IELTS is a test that is used to determine your English proficiency in order to be admitted to either country, internationally, and to apply for visas to gain permission to access the country. The IELTS exam has four parts, namely reading, listening, writing and speaking. The duration you are given to complete all parts is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk explicitly about the speaking segment. For the speaking segment, take the time to understand the framework of the examiner’s assessment of you in this segment. What are the elements they evaluate and what should be prevented? If you want to make less error in this segment, you must try to practise as much as cue card topics, and here we will give you an explanation for the topic “Describe a time when you had to wait in a long line”.

IELTS Speaking Segment

The IELTS speaking test is divided into 3 areas, Introduction and Interview, a description test and a two-way conversation. During the first part, the applicants answer some basic questions about themself, their families, their studies, their work, their leisure activities and their aspirations. This segment will take about 4 minutes to finish.

In the second section, applicants are issued a cue card and told to talk about the subject described on the card. You’re going to have a minute to plan, and you’re going to have to talk for two minutes. In order to complete this segment, the instructor will ask a few follow-up questions. This segment will take 4 minutes to finish.

And during the third section, the question asker asks a few more questions about the issue of the cue card. With the assistance of these questions, the test-taker has the chance to discuss more abstract themes and concepts.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics- Describe a Time when You had to Wait in a Long Line

You must say these following points

  • When did it happen?
  • How long was the line?
  • What was the reason for the line?

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Sample One – Describe a Time when You had to Wait in a Long Line

There have been several instances that I’ve been standing in lines. Currently, due to the obvious immense population, standing in line is very common in India. However, the time of demonetization is something I will not erase from my memory anytime soon.

The Indian PM announced in 2017 that from the next day forward, 500 and 1000 bills will not be legally binding. It was conducted in a rather private way since the intention was to counter the black wealth.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Question Part One – IELTS Preparation

Simply put, once it was revealed, the announcement was only available to just a few federal officials. As well, the latest notes became submitted to financial institutions at the very last instant to preserve confidentiality. There was a serious shortage of bills in the reserves during the next few days over this. In order to have their old notes exchanged, people waited in line. Daily, only up to 2000 rupees were allowed to be replaced by people then. The queues were massive.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Question Part Two – IELTS Preparation

At 9 a.m., I recall hitting the financial institution and only being around the 32nd citizen in the line. After roughly 30 minutes, my name was called. Standing in the line was really frustrating. But I was able to consider why the state had taken such a measure. So, I protested about waiting in the queue, but I admired the action adopted by the authorities subconsciously. Sadly, in the week, I was doing it 3 – 4 times a day. I didn’t think that day could take that long. Then the next day, when I was ready, I got a bottle of water and my headset. As I awaited my turn, I played music to kill time.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Sample Two – Describe a Time when You had to Wait in a Long Line

No one in a large line or queue particularly wants to stand. However, in a rather densely packed nation, where citizens have to get on the queue even to buy some goods for deals, this is just a pure fantasy because there are just many consumers to acquire them without causing some confusion. Even so, like so many others in my region, I had to stand once in a massive line, it was about four years ago.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Question Part One – IELTS Preparation

In that instance, I wasn’t looking to purchase some discounted food, rather I was just trying to get one’s official ID from my local authority. Our government that time had launched a scheme about 5 years ago to issue all of its mature adults a compulsory ID card over a certain amount of tenure. And if someone had not received their ID card within that defined timeframe, for the intent of nationality authentication, then they would have to go through a number of needless challenges of submitting additional documentation to the legal power.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Question Part Two – IELTS Preparation

Furthermore, I figured it was supposed to be a smooth procedure so I believed individuals had a successful system in place, but I was proven to be false since this process took so much time than I originally planned. Even so, I eventually got my ID after sitting for about an hour or two, however, the pain of the lengthy wait duration pursued me for a lot longer. In reality, because of waiting for a prolonged period of time, my limbs began to hurt, and I called the authorities with all kinds of “rude names” due to their sheer ignorance and stupidity, which was ignorant of me, I suppose!

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Sample Three – Describe a Time when You had to Wait in a Long Line

New Year celebration preparations bring the whole city alive and during this time people either travel or make plans with family or friends. I chose to visit my parents, who live in Norway, so three weeks ahead of my flight plan I went to Frankfurt Central Station to buy a ticket for myself. I had to stand in a very long queue outside.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Question Part One – IELTS Preparation

It was a warm and pleasant morning, which from the halls of my residence I live in was tempting me to walk outside for a bit. Within 30 min, I arrived at the station, but I was shocked by the lengthy delay that surpassed the construction of the subway station. It was abnormal. Currently, everybody was in a hurry and were trying to book their tickets for the New Year’s trip in advance.

The line started at the ticket booth and every second was growing larger, Fortunately, I was able to manage the distance to a position in the centre of the line. I got to know afterwards that the fare halted for a system issue and even before the transit workers resumed providing the passes, people began forming the line. People decided to reserve their tickets and seats on the train in a massive rush. It is very convenient to commute by train in Europe, and several Europeans prefer to commute by train.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Question Part Two – IELTS Preparation

They all needed to buy passes, so individuals headed to the subway station as soon as they could to get them with no hassle. Yet the line keeps getting longer because of the time of the year. As the network had a malfunction, I had to remain longer than expected.

It is not necessarily fun to sit in a long line of people. I had heard about long lines like that, but I had never encountered them until that day. So, for me, it was a different sight. Furthermore, I did not like standing. In addition, because of waiting for too long, I had a soreness in my knee. In the line, I had to pause for over three hours.


With the aid of this cue card theme Describe a time when you had to wait a long time, you were familiar with the form of the solution that you could pursue when addressing the question you asked. In addition, the interviewer assesses the applicants on the new factors mentioned above, holds them in mind and prepares them in the right way. We believe that this cue card question could have made you clear up some of your fundamentals and questions about the IELTS speech exam.. Try to hold your mind well and use an expanded range of vocabulary to get a strong band score in the IELTS test.

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