Speaking, take a look at an integral sector of IELTS communication. During this section, the aspirants are given a cue card that contains an interesting subject that they need to speak about for a few minutes. you’ll tend a second to organize concerning the subject, therefore confirm to jot down down some small print before you begin speaking. The article talks about the theme of childhood memories and we all have good and bad memories.

The querier can then raise some follow up problems about the question. The section can last for a complete quarter-hour, therefore students are indicated to organize strictly for this IELTS speaking section.

Childhood Memories Cue Card 

You should say

What it is

When it happened

Wow it affected you in your life

IELTS Speaking Cue Card Sample Answer One  

Childhood memories square measure extraordinary as a result of sometimes you can’t comparatively make certain if you actually retrieve one thing, or if you barely believe you are doing. Therewith all, others have suggested you regarding it, otherwise, you have detected an image of the circumstance soon. I’m planning to visit you with a few childhood memories that I’m terribly sure are real. I’ll tell you what it’s, once it happened, however it affected me and why I still commit it to memories. Thanks for this nice cue card topic.

When it Is? 

The main childhood memories are the earliest one I even have of me and my father. I used to be terribly little so, I’m not specifically certain however recent, however, I’d guess regarding 3 years recent, perhaps even younger. My father wasn’t a very tall or robust man, however, I used to be adequately little, and by comparison, he was large enough then on behalf of me to square with each my feet on one among his and to achieve up with my arms and clench onto his leg. I’d then droop on and laugh delightedly as he tried to travel regarding his daily business, walking around the house with me fascinatingly rejecting to be budged. It has been my favourite game.

When did it Happen? 

I don’t recognize that I will honestly say it affected my life. Recently our relations don’t live significantly getting ready to one another; thus see one another rather occasionally. I suppose the method the incident affected me was by creating my at a subconscious level to feel ready to my father even years later as we tend to have shared that happy leisure along after I was little.

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How it Affected Your Life? 

I didn’t comprehend I had control over this memory till quite recently. Sadly my father died, he had been terribly sick for a protracted time, thus it wasn’t surprising, however, after all, it had been terribly unhappy. I needed to mention one thing regarding him at his ceremony, and that I needed to select the main memory that was personal simply to him and to me. For some reason, that image of me, little and happy and him solemnly ‘pretending’ that he hadn’t detected I used to be there came into my mind and it appeared acceptable somehow to share that one. it had been a contented memory, however additionally associated with an intimate one. I believe he would be extremely happy that I might commit it to memory numerous decades later.

So why am I able to keep it in mind? I’m sceptical, however, I prefer to suppose the recollection was there dormant all the time simply awaiting the instant after I was required to procure it. it’s a comforting problem to recall. The mortal mind is an incredible issue then is our childhood!

IELTS Cue Card Topic Childhood Memories Sample Two 

When it Is? 

Life is jam-packed with several, several memories that we tend to care about for several years to come back. However, childhood memories are somewhat special as a result of them coming along with our assumptions and lifestyle in an extremely rather direct manner, and these days I might wish to cite one such childhood memory.

When it Happened? 

I recall I was passionate about it all happening simply yesterday. But, I’m talking about one thing that happened concerning fifteen years ago. Back then, as a child, one of my most favourite things to try was to go to my grandparents’ house within the rural area throughout the summer vacations, once the faculties were closed. And, from childhood we tend to visit them exclusively throughout the season as a result of my oldsters living distant from my grandparents due to their jobs.

How it Affected Your Life? 

Anyway, visiting and childhood memories of my grandparents would enable me to go to their bee farm in the rural area by riding on a bicycle with my grandad. The United Nations agency would paddle it real fast. My grandad is conjointly accustomed to bringing up cows on the farm to gather prominent milk. Once we would arrive on the farm, we might leave the milk jars in an exceeding lake nearby, when milking the cows, so that they might stay cool. And, once we might come back home after completing harvesting activities with my grandad, grandma would serve the U.S. with freshly-made and delicious do-it-yourself food, bread, contemporary milk and, of course, honey.

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Tips for IELTS Preparation 

Here are some IELTS short pointers and preparation tips for cue card

# Understand the analysis configuration

# Know how the assessment is proclaimed

# Surround yourself with the terminology

# Make a program of technique

# Join an exercise assignment

# Practice with classification situations

# Perfect your proficiency

# Check your development

# Summary for the examination

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Sample Topics for IELTS Speaking (Cue Cards) 

Some latest IELTS speaking topics for 2021 for cue card

# Characterize a marine creature

# Interpret a period when you required to use your intuition

# Characterize an outstanding lodging you dwelled in

# Interpret a short excursion you often accept but did not appreciate

# Characterize a ceremony you often toured

# Describe an individual who scrapes uncommon cloth

# Memorize a wonderful symposium you had with individual

# Describe a location you like to travel to but do not prefer to live there

# Describe a period when you were in difficulty

# Describe a period you assisted somebody

# Describe a part of your town you admire devouring duration

# Characterize an aspect you purchased and you are glad about it

# Speak about a gadget you loved in your innocence

# Characterize a relatively extrovert individual

# Characterize a ritual of your government

# Narrate a household you appreciate and glad to know

# Characterize a discussion in which you were not enthusiastic

# Interpret a valuable pastime you enjoyed periodically

# Characterize a moment when you altered your viewpoint

# Formulate an intention you have from a long duration


For the IELTS speaking section cue card in the exam, you can accept any IELTS speaking exam cue card question to exercise, also before commencing the speaking practice exploration about the configuration of the explanation that you should provide. Hopefully, this article has provided you with an impression about how you should be IELTS speaking, characterize a cue card question, and what follow up problems you can be inquired about by the examiner after you have completed illustrating the cue card question. The above has provided you with a sample cue card of childhood memories

So, how are you scheduling to formulate for the IELTS speaking section? Have you attempted any speaking sample examination yet? Do let us infer in the comment column below.

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