Neethu Joseph had been in different countries but never felt at home in any one of them. The idea of moving to Canada was based on the stories that she had heard through her friends and family who were already settled in the maple country.

Neethu came to IELTS Ninja and invested her complete faith in them so as to smoothen the process of obtaining a Canadian PR. She was finally able to relocate to Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba after months of patience and paperwork. Let us trace her journey through a conversation that took place recently.

How It All Began

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Neethu has managed to carve out a life for herself in Winnipeg, Canada.

Neethu was initially in Saudi Arabia as her husband used to work there. He was making a decent amount of money but was not too impressed with the lifestyle that was prevalent there. 

They decided to move to Dubai where they stayed for quite some time. Neethu had cousins in Canada and they would always encourage her to relocate there. 

She decided to apply for a Permanent residency although she was wary of the tedious procedure that she would have to go through. 

What Shaped Neethu’s Decision
Neethu’s husband had always worked in foreign countries and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to adjust to the work culture that existed in India. It did not seem financially feasible as well.

 The couple opted for Canada as it seemed like an ideal location for them. The entire journey bore fruit after two years as the pandemic had deferred their application process. 

Moving with a two year old was not as easy as it seemed. Neethu had the help of her mother in law while she was still in Mumbai whereas in Canada, she had to look after the household all on her own. 

Neethu took up volunteering from a very tender age. She would assist organizations with philanthropic activities. She was exposed to people from all backgrounds who she had to interact with. 

Her language skills are a result of interactions with people from diverse backgrounds. She was an introvert while she was in school but she managed to come out of her shell gradually.

How Canada Has Changed Neethu
Neethu is fortunate to have a husband who is completely hands on when it comes to their son. Both of them have shared responsibilities and see to it that their son is always taken care of. 

Neethu’s cousin introduced her to the Indian community in Canada where she met many like-minded people. She has also found members of the Malayali community and they get together from time to time. 

Neethu was quite apprehensive after she landed in Canada. As she rightly points out, “You need to have money so as to survive in Canada.

Managing her finances, getting her accommodation sorted, finding a job that worked for her and figuring out other important stuff had completely drained her out. She stressed on the need to be mentally prepared before one made the move to Canada. 

She described Canadians as being extremely friendly and empathetic. Their warmth is what makes the relocation process smoother. Most of them go out of their way to lend a helping hand.

Neethu was reluctant to seek the services of a Settle Abroad Consultancy as she had trust issues. Her friend had taken the help of IELTS Ninja and had moved to her preferred destination abroad. 

She convinced Neethu regarding their services and after her paperwork was handled by the Ninja team, Neethu felt more confident. 

The pricing of IELTS Ninja was also quite reasonable and Neethu went on to reiterate how ‘prompt’ the consultancy’s services were. She felt that the quality of services that they had offered was indeed commendable. 

Neethu Joseph had never anticipated that she would one day be in a foreign locale and manage everything so well. She has truly evolved into an individual who has persevered and succeeded despite the curveballs that life has thrown her way. 

She is a source of inspiration for all those people who are skeptical regarding chasing their dreams.



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