Intrigued by the humongous syllabus of the IELTS?

IELTS preparation can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools at the right time.

But, well-groomed test takers always have a competitive edge over their peers.

In this guide, you’ll learn

  • Does the IDP or the British Council provide study materials?
  • What material does the British Council send you for preparation?
  • Study resources provided by IDP and the British Council.
  • Are those resources enough?
  • How to choose your books?
  • Six important books for IELTS preparation.
  • Six important tips for IELTS preparation.

So, Does IDP or British Council Provide Study Material?

Yes, they do provide study materials. The IDP provides support tools, practice books, masterclasses etc. The British Council material includes a five-week self-study guide.

More about it in a while, but before that what is an IELTS exam?


The International English Testing System (IELTS) is an international standardised test of proficiency in English. It is handled jointly by the British Council, the IDP and Cambridge University.

IELTS is a complete exam to assess your English language skills. You can take the test by easily registering on any of the planned test dates.

The British Council or the IDP IELTS booking sites are open for booking examinations. Few information is needed, such as name, DOB, date of the test, type of test and passport details.

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The Test has Four Modules

  1. Listening
  2. Writing
  3. Reading
  4. Speaking

The listening test is a 30–40 minute test. An audiotape will only be played once and you must answer questions while listening.

Writing test has two tasks: First is a letter or a graph depending upon the chosen GT or AC exam. The second is an essay test that lasts for one hour.

Reading test is for one hour and has passages to be read and then questions answered.

Speaking test is a personal interview and it lasts for 10–20 minutes.

TIP: Make sure you visit the relevant government or institutional websites to confirm which tests you need to take because government agencies, institutions and other recognising organisations set their own IELTS entry requirements.

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IELTS British Council

IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP,  IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English. Hence, you can obtain various study materials and many other benefits when you book IELTS with the British Council.

Such as interactive activities, video tutorials, practice tests, personalised vocabulary teaching, paper and computer tests, convenient test locations across India, free test report forms, etc.

You are here to learn more about the study materials provided by the British Council. So let’s dive right in:

IELTS Study Materials by British Council

The IELTS learning materials provided by the British Council will get you acquainted with the test format and also increase your confidence when writing, speaking, reading and listening in English anytime.

The British Council offers you the following Training resources:

  • Explanation of IELTS Format

Candidates who understand the format of IELTS have a positive edge over the exam. This resource helps you get a comprehensive understanding of the IELTS test format.

  • Free IELTS Practice Tests

By taking these free practice tests, every candidate will get to experience the types of tasks that they will be asked to undertake under timed conditions. Candidates can review and compare their answers with model answers.

  • IELTS Preparation Course

From this free online resource, you get top advice from IELTS experts, IELTS mock test papers, study planner, interactive exercises. They have four courses that will give you a complete guide to everything you need to know about the IELTS test.

  • Free Preparation Webinars for IELTS: Check out the schedule here.
  • Computer-based IELTS Preparation: Use a plethora of computer-delivered practice tests.
  • IELTS for UKVI and practice tests for life skills.
  • IELTS Progress Check

    It is an official, online practise test evaluated by IELTS qualified examiners. The test-takers will receive a Feedback Report with an indicative band score.

  • English Score Tutoring

It is one-to-one tutoring which includes 30-minute online English lessons with approved tutors.

  • Books and Study Guides

The British Council recommends the following books which can be bought online.

a) How To Prepare for IELTS.

b) Official IELTS Practice Materials Volume 1 & 2.

c) Top Tips for IELTS Academic

d) Top Tips for IELTS General Training

Free IELTS Mobile Apps

The following FREE mobile apps created by the British Council are very useful. They are available in both IOS and android.

a) IELTS Prep App

b) IELTS Word Power

c) LearnEnglish Audio and Video

d) IELTS Word Ready

  • Five Week Guide

This self-study guide includes an extensive segment on every aspect for the IELTS and gives you a comprehensive training resource of the IELTS.

The Five-Week Guide gives you PDFs for both general and academic assessments under the following subjects:

Week 0: Introduction

Week 1: Listening

Week 2: Reading

Week 3: Writing Part 1

Week 4: Writing Part 2

Week 5: Speaking

Click here: Five-Week self-study guide 

If you subscribe to their email newsletter, British Council will send you regular educational contents.

IELTS Study Materials by IDP

IELTS Support Tools

  • Information about IELTS.
  • Guides to Band Score.
  • Examiner tips for IELTS.
  • An IELTS Checklist.
  • Criteria for speech and writing assessment.
  • Writing Samples with suggestions and reviews from examiners.
  • Guide to exam participation.

IDP Also Provides

  • Practice books.
  • Free IELTS Masterclass:  90-minute workshop for people aiming for a high band score.
  • IELTS Master (30 days Online Preparatory Course): It is a 25-hour online study session – hearing, reading, writing and speaking, expert advice and comprehensive reviews.

If these materials aren’t enough to get you a decent score in the final IELTS examination. Then these books will indeed help you out.

Top Books for IELTS preparation

Here is the list of books, which will give the IELTS aspirants the required understanding and practise:

  1. Barron’s IELTS Super Pack- Four books include module strategies and tips for practical examinations as well as a vocabulary guide to the critical words of IELTS.
  2. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS It provides both academic and general training courses with simple explanations about how to get a positive result. It includes Eight official assessments and step by step instructions for each segment of the module. It is also fitted with audio and video for listening and practice.
  3. Cambridge IELTS 13 Academic Student’s Book with Answers This is the most up-to-date edition which consists of four exams, good answers and good insights into specific examinations.
  4. IELTS Practice Test Plus 2 with Key and CD pack Covers all four assessments and is an invaluable reference to review test writings. The audio guidelines help develop your techniques and sample answers by illustrating annotation.
  5. Simone Braverman’s Target Band 7With straightforward tips and tactics, this book is easy to grasp.
  6. Ideas for IELTS Essay Topics One of the best essay books that will support both academic and GT assessments and that will improve the writing vocabulary.

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Tips for Preparation

  • Using the Resources and Services of Your University

Using the existing tools as much as possible. Many colleges provide international student assistance that will help you face both personal and professional problems. University faculty members overseas help.

  • Don’t Over Study

Some students prefer to over study under the pressure of doing well. Understand when to pause. Eventually, inadequate nutrition, depression and lack of adequate sleep will contribute to lower grades.

  • Get Organised

Make sure you have all your books, reference study materials, stationery and folders. Create a study plan and paste it on the wall of your room.

Tips to Score Well

  1. Be sure to do better in your listening segment if you want to score big. When you have a clear mind, it is easy to score well in this segment. Concentrate on the topic and you will be able to answer well.
  2. Win the speaking section by keeping a strong body language; strive to keep eye contact during the discussion, don’t use your hands too much, and don’t be too quick.
  3. Reading is the hardest segment of all four, as only an hour is given. Make sure that you do not waste too much time on one topic. In this segment, attempt to solve as many questions as you can and try not to get less than Six.

Conclusion: IELTS is not a piece of cake but it is an achievable task. You can nail it if you have the right tools and support systems with you.

Which tip from today’s post did you like the most? Or maybe you didn’t like, comment your thoughts below.

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