Inception Of Girish’s Journey
Girish Jain’s journey from his hometown in Ludhiana to Moncton in New Brunswick is definitely worth documenting. Girish had shuffled between Ludhiana, Mohali and Chandigarh for work when he came to know about IELTS Ninja.

Some of his friends had already moved to Canada and they suggested that he do the same through IELTS Ninja’s assistance. He immediately felt that he could trust the brand as the recommendations had poured in from people who he knew well. 

As he saw the pictures of his friends there, he too felt like exploring Canada. It appealed to him so much that he decided to avail the services of a Settle Abroad Consultancy in order to relocate there. 

Girish’ s language skills were not up to the mark and he needed to amp them up so as to crack his IELTS exam. He worked relentlessly on improving them and was finally able to achieve an 8.777

3 Things Girish Wishes He Knew Before Moving to Canada

  • Knowing more about his line of work before moving there
  • Researching the areas and provinces that he could have visited 
  • Being aware of Canada’s Immigration system

What Staying Alone Taught Him
Ever since he has moved to Moncton, Girish has adapted himself to a life that is self-dependent and disciplined. He wakes up in the morning to whip up breakfast for himself and is also particular about his fitness regime.

He has trained his mind in a manner in which he is able to accomplish most tasks that he sets about for the day. When he finds some time for himself, he loves to take a leisurely walk in Canada’s parks. He feels at peace when he is amidst nature. In Girish’s words “It is truly a blessing to reside in a beautiful place such as this.”

Girish first landed at Toronto and got done with his formalities before he moved to Moncton. He felt the first pangs of being in a foreign country when he had to book a cab from the airport to his new home in Canada. It felt thrilling but also made him go through surges of responsibility. 

While he was in India, he felt quite limited in terms of his career. He felt like he wasn’t growing in the right directions and making a move to Moncton had proved to be quite exhilarating for him. Despite receiving a bonus and some perks, Girish decided to move to Canada as the country felt like the right place for realizing his dreams.

Girish has found a lot of people in Canada and describes it as being a land of opportunities. He has truly found his relocation comforting and thinks it is one of the best decisions that he has ever made. He mentions “ It is indeed a blessing to live in a land of opportunities with such a scenic view.”

IELTS Ninja had assisted him every step of the way and Girish felt that it is one of the most reliable Settle Abroad Agencies that exists. He did not know anything about a Canadian Permanent residency and the process but managed to acquire one through IELTS Ninja’s help.

Girish Jain bears testament of how a determined individual can push himself/ herself to achieve anything in life. When he felt restricted in his native country, he decided to move overseas in order to explore other options. He considers moving to maple country a decision that has turned his life around.

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