Let us look at IELTS Writing task 2 question which appeared recently in the IELTS Exam. This is how it appeared on a cue card.

Nowadays, people are spending increasingly large amounts of
money on their marriage parties. Many people feel large and
expensive weddings cause problems for the bride and groom.
Do you agree? Use personal examples in your response.

Again, I am listing down a few tips to consider before penning down an essay.
The word limit is 250 words. You should strictly adhere to it.
There should be 4 to 5 paragraphs for the essay.
Introduction and a conclusion is a must.
Here’s a model answer given by one of our trainer for the given IELTS Writing task.

Marrying couples often aspire to throw lavish wedding receptions with which to
celebrate their union. However, often these parties carry with them a burden that
newlyweds cannot comfortably bear. It is agreed that excessive spending on
marriage celebrations can cause issues for new husbands and wives. This will be
shown by analyzing how excessive matrimonial ceremonies can encumber
newlyweds financially and cause the entire wedding gathering to be somewhat
impersonal in nature.
Firstly, many marrying couples often create problems for themselves when they
spend beyond their means on their marriage reception. For example, some friends of
mine in China borrowed an exorbitant amount of money to pay for a very large
wedding they held several years ago.
So, Acting in such a prodigal way meant that for the two years following their matrimony,these young people had to dedicate every last cent of their earnings to their debt. As, this money could have been put towards building a better life for themselves, it is clear that problems can arise for people who spend extreme amounts on their weddings.
In addition to this, huge weddings can cause a marriage reception to be impersonal in
nature. For instance, I once attended a very large and extremely beautiful Iranian
wedding. Although,  perhaps the most stunning matrimonial ceremony I have ever
been to, the guest list was so large that I barely had a chance to give the bride and
groom my wishes and meet their parents.
So, These newlyweds later expressed their regret at not being able to mingle with their guests comfortably. As their experience shows, it is obvious that large weddings can cause problems for brides and grooms.
Following this look, it has been proven that large and expensive wedding parties can
incite issues for marrying couples. Although many marriage arrangements are
culturally sensitive, it is hoped that modern couples weigh the pros and cons of
throwing a lavish ceremony before deciding to do so.

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