Social Media Essay in IELTS Writing Task 2

The social genre is one of the topics you can expect in your writing task 2. The social media IELTS essay will focus on different aspects related to social media and its growing impact. While we all consume social media in our daily lives, writing on it can be a challenge. Instead of being overwhelmed, it is better to be prepared. Look through the main ideas and questions that can be expected. Probably, read up a little more on the subject. Most importantly, always maintain a relevant list of phrases, keywords, and observations to add in your essay. It is essential to have a trusted mentor to guide you along with this task.

Focal topics related to Social Media IELTS Essays

Social media is a digital drug that has left many addicted and all connected. The parallel development of technology has resulted in the advancement of social media. It is essential to think about these issues seriously and be fully prepared when attempting IELTS. A few topics you could consider are:

  • Facebook and Instagram are the most used social media apps
  • The connectivity experienced today is unimaginable
  • The young minds are immensely affected by social media
  • Social media is the cause behind rising anxiety
  • The world has become a smaller place with social media
  • Social media is a tool that has empowered people to showcase talent
  • Opinions are unfiltered with social media
  • Social media has reduced connectivity but has increases the communication gap

Past and Probable Questions for Social Media IELTS Essays:

  • A recent study indicates that the time spent on the Internet and Social Media results in less time being spent on real connections. Although many believe that through social media they have reconnected with their old friends and colleagues. How far do you agree with this opinion?
  • The growing influence and access to platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc. has had a negative impact on the individual and society. To what extent do you agree with this opinion?
  • Social networking sites are observed to have more negative effects than positive. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
  • The early introduction to social media can stunt a child’s growth and development. How far do you agree with this opinion?
  • The constant connectivity via social media has left people more confused and stressed. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Lexical Resource for Social Media IELTS essay

This will help you maintain a list of phrases, keywords, terms to express observations and trends.

Technological Advancement

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Social media

Digital era




Virtual relations

Communication gap

Negative influence

Mental Stress

Rising anxiety

Constant typing


Strained relations

Governance on an exchange of information

Viral News

Social media hoax

Hashtag culture

Community groups

Information exchange

Rise of young businesses

Social media studies in institutions

Means of income

Growth of augmented reality

Snapchat filters

Online vs. Offline

Instant Messaging

Chat boxes

Adrenaline rush while chatting


Distorted information

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To strengthen the skills it is essential to practice every day under the guidance of your mentor. Writing can only be polished through consistent practice and IELTS Ninja will ensure you are able to go beyond your capacity to achieve the desired results.

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