The cue card topics in the IELTS speaking exam are generally descriptive, i.e they ask you to describe a certain place, thing, personality, object, your relation with it. In this blog, the cue card topic that is going to be covered will be, ‘Describe A Uniform You Wear’. Follow the blog to find out what all points can you cover if you get a topic like this.

The cue card task will require the candidate to speak for 1 to 2 minutes, for which a preparation time of 1 minute is given in advance. The whole process takes 3 to 4 minutes in total. With the changed online scenario, the test will be conducted through a video interface with the examiner on the other end, who will be a trained professional, and will grade the candidate according to the performance.

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IELTS Cue Card Topic Describe a Uniform You Wear

An outfit provides a sense of belonging and representation of an institution to which a person belongs to. An outfit can be related to a school, college, or the workplace. In all these cases, there are several points which can be talked about, when it comes to the outfit. The following points can be included when describing the uniform:

  • When or how often do you wear it?
  • Who bought the outfit for you?
  • What does the outfit look like?
  • How do you feel about the uniform?


According to me, an outfit is an essential element if you’re associated with any institution like a school or college, or working at a company. It provides identification to the person along with building discipline and adding a formal touch.

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When or How often do You Wear It?

Frankly speaking, I do not wear any uniform currently since my schooling is done, and I am not working yet. Also, my college does not have any specified uniform or dress code. However, I still remember my school uniform, as I have a lot of memories attached to it and it makes me happy just to think about it till date. I used to wear it 5 days a week when I went to school, the St. Sophia Convent.

Who Bought the Uniform for You?

I remember that my dad bought me the outfit when I was admitted to the school in 6th grade. I was elated when he got the outfit home, and it made me really excited just to try it at home. I kept it on for an hour or so and kept moving around the house wearing it. I was also really happy to wear it on the first day of school, and it made me quite content to see all others around me wearing it.

What Does the Uniform look Like?

The school uniform had two separate outfits in summers, one was to be worn 5 days a week, and the other on Saturday, when we had PT class. The regular uniform was a white and blue checked shirt, with blue trousers and a belt. The PT outfit was a white collared t-shirt and white trousers. The collars were the colour of the schoolhouse which we were in, and mine was red. The winter uniform included a blue shirt, trousers, a belt, a striped blue and white tie, a grey pullover, and a navy blue blazer.

How do You Feel about the Uniform

I felt really confident and comfortable in my uniform. I liked the winter uniform more than the summer uniform, as I loved to dress formally, and the blazer made me feel really good when I wore it. I also like my PT dress, as we were allowed to wear our sports shoes with it.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Questions

The 3rd part of the IELTS speaking task might contain questions that are related to the cue card topic, which is pertaining to uniforms. There can be multiple questions that can be asked for similar topics like clothing and appearances. Some questions are given below along with answers:

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Can a Person’s Character be Judged by What He Wears?

It is difficult to judge someone’s character on the basis of their clothing. A person may wear clothes according to his own level of comfort and requirement. Moreover, it is not ethically correct to judge a person based on his/her appearance without knowing them personally.

Do You Think Institutions should Abolish Uniforms?

I don’t think that organizations or institutions should abolish uniforms as it adds identity and discipline to all the members and also instils a sense of belongingness in them. Especially in schools, it is essential to build discipline and adherence to rules in students from an early age, and uniforms help in that.

Additional Tips for IELTS Cue Card Questions

If you are not studying in a school currently or not working anywhere professionally, then you can always talk about your uniform which you used to wear in school before. Also, you can talk about your college or university attire, if applicable. If talking about the earlier days for school uniform, the speech can be introduced by, ‘Frankly speaking, I do not wear any uniform currently, but I do remember my school uniform’ and then continue with it.

The scenario is well manageable if you are working somewhere. The speech can be started with the importance of a uniform in a working and professional environment, followed by another positive remark about the uniforms Then other details like the uniform colour, the dressing code, and the components can be spoken about, as mentioned in the above pointers.


There can be a diverse range of cue card topics in the IELTS speaking exam. It is important to be quick in making pointers and notes for what is to be spoken. It will add confidence while speaking and make it look natural and fluent. Hopefully, this blog gave you a good picture about what to speak when you get the cue card, ‘Describe A Uniform You Wear’.

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