted. When you are starting with the preparation for the computer-based IELTS exam.

The first step is to see the video or read a blog about how the computer-based IELTS examination is conducted. It will be better for you to get familiarised with the format of the test. IDP website has some videos that can help you with acquainting you with how the test is conducted. You will get familiarised with the videos of how to attempt different sections of the test, what are the instructions, browse the questions, review, and how to submit the answer. You will also see how to change the screen setting if you need to. The IDP website has different sections to help you in the IELTS preparation, you can find videos, tips for preparation, FAQs, Test taker’s experience.

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The International English Language Testing System is an exam that is used to evaluate the English proficiency of the person planning to move abroad for some purpose whether for studies or for other professional reasons. The International English Language Testing System is conducted by IDP and British Council. Since ages, the International English Language Testing System was a paper-based examination but IDP commenced the computer-based examination in India, to make it more flexible for the candidates who are preparing for the International English Language Testing System examination. The computer-based exam is available 7 days a week and thrice day: morning, afternoon, evening.

IDP has a full-fledged website with all the information that a person may need to prepare for the International English Language Testing System along with making it easier for you to fix a date, and central location to give the exam. If you are opting for IELTS computer-based exam, you should get familiarised with it.

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