Want to go abroad for higher studies but not sure which course to choose, which are the top universities to prepare for, what is the process? how to go abroad for studies after 12th?

The first step of going abroad for higher studies is to identify your objectives and your goals. The better and faster you do this, the sooner you will be able to pursue your dream.

Studying abroad is that golden tick that will glorify your resume for the rest of your life, so there is no harm if you want to go for this. The choices you make in your life are going to have a much intense impact on your future, so choose your path smartly. Here in this article, you will get to know how to go abroad for higher studies? And will also know the methods of planning for study abroad according to your goals.

How to Study in a Foreign Country?

Studying abroad is a lifetime experience for many and all the students with the dream of flying high for pursuing their higher studies must not give up on it. Anybody with the right kind of attitude, potentiality and plan study abroad can achieve their dream. With the right planning for study abroad and guidance on overseas education, anyone can study abroad at much lower costs and even on a scholarship.

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There are many students who search for how to study abroad after 10th? How to study in foreign after 12th? Well, the overseas study planner mentioned below will be helpful for these answers seekers as well so let’s see what it talks about.

Step 1. Study Abroad Planner- Selecting Universities

Identifying and selecting universities is the basic thing that one needs to do. Applying to universities is a costly affair for Indians so one has to be very careful and should shortlist 7- 8 universities which fit according to their career goals and requirements. When selecting schools/ universities always look for institutes which can offer you enough opportunity to outgrow your skills.

Step 2. Plans for Overseas Education- Application Process

The first and most important part of the plans for overseas education is the application process. This is a time-consuming process and aspirants should start preparing for it from a very early stage. In many cases, it can be seen that the admission deadlines are even ten months before the semester so once has to be well prepared for it from the very beginning and should also keep all the required test results ready which has to be sent to the schools/ universities.

Step 3. Plans for Overseas Education- Requesting Forms

Now that you have selected the universities, go through the application process and start requesting application forms. These can be requested directly from the schools/ universities via email and for some universities, these forms can be easily downloaded from their website.

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Step 4. Overseas Study Planner- Application Requirements

After receiving forms and materials go through these in detail. Double-check the application deadline and the minimum score for standardized tests, letters needed. Now narrow down your list. Keep those universities in your list which match your criteria, admission requirements, availability of funds and assistantship, facilities of research, location.

Now that the second stage of shortlisting is done, start filling the application forms. You will need to fill your academic records, personal information, achievements, official transcripts, extracurricular activities, essays and other required letters.

Step 5. Planning for Study Abroad- Admission Stage

Students get to know about the decisions of the universities well in advance of the beginning of the session. Students receiving admission from more than one universities should go for the third stage of shortlisting focusing on the points of the best curricular program, best funding program, the strength of the programs, cost of living, the reputation of the institute, location, facilities, social life, accommodation, etc.

How to Study abroad after 12th with Scholarship?

There are many students who want to go abroad after completing their 12th but they take a step behind because of cost. But there is no reason behind doing this as there are many scholarship options available in fact there are many universities who offer 100% scholarship to students.

Before shortlisting the universities, one must check the websites of those websites and contact them in advance confirming the options available for the scholarship for students coming from other countries. In order to get a scholarship one has to get exceptionally good marks in his/ her academics and should also hold a very good rank in the merit list.

Courses available with Foreign Universities

Choosing the right course is definitely a tricky decision but if you are sure about your goals and have a clear vision of your future career, then it should not be a tough job for you. Though when going through the universities you may find that there are universities which you like but there is no option to get a degree in the course that you are interested in.

If you are looking for courses like Journalism, Psychology, Archeology, Linguistics, Engineering, History, Design etc, there is less chance that you will get enough scope to pursue these in foreign countries. Areas like Machine Learning, Data Science, AI have a much wider scope.


Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, US, UK abroad study plan is a good choice for students who want to pursue higher studies after completing their 12th exam. No matter which country you choose or what course you want to go for, keep this in mind that the entrance exams start much before the date of the beginning of the new academic session, so you have to start early to make it through your favourite university.

Going abroad for higher studies is a very good decision as it will expose you to a new culture, foreign languages along with these. It will also make you responsible which will obviously help you in your future endeavours. In short, studying abroad is one experience that you will cherish forever. Best of luck!

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