If you are amongst those aspirants who are worried about their reading skills and searching for tips on how to improve IELTS reading score, then, stop right here. You have got what you need.

Here you will get all those information and guidance that will help you score better in IELTS reading test.

Let’s waste no more time and jump straight into the issue that you are most concerned about.

How to Improve Reading Score in IELTS?

Each section of the exam plays an important role in enhancing the overall band score, so along with focusing on IELTS reading practice, you must take good care of the other subjects as well.

Following are some most suggested tips from experts for improving your reading skills in IELTS.

Text Skimming

This is the first and foremost important tip you should keep in mind and follow which you go for IELTS reading practice. Do get a good score in the test, you must learn and make yourself able to skim through passages and get a general idea about what the content is talking about.

This general reading practice will not only help in saving your time but you will also be able to locate the answers easily.

Focus on Different Types of Questions

In the IELTS reading test, you will encounter around 14 types of questions. You must have a strong strategy to master all those types. Some will require more focus on reading passage, while some might ask you to chose the answer from options like true, false or not given.

So, its always better to prepare yourself for all types of questions for the IELTS academic reading.


This English proficiency checking exam has a strict time limit that challenges the aspirant’s ability to complete the IELTS reading test correctly and in time.

So, you must quickly finish going through the passage but obviously you can not miss the information.

Good Vocabulary

For achieving a good score in the IELTS reading test, an enhanced vocabulary is very much required. If you think learning vocabulary is only about knowing the meaning of words, then you are wrong. Along with learning the meaning, you must also know when and how to use those words.

You can develop a good vocabulary by general reading practice and also you should maintain a list of words which are common paraphrases.

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The Right Keyword

Many aspirants find the IELTS reading test very hard but if a proper strategy can be followed, then they can get a good band score in this section of the exam.

Finding the right keyword is one of the important parts of the strategy. While going through the passage, you must be able to locate the keywords because they act as the guide to find the appropriate answer.

You will gradually master the art of locating keywords as you go for more and more IELTS practice test.

English Grammar

If you have already planned to appear for the International English Language Testing System, then you also must be aware of the importance of English grammar in the IELTS reading test.

Sentences and summary completion type questions require high attention on grammar as those has to be free of grammatical errors.

Focus on Weakness

No matter how hard you prepare for any exam, unless and until you become aware of your weaknesses, you can not achieve your desired marks. To improve from your previous scores, you must know your weaknesses and work on those.

It’s better if you can get a personal mentor who will scan your IELTS practice tests and help you identify your weak and strong points so that you can focus on those.

Practice and Some More Practice

To improve your skills, go for as many as possible IELTS reading practice tests. This will help you understand and make a strategy for different types of questions.

Mock tests put you in the real exam like situation thus helping you analyse your performance standard and gives you a chance to improve in the required parts.


Nobody understands your situation better than you and no one else can achieve your aim if you don’t. So, for achieving your desired band score in the IELTS reading test and get overall good marks, you have to work hard. The above-mentioned tips can only help you if you follow them dedicatedly and use them in your preparation.

Stay motivated, keep preparing and be positive. Best of luck.

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