Describe a time when you first talked in a foreign language. What will you speak and what will be your answer to this? This article will provide you with an answer for the sample cue card. Also, there will be follow up questions with the answers. Stay tuned till the end to get all the information.

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Describe a Time When You First Talked in a Foreign Language

#You should say-

Where were you?

Who were you with?

What did you talk about?

And explain how you felt about it?

Describe a Time When You First Talked in a Foreign Language – IELTS Speaking Sample Answer

Where were You?]

Thank you for giving me this topic. There were many incidents where I talked in a foreign language. I had learnt Korean when I was 6 years old. My mom had always been fond of languages whether it be local or foreign. She knows 10 languages to date and knows them like she is a native. Well, I think that it is hereditary that I have also learnt 5 foreign languages and I love to expand my skills. I was seven when I visited Elephanta Caves.

Who were You With?

My family and I are fond of historical and monumental places so every month we go to one place of interest. The Elephanta caves had huge caves and sculptures, which were fascinating to know about.  History was one of our family’s favourite subjects. As it was a tourist attraction, it attracted many tourists. Many tourists were from Canada and a minority were from other places like Korea. I saw a group of five tourists, who were having a map in their hand. I looked at them, they were trying to locate something on the map and asking people around. But, people around were having difficulty understanding them.

What did You Talk About?

I approached them and greeted them in Korean, the two girls in the group went in awe seeing me and the outfit which I was wearing. The two girls started taking my pictures and I looked behind to my parents who were nodding at me. I smiled at them and asked them what they were having trouble with,  Korean. They smiled and asked me about a place which was famous here. I knew that place because I was there before. I replied to them politely and asked them to join us as we were heading in that direction. They smiled and followed us. I had very fun talking to them.

Explain How You Felt about It?

I thought I was on the seventh cloud, because learning a language and then not speaking it is quite boring. I had fun with them and all of them were very friendly. They had even given me their Korean chocolates. Though I have no touch with them, right now, I treasure the moments.

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Follow-up IELTS Speaking Cue Card Questions for Part 3

What should be the Age of Learning a Foreign Language?

I think learning a language should be started from primary school. Psychology says that learning a language should be started in the development years. Young children have no hesitation while speaking. That’s why when they are free from the burden they should start learning the language.

Which of the Two is Important: Writing or Speaking?

Well, the question is a little twisting because both are important in their own place. Olden times had spoken as an important part because many people used to communicate verbally. As the world is moving forward to the age of digitalization people have started focusing on writing chats, emails, messengers, etc. But I do think both are important because one develops the other.

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Should a Person Who is Good at English, Opt for Other Language?

A person should opt for another language as that might be helpful in knowing different cultures. Learning new languages helps in the psychological and mental development of the person. Children who are bilingual have the capacity to learn new languages so I think it might be very helpful.

What do You Think about Minority Languages? Will They Disappear?

Well, keeping the current situation in mind the answer would be yes. As we all know that English is an international language and is more prioritised. I think the minority languages have been suppressed and especially local or ancient languages. There are linguists present out in the world, but I feel they are also helpless at this part of the situation.

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