In the IELTS speaking exam, you will be provided precisely 1 minute to practise for your presentation on a certain topic provided by the examiner. This part of the IELTS speaking is called the IELTS Cue Card or the Applicant Task Card. The instructions for this cue card session are given on a card that will be provided to you by the examiner. Your speaking session must last about 2 minutes before the examiner asks you to stop, to begin with, the next part. At last, the examiner will ask some questions related to the topic. In short, the session lasts for 3 to 4 minutes with a preparation time of 1 minute.

In this article, we have provided two sample answers for the topic “Describe an art exhibition that you visited”. This will help you to get a clear idea of the format and way to present.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Sample One: Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited

I’d like to speak about one of those exhibits that were held in my city recently. This show was held in the convention centre of my state, which I toured with my parents. There was a small admission fee for guests, which we charged gladly, and we were delighted to see the various types of art on show inside. The first category was portraits, of paintings of various types by various artists.

Question Part: Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited

Some of these works have also been auctioned at this show. We’ve enjoyed pottery art in the next segment. In reality, there was an actual studio where the artist demonstrated how the pots were made. We bought a couple of pots to enjoy his work. After that, we saw many other art forms, such as handicrafts, wad carving, stone sculptures, jewellery making, and several others. I was truly influenced by the work of the musicians, and I never knew the dedication they had to bring into their work.

Question Part Conclusion: Describe the Art Exhibition that You Visited

One weaver, for instance, said it took him 45 days to make only one scarf. I have to admit that this show not only made me comfortable with different types of art but also raised the importance of artists in my mind. I have to admit that this show was very well planned, as everyone enjoyed the manner it was run. To be honest, it was a moment I can never forget in my life

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IELTS Exam Sample Two: Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited

Lately, I went to the Contemporary Art Gallery Museum last week. I tagged along with my colleagues just to get some freshness. And an exhibition of artwork was arranged by one of the non-profit organisations.

 Question Part: Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited

I clearly recall it was kept on the top of the Contemporary Art Museum, situated in the capital of India, Delhi. This exhibition area is considered to be one of the central areas in Delhi and also a popular tourist destination for many travellers.

Originally, I only saw artwork by local artists, however to my delight, there was another segment on a foreign painting by Picasso, Da Vinci, and other popular artists. It had a diverse collection of works from all over the world. Besides carving, they also had arts and crafts.⠀

Question Part Conclusion: Describe an Art Exhibition that You Visited

On the contrary, the purpose behind this show is to raise funds for both poor cancer victims and orphans. So it was worth attending the show for me, and I purchased a piece of art to support the group. In the future, I will try to attend those exhibits.

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The IELTS speaking section can be a tough one for a candidate who is not good at quick thinking. This IELTS exam section tests the 4 factors: fluency, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Before the main exam, you must go through as many as cue card topics to get more knowledge on different topics. We suggest you to go through the blog section of IELTS Ninja to find out a hefty number of cue card topics for your IELTS speaking exam.

Best of luck to you.

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