Are you preparing for the next IELTS test? Do you know what’s the best way to prepare for this test?

Don’t worry, we’re here to clear all your doubts.

The most trustworthy way to qualify for this exam begins with:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the syllabus of the exam

And then, the next step that follows it is:

  • Practice – and by practice, we mean, a lot of it.

Practice, Practice, and Practice… is all that is going to help you get this examination cleared and to get to your favourite college that you’ve always dreamt of!

The Reading exam has a variety of skills, and all of them have different formats & text styles for Academic and General Training. An individual is provided with a maximum of 60 minutes to answer a set of 40 questions; in which there are three texts for one to solve.

But what are the variety of questions being given here?

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Barrel IELTS Reading

In a barrel test paper, there are a total of 40 questions, and a candidate is provided with a maximum of 60 minutes to solve them.

An individual is provided with a different sheet in which they have to mark the answers for their questions along with solving them.

The questions being given here test an individual:

  • It tests an individual’s ability to make sense of the general ideas of the passages
  • Main Ideas
  • Details
  • Inferences and their implied meanings
  • The opinions, attitude, and purpose of the candidate

Now, let’s learn about the variety of questions that are being asked in the Barrel IELTS Reading.

Type of Questions Being Asked Frequently (FAQs)

Sometimes a scholar is required to give one-word answers, sometimes a short passage, and sometimes simply a letter, number, or symbol; these answers vary according to the questions being asked.

The variety of questions being asked can be in the form of:

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Headings, Diagrams, Charts, and then matching the two different sides with each other
  • Completing the sentences
  • Providing short answers to the questions

or they can simply be,

  • Multiple Choice Questions, etc.

Now, let’s learn what factors are the time & scoring for the barrel IELTS reading answers based on?

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Time and Scoring of IELTS Academic Reading

A candidate is provided with a maximum of 60 minutes to solve around 40 questions.

For each correct answer, he/she is rewarded with one mark.

The entire test is of 40 points total, these points are then converted to the IELTS 9-band scale.

These scores can also be reported in whole as well as half bands. For example, someone can receive a score of either 8 or it can be 8.5.

Now, let’s learn about a few more tips related to the barrel reading answers IELTS.

Tips for IELTS Academic Reading

There are a number of tips through which one can improve their reading. These are:

  • Timing

This is a fact that every single student, regardless of their gender, caste, creed, is going to get only 60 minutes to complete their exam. So, it’s better to prepare in advance in order to increase your speed.

Try finishing each section in a minimum of 20 minutes so that you still have time left to re-check your answers.

  • Read the Instructions Carefully

Many students commit this mistake of not looking at the instructions carefully or not reading them at all. Always pay close attention to the instructions to avoid losing any marks.

  • Do Not Panic

There might be some questions that will be extremely difficult but when you’re inside the examination centre, the only option you’re left with is to solve these questions. So, it’s better to not panic and lose the amount of self-confidence you have.

Keep your nerves under control and try to stay as calm as possible

  • Don’t Expect to Understand Every Word You Read

It’s completely normal to not surmise the meaning of every single word that is there in the question paper. If you don’t understand something, try to read sentences to get some clues for them.

  • It’s Really a Vocabulary Test

In some way or the other, the International English Language Testing System is more of a vocabulary test than a reading test. There are so many difficult words that one needs to grasp to clearly get an idea of what the passage is trying to say.

So while preparing for this exam, don’t forget to read the synonyms as well as antonyms of different words.

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IELTS is an examination that every other student who wishes to join abroad for further studies or is applying for a job here has to go through once in their life. This exam can be very difficult or a lot easier than most of the English tests that you have given till now; it all depends on how you’re going to prepare for the exam.

And for such great preparation, all you need to do is to prepare a to-do list on how to study for the exam. The above article has provided many such details on how you can easily prepare for this exam. Hope you find it informative enough and for more such information, have a look at our other blogs.

And, if you have any doubts related to this, feel free to comment down below & let us know.

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