PRCs in the recent past has been a major validating document for educational institutions and government offices alike. Applying for a PRC certificate online couldn’t be any easier than this. How to apply for a permanent residence certificate? What is a permanent resident certificate? If these questions haunt you, this is the right place to get a headstart.

What is a Permanent Residence Certificate?

A permanent residency certificate is an individual’s legal statement in a country in which the individual has not been a citizen, but has reserved the rights to dwell permanently in the course of time. Permanent Resident Certificate is a kind of domicile certificate that gives the holder a chance to avail quotas within government jobs and educational institutions.

So, how to apply for a permanent residence certificate? The answer is easy. You should read along to find out why.

To Whom are PRCs Issued?

PRC is apparently issued to citizens of a country for purposes either related to admissions in educational institutions or applications authorized for governmental jobs. These certificates as such are entertained by the sector heads, if required, and asked for in the same.

Who Issues PRCs?

In fact, as known, these certificates are issued as per existing provisions by certain Deputy Commissioners and Sub-Divisional Officers (Civil) which includes a pronounced provision that is meant to be applied only as per specific requirements of various admissible candidates and job seekers. 

It is however not valid for purposes unlike as mentioned. The following categories under which individuals are eligible for Permanent Residential Certificate are as defined underneath.

If questions like “what is a PRC certificate?” have cleared doubts, then you should now come over to understand what the purposes and eligibility of it are.

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Purpose of the Certificate

Primarily, as the name gestures, Permanent Residence Certificate is a legal document that apparently serves as a proof of residence of an individual, and hence, it is required to be submitted at places where the residential proof is firmly asked for. 

Although, a few of the purposes are listed down:

Purpose 1

The document is required to be shown by numerous students who are appearing to take admission in different educational organizations job reservations under particular quotas, which are considered crucial for government job sectors and other similar locations. It is of importance to obtain local preferences.

Purpose 2

Besides, it is also seen as a matter of interest to get social security numbers or ration cards in different states respectively.

Purpose 3

Additionally, the PRC is important to hold an individual eligible for casting votes in elections of the country.

Purpose 4

The legal document is significant to avail the benefits of several schemes of respective states or to claim scholarships of a state as well.


To be eligible for PRC a person has to abide by certain criteria as per guidelines. However, that being said, the criterion differs from place to place but remains the same when it drops down to the legalities.

All things considered, let us read below the criterion one has to follow and prepare the submission for, once the format of eligibility has been declared. However, PRC certificate online is the mode of use now.

Criteria 1

The person applying for the permanent resident certificate must reside in the town or village or state for at least 10 years to be eligible to apply for the same.

Criteria 2

The applicant must have his or her Record of Rights of the residential area where he is living owned by either him or his parents or ancestors.

Criteria 3

A woman not a permanent resident of a place, but has married a person at that same is however eligible to apply for the same PRC certificate online.

Criteria 4

A person working as a government employee of the state, but not a permanent resident of the place can also apply for the Permanent Residence certificate


The Permanent Resident Certificate is valid for a lifetime unless you change your residence and obtain a PRC there.

How to Get Permanent Residence? Here’s the Process for Applying

An applicant who wishes to obtain his or her PRC certificate online can do so by filling an application form from their respective state government online portal.

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Documents Required

The total time required as per guidelines is 14 days. How do you know the documentations after you have known what is a PRC certificate? Read along to find what the documents are alongside the application form, which is in need of submission:

Basic Documents List

  • Two copies of passport-sized photographs. 
  • Validated records of immovable property, if any, with updated Land Revenue Paid receipt. 
  • Copy of the Passport.
  • For procedures of linkage, a certified copy of the voters list is required as well.
  • Required copy of PRC of any individual member of the family for the applicant, mentioning the relationship, if any.
  • The requirement of a copy of the birth certificate has been issued by the competent authority.
  • A copy of the HSLC Certificate or admit card, as stated and required.
  • The requirement of the Employment Certificate has been issued by the employer denoting joining in the present place of posting if any.

Are you part of a country you permanently want to become a resident of? I hope with this article, your hesitance will be clarified and you will after that find a way how to prepare for these unmatched times. In case of any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us.

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