What do you think about the speaking section of the IELTS examination? Is it easy? Or do you find it difficult? If you find it difficult or easy can you identify the reason behind it? For the group of people who think that the speaking section is easy, they think so because they speak fluent English, and for the group of people who think it is tough, they say so because they do not have a smooth English Speaking capability. Both the groups haven’t done their research completely because in the speaking section, having fluent English is not the only criteria. There are other criteria as well on the basis of which the candidate is judged in the speaking section. These criteria are:- Using a wide range of grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and lexical resources.

Once you know these criteria it will be easy for you to prepare, isn’t it? In this article we will dive deep into the speaking section with the preparation tip and a cue card topic for you with the sample answer:- Describe a company where you live that employs a lot of people

IELTS Preparation for Speaking Section

When you are preparing for the IELTS examination you need to do smart work along with hard work. Make sure that you are not only practising how to answer the questions for each section but you have to know the tricks and tactics to complete each section in the stipulated time with greater accuracy. To do so keep in mind the points given below and make sure that you use them during your preparation.

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Practice with a Buddy

If you know somebody who has a higher level of English speaking skill like the one your examiner will be, then it is advisable that you start practising with that person. You should request that person to give you a cue card topic and move forward with similar ways in the speaking section of IELTS. This way you are able to stretch your ability to a higher level than you are currently on. You should practice in such a way that the practice session boosts your confidence as well. When you practice regularly, you are making yourself familiar with the kind of scenario you will be facing during the examination.

Elaborate Your Answers

Many times candidates develop misconceptions about the follow-up questions that are asked by the examiner at the end of the speaking section when the candidate has completed the description of the given cue card topic. Candidates are of the opinion that as it is a question-answer round, giving a 1 liner or a 2 liner answer would suffice, but this is not the case, you have to elaborate and make sure that you are giving a reasonable answer that has some stand. Make sure that you elaborate on the follow-up answer as well, with 4,5 lines.

Your English Skills are Judged not Your Knowledge

Candidates are unaware of the topic that will be given to them during the evaluation, in such an ambiguity, candidates can also go through the position where they know little about the topic given to them. In such a situation a candidate has to keep in mind that the examiner will be judging you on the basis of English and not your knowledge. Here you have to keep up your confidence and recall all the criteria on the basis of which you will be assessed.

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Don’t Use Fillers 

Using fillers like “Ahhh”, “mmm”, “And”, “Like” is not a good practice in English speaking, this gives a bad impression to the person hearing you. Instead of fillers, you can use the pause to recollect your thoughts and think about what to speak. This way you are able to structure your thoughts with what you want to speak and the person hearing you will get time to think as well. This is a very important point to keep in mind for the speaking section in IELTS. Examiners don’t like fillers, they like fluency and a well-structured answer which is fulfilling their criteria, so to achieve a good score, follow the rules.

Answer Sample of Cue Card Topic – Describe a Company Where You Live that Employs a Lot of People

Now refer to the answer given below for the cue card topic: Describe a company where you live that employs a lot of people, understand the structure, and how you should describe it.

What does It Do?

There are many companies near my place which employ a lot of people, some of them are big renowned ones. But one company that I am intrigued with is Trending Kiro, it is mainly a home decor and another stuff brand that was established many years ago. It has a full-fledged office near my place, and the office is really beautiful. As I have a great interest in home decor,  I have been following this company for a long time, I usually buy my home décor stuff from here, because of their interesting stuff and material. It is just 15 minutes away from my home. I am not sure about the establishment year of the company, but it is a few years old.

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How Many People are Employees?

Talking about the employees it has, I am not sure about how many exact employees there are but as they have a big factory and a corporate office I can guess that there are around 200 employees. I wish to do an internship in the company during my graduation because I have heard that their internship program is valuable. I have many questions in my mind regarding how they exactly work. I want to see how the factory works and how they make such beautiful home decor products. How does their corporation operate with so many employees, different departments?

What Kind of People Work There?

When I talked to my father about the organization to know how it works. My father told me that it has various departments that have different responsibilities to fill in. He made me understand that the company has a finance department that handles all the financial operations of the company, they have to come up with strategies for less expense and more revenue. Then there is the HR department in the company that is responsible for handling the human resources of the company. They are responsible for handling the attrition rate if any and to bridge the gap between the higher management and the employees.

Then there is the sales and marketing department that is responsible for driving sales for the company. Strategizing the marketing plans to make the people aware of their products and converting leads into customers. Within these departments, there are sub-teams that take care of particular operations of the company.

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How do You Feel about It?

I am very impressed by the company, hence I look forward to knowing more about it more and more. I also plan to do an internship in the company so that I am able to contribute my skills to the company and at the same time I enhance my knowledge about the company’s operations.

IELTS Speaking Follow-Up Questions

Congratulations! You have read the description and now you are at the end of the speaking section that is the follow-up questions. After you are done describing the cue card topic given by the examiner you will get a few questions from the examiner that will be related to the cue card topic only. Make sure that you elaborate on the answers and do not give 1,2 liner answers. Make sure that you follow the tips given above while answering the follow-up questions as well.

1. Is it Easy to Find Jobs in India?

Yes, it is easy to find jobs in India, if you have desired skills and you are smart enough to crack the interview. But talking about the desired job that the individual is looking for, is difficult because not everybody gets a dream job in their dream company. To find such a job one needs to work on personality and skill development a lot.

2. Is High Salary Important?

Yes, everything around us has a monetary value, and to fulfil our desire we need to pay for it. Standard of living is what we look forward to after working 8 hours a day and spending most of our time working for the companies. A high salary is what works as a motivating force to work and provides better quality work.

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3.  Are there Any Big Companies in Your Country?

Yes, We have so many big corporate giants where people dream to work. Some of the big giants are Godrej, LG, Tata, Mahindra, Google, Indiamart, Deloitte, PWC, and many more. There are so many companies that have been awarded the best place to work with.


To prepare for the speaking section you should make sure that you know the criteria on the basis of which the examiner evaluates you and marks you. Once you know these criteria you can work towards polishing your English speaking skills on these criteria. For IELTS exam preparation, particularly for the speaking section, you can take help from the cue card topic: Describe a company where you live that employs a lot of people, given above with the sample answer to make you understand the structure. For more cue card topics and answer samples for the practice, you can reach out on the IELTS Ninja website and get a plethora of resources for the preparation.

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