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IELTS Ninja is up with their IELTS Writing Marathon book for all the IELTS aspirants out there.
When you go online to look for an IELTS book, what do you see? You’ll find books that will offer many model answers and general writing tips. But this information is anyway there on the British Council Website, so does that information really help?
To cater to this vacancy we thought of coming up with a book which gives an intensive analysis and preparation method for IELTS. Here are the four major reasons that makes this book unique:

It Explains the 7 types of essays

The IELTS Exam focuses on the following types of essays:

  1. Agree or Disagree
  2. Discuss two views/opinions
  3. Advantages/Benefits or Disadvantages/Drawbacks
  4. Cause and Effect
  5.  Problems and Solutions
  6. Two part questions
  7. Compare and Contrast

IELTS asks all these types of essays but the reader may not be able to differentiate between the types while reading the questions. People tend to make mistakes between Compare and Contrast and Discuss two views/opinions. Sometimes people deviate from the topic because of lack of knowledge and end up losing marks.
Being able to identify the objective of the essay and addressing it correctly helps the candidate bag 25% of the marks there itself! And this book mentions the differentiating factors precisely.
This may come to native English Speakers naturally but it becomes very difficult for non-native English speakers to do so.

Detailed Analysis of Essay Evaluation

When you write an essay and see that you have scored less in there, what do you think can be a reason? Is it because the overall quality is poor or maybe because some areas could have been done in a better fashion?
If you have prepared even a little for IELTS or have average writing skills, its unlikely that the overall essay quality will be poor. You shall have to focus more on some specific aspects to improve the quality of your essay.
Have a look at the passage below:
Over the last decade there has been a huge increase in the number of fast food restaurants. For example, on nearly every high street there is a MacDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. The food in these places has been proven to be very unhealthy, and much of the advertising is targeted at children, thus ensuring that they constitute the bulk of the customers of these establishments.
If we do a quick analysis of the above we will find that:

  • Instead to huge we could use prolific to better the vocabulary.
  • The sentence that is highlighted is too long and accounts to poor cohesion.

These few changes can drastically improve the quality of your answer.
The above is an example of the kind of analysis that the IELTS Writing Marathon book offers. The book speaks about the kind of essays that will fall in the band 6, band 7 and band 8 for IELTS. This will help you evaluate your answers based on the following points

  1.  Objective
  2. Coherence and Cohesion
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Grammar

Which are the parameters on which your IELTS band is based.

Skill based exercises

Now you know that to improve you need to target specific areas, but how?
To know your pin point weakness you first need to know the places that you can falter at.
Generally people tend to make mistakes in

  1. Framing complex sentences
  2. Compare and contrast
  3. Vocabulary of listing opinions
  4. Connectors
  5. Weak at forming an introduction
  6. Lose coherence
  7. Bad endings in essays

The list of concepts in IELTS is huge, but the point being that we may not be bad at all and may need to work at specific parts. IELTS Writing Marathon offers these concepts and associated practice questions in separate sections so that you can strategically target those areas that you are weak at and practice them to improve your score.
This is the most efficient way to improve the score.

Highest number of model answers and sample questions

Practice makes a man perfect.
IELTS Writing Marathon has model answers for IELTS Task 1 and Task 2 and offers more questions than any other book available in the market or provided by any coaching class. The book was curated by doing an intensive analysis of over 12000 students (the problems they face and the best study practices for efficient and effective learning) who have appeared for IELTS with IELTS Ninja over the span of two years.
The book never ends.
IELTS Ninja is dynamic and we are constantly in the pursuit of providing the best material to the students. The book will be revised every 6 months to keep the questions and methods of preparations up to date.

How to get a copy?

The book is available on Amazon.
For those who have enrolled with us at IELTS Ninja, the book is included in the course and you will receive an e-copy once you’ve joined with us. To all those who have enrolled get the opportunity of discussing all the exercises with their personal mentors and stay up to date with the updates in the book (if any).
Happy Learning!

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