IELTS, which is also known as the International English Language Test is an examination that is designed specifically to help an individual to work, study, or even migrate to a country outside your own native country. These countries could be Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

All the IELTS reading – writing test requires an individual is to work super hard on their vocabulary, their language proficiency, reading, as well as writing so that while they are giving this exam or living in some outside country, they won’t have any problem in having a great conversation with some native speaker of the language.

The IELTS paper is all focused not only on just working hard but also working smart for this examination. This paper is prepared separately for the students who wish to appear in this examination and for those who are in academic training.

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GT Reading Band Score

GT Reading, also famously known as the IELTS General Reading Band score which is a score taken out for individuals based on the examinations given by them.

All those candidates who appear in this exam have a maximum of just 2 hours and 45 minutes to appear in this test and in order to complete this paper in time. There are various different sections of the examination and each section has a different time which is required by the individuals to complete those test papers. In order to complete every test section, the candidates appeared to have to look out for some kind of shortcuts to successfully appear in this examination.

Once the test has been completed by the examinee, he/she has to find different ways to calculate their scores for this test paper.

Now, let’s move forward to know how these different scores for the examination have been calculated. But before that, let’s have a look at the different reading and listening band scores.

IELTS Listening Scores

Correct Answers Band Scores
39-40 9
37-38 8.5
35-36 8
32-34 7.5
30-31 7
26-29 6.5
23-25 6
18-22 5.5
16-17 5
13-15 4.5
11-12 4

IELTS Reading Scores

Correct Answers Band Scores
40-39 9
38-37 8.5
36-35 8
34-33 7.5
32-30 7
29-27 6.5
26-23 6
22-19 5.5
18-15 5
14-13 4.5
12-10 4
9-8 3.5
7-6 3
5-4 2.5


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IELTS Reading Scores {GT}

The GT reading band score chart has been given below:

Correct Answers Band Scores
40 9
39 8.5
37-38 8
36 7.5
34-35 7
32-33 6.5
30-31 6
27-29 5.5
23-26 5
19-22 4.5
15-18 4
12-14 3.5
9-11 3
6-8 2.5

GT Reading Band Score Calculator

In order to calculate the GT reading band score, one needs to know various different points in this. These are:

#1. All the IELTS scores have been calculated between the scores of 0 and 9.

#2. One can also get scores in the number of 0.5 as well

For example – One can get a score of 6.5 or 7.5, etc.

Know in Detail

#3. The overall band score that is calculated is done when an average of all the scores have been taken out. So, for example, consider that your listening test paper band score is 8, for the reading part it is 7.5, for the writing part it is 7, and for the speaking part it is 7.5, so when an average of all these scores will be taken out, your average score would be 7.5, which is also your overall band score.

#4. If your average overall score is 6.1, then around off figure of it will be taken out, that is the nearest whole band score which is 6, this is because the number 6.1 is closer to 6 rather than 6.5, and therefore your overall score goes down to 6.

#5. Similarly, if your overall band score is 6.25, then the average score which will be taken out will be closer to 6.5, and therefore your overall score will increase and it will be 6.5.

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Once entire research has been done and it has been taken out how one can easily take out their score for the examination and how the different scores have been calculated, one can easily go and practice for their examinations.

All you have to learn is how can you take out the different scores and calculate them in order to know how much are you going to get scored in the IELTS examinations. Hopefully, with the help of the above information, you must have known how is it done and the next time, you have to do it, you won’t be facing any difficulty in doing so because that’s such an easy way to take out your scores. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your study material and start preparing for your next IELTS examinations because this is the best time to study for your test papers.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come, just take the moment and convert it into a perfect moment.

We wish you all the very best for your test papers.

Also, along with this, don’t just forget to check out our other blogs to have some more information on all the various tests involved in the IELTS examinations.

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