Dubai is an expensive city in UAE. There are many candidates every year who apply for IELTS exam for Permanent Residence or want to go abroad for further studies. You will have many options but the difficult part is to choose the best for yourself. We tell you 5 ways to crack IELTS in Dubai.

Best coaching methods for IELTS in Dubai

Since Dubai is one of the busiest cities the mode of coaching you choose is important.
1. Offline IELTS coaching classes- If you need some basic training for IELTS you could go for offline coaching. You will get many offline IELTS coaching centers in Dubai. Here are a few of them:
1.Inspire IELTS-  Near Al Qiyadah Metro Station, Abu Hail, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
2. Brighter Prep- Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
3. Wisdom Educational Institute- OPP: Dubai Islamic Bank, Bur Dubai- United Arab Emirates.
2. Home Tutor offline- Home tutor is offline personal training it is for candidates who want individual training. You can find some on Facebook. Here is a list of some personal tutor in Dubai
1. Sultan
2. Braj
3. Melissa
3. Online IELTS coaching classes- Online IELTS coaching classes are where you will get good trainers who can give you personal situation. Here you will get trainers from all across the country. Check some online websites:

Ratings of IELTS coaching methods in Dubai.

These ratings of IELTS coaching methods in Dubai are based on the method of training.
1. Hyper Personalised Training: Hyper-personalized that basically means candidates who are very weak with their communication skills. These candidates need good quality trainers who can give them some personal attention. So they opt for online coaching. According to their method of teaching, they are rated as:
Online IELTS coaching: 9.3/10
2. Home Tutor Offline: Home tuition is for the candidates who want individual training for their IELTS exams. You have one trainer for all your subject. The average rating on their performance is:
Personal Offline Training: 8.3/10
3. Offline Coaching: Offline coaching classes is for candidates who want their coaching nearby your residence. Here they would train you in batches of students. According to their method of teaching, we rate them:
Offline IELTS Coaching: 7.8/10

What Coaching methods candidates are using in Dubai?

For you to know the review of how candidates are studying for the IELTS exam in Dubai. We present you the score band as a statistical data:

Years Offline Personal Online
2014 55% 17% 28%
2015 46% 19% 35%
2016 35% 20% 45%

How are students performing in IELTS in Dubai?

For you to know the review of how candidates are studying for the IELTS exam in Dubai. We present you the score band as a statistical data:

IELTS students performance in Dubai

IELTS students performance in Dubai

IELTS exam dates in Dubai.

The exam dates for Dubai in 2017 calendar year are as follows:

Test Date Module Registration
03/08/2017 IELTS Academic 27/07/2017
03/08/2017 IELTS General Training 27/07/2017
09/09/2017 IELTS Academic 02/09/2017
09/09/2017 IELTS General Training 02/09/2017
21/09/2017 IELTS Academic 14/09/2017
21/10/2017 IELTS Academic 14/10/2017
02/11/2017 IELTS General Training 26/10/2017
02/11/2017 IELTS Academic 26/10/2017
25/11/2017 IELTS Academic 18/11/2017
02/12/2017 IELTS Academic 25/11/2017
02/12/2017 IELTS General Training 25/11/2017
09/12/2017 IELTS Academic 02/12/2017
14/12/2017 IELTS Academic 07/12/2017
16/12/2017 IELTS Academic 09/12/2017
16/12/2017 IELTS General Training 09/12/2017

Tips to score a high average band.

This is no magic. To crack IELTS exam, with a good score band needs hard work and positive approach. You have to select a good trainer or coaching mode for your training. Writing and speaking task needs regular practice to develop the skills. If you get free tips and guidance online go through them for better understanding. Choose wisely your mode of coaching.

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