Vandana had always pushed herself to deliver and was a thoroughly optimistic individual. She saw the bright side of things even when things didn’t work out in her favour.

Vandana had wanted to relocate to Canada earlier as well but never considered it earnestly. She then decided to get in touch with IELTS Ninja and move to the country of her dreams. Let us discover how Vandana obtained her permanent residency in this blog.

Why Vandana Chose Canada
Vandana Thukral had lived most of her life in Delhi and was not always good at making up her mind when it came to certain things. She was researching countries that provide a good return on investment and Canada seemed like the perfect place.

Holding a Masters and a Doctorate degree in Biochemistry , Vandana knew that she could have applied for a PR at any point in time. She had an edge over the others when it came to moving there since she held prestigious degrees in subjects that are highly sought-after.

Although she regrets applying for a PR at this stage and not earlier, she went on to state “There is never a wrong time to do a good thing.”

Growing up, Vandana was the apple of everyone’s eye and she was once told that she resembled someone who had appeared in an advertisement for the toothpaste brand ‘Colgate.’ Vandana’s effervescent nature always lit up people who she interacted with as she was filled with positivity despite the setbacks that she encountered. 

How She Stays Focussed

Vandana wakes up at 6 am everyday so as to get her son ready for school. She then indulges in some wellness related activities such as taking a stroll and practising Yoga.

She believes in preparing herself mentally before she can attend to the tasks of the day as that helps her to focus better. Vandana follows a productivity hack of organising things in her head.

She does not believe in clutter and always prioritises the things that she wants. She stated “I strongly believe that in order to function at your optimal level, you need to declutter and constantly organise your thoughts.”

Vandana is equally fluent in French, which is the second most spoken language in Canada after English. This worked in her favour as her CRS score was higher than other candidates. Her dream of being in British Columbia was finally realised when she came to IELTS Ninja and was guided by them throughout her journey. 

A convent education had ensured that Vandana was naturally fluent at the language but that was just one aspect of cracking IELTS. Vandana told us how being fluent in English does not guarantee a higher band in this language proficiency test.

One needs to master areas such as comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary, dialogue delivery, communication skills and the like. 

IELTS Ninja & The Road Ahead

Vandana also felt that nurturing people skills is a very important soft skill that everyone should look to master. Getting to know someone and then forming a healthy equation with that individual is something that most people aren’t intrinsically good at, however, should develop.

To build a storng sense of community, this skill needs to be developed over a period of time for settling in a foreign country as it is synonymous with building relationships that are lasting and value-additive. If you are able to communicate well with the inhabitants of a particular country, you will never find yourself in tight spots.

IELTS Ninja was of immense help to Vandana as she came to know about the entire procedure of obtaining a Canadian PR through them. They had customised their study program as per her requirements and that helped her in fixing her loopholes. Vandana said “IELTS Ninja was a big leap towards my profile building and I am grateful to them.”

Vandana strongly believes that if a country provides higher return on investment when it comes to working hard, one should consider moving there. Life is too short for regrets and for overthinking things. 

The steps that IELTS Ninja takes towards easing all the candidates out are remarkable as the mentors go out of their way to assist all the candidates. “They don’t promise something that they cannot deliver”, Vandana went on to reiterate. 

Vandana Thukral has shown us that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Her hopeful and compliant outlook towards life helped her in acing the language proficiency test and obtaining a permanent residency.  She is a beacon of light for all those people who think it’s too late to make the move.


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