The candidates need to keep certain things in mind to score the bands they are aiming for. The cue card task in the International English Testing System Speaking exam requires a certain precision as you are marked based on how you speak and your English language abilities.

Examiners specifically examine your proficiency in the English language as the International English Testing System is conducted for the ones who want to work, migrate or study in a foreign nation where the English language is spoken widely so in order to stay in that place you at least need to know basic English language. Read on to learn more about the cue card topic, describe a time when you were pleased with your purchase.

Describe A Time When You Pleased with Your Purchase – Sample Cue Card Answer One for IELTS Preparation

Describe a time when you please with your purchase cue card topic of the International English Language Testing System Speaking exam, you need to speak about:

# What did you purchase?

# Why did you decide to purchase that particular product?

# Where did you purchase the product from?

# Given your reason why that purchase made you happy?

What Did You Purchase?

I used to see travel bloggers, movies and read novels about how travelling is a different kind of joy and brings excitement in your life, unfortunately never got a chance to travel to destinations. So recently I got the opportunity to travel to Bhutan where I bought a wind chime as a souvenir. It meant a lot to me as it holds a memory of me travelling for the first time.

Why Did You Decide to Purchase that Particular Product?

I decided to buy a wind chime out of all the great products they were selling in the market because this wind chime carries a lot of meaning to me. As it implies the flow of chi or you can also say life’s energy. Wind chimes are believed to bring good luck with the flow of the breeze. As I travelled for the first time I thought I need good luck so that I can travel more in the near future.

Where Did You Purchase The Product From?

I bought the wind chime from the local market which was near the Tiger Nest. The Tiger Nest is a monastery located on the top of the mountain and it is believed if you wish for something and climb up to the monastery your wish is fulfilled as the journey to the top is very difficult and requires a lot of physical and mental power.

As you climb, the higher you get, you face different weather: rain, hail storms, increase in temperature. It is a very exhausting journey and dangerous as well. But once you reach the top you know that it was worth all your effort and sweat. So when we reached the monastery, the monks taught us briefly about the life of Buddha and how the monastery was built.

How we should flow with the wind to live a better life. So when I reached down the mountain I went to the local market and the wind chime caught my eyes and I made my first travelling purchase.

Given Your Reason Why That Purchase Made You Happy?

The wind chime purchase made me happy because it reminds me of my first travelling experience and encourages me to travel more, see this beautiful world, meet new people, learn different things from various cultures and there is a lot to explore. This wind chime is not just a product that I grabbed from the market for the showpiece but always makes me believe that nothing is impossible if you are dedicated to achieving it.

Ending: The wind chime was my best purchase and will always remain the best as it carries the memories of my first journey, and reminds me to travel and explore more.

Describe A Time When You Pleased With Your Purchase – Sample Cue Card Answer Two for IELTS Preparation

Describe a time when you were pleased with your purchase, Cue Card topic of International English Language Testing System Speaking Test. It is advised to the candidates that they should better prepare themselves beforehand with the potential questions that might be raised by the interviewer. Mentioned below are few questions that can be asked by the interviewer:

# Did you mention to anyone about your purchase?

# Was the product up to the mark?

# Is the product still with you?

# Would you suggest others buy this product?

Did You Mention to Anyone About Your Purchase?

Honestly, I was so pleased with my wind chime purchase that I almost told everyone who is close to me. But I mentioned it to my best friend Shivangi first as the moment I bought the product I clicked a picture and sent it to her and she was excited to see the wind chime as well.

Was the Product Up to the Mark?

As it was my first time buying a product from outside so I wasn’t sure about the quality but honestly the wind chime stood up to my expectations and it’s been three years and it’s the same as the day I bought it.

Is the Product Still with You?

Yes, the wind chime is still with me. I hung it near my window so whenever a gentle breeze hits the chime it makes a very pleasant sound that reminds me of the trip to Bhutan.

Would You Suggest Others To Buy This Product?

I would for sure suggest others buy this wind chime as not only the quality is good but the sound of the chime is very pleasant as well, which cleanses your thoughts and brings a calm kind of vibes.

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Describe A Time When You Pleased with Your Purchase- Sample Answer Three

What Did You Purchase?

I am an art lover so in the lockdown, I was getting bored and I bought a mini canvas with a stand. So that I can freshen up my mind and get some ideas to create a unique piece of artwork that I can add to my art gallery.

Why Did You Decide to Purchase The Particular Product?

I decided to buy the canvas with the stand because there was an event going online called ‘In October’, where you need to showcase your art as I wasn’t doing anything important in particular I decided to join this art event and bought the canvas with the stand.

Where Did You Purchase that Product From?

I bought the canvas with the stand online at a very reasonable price.

Given Your Reason Why That Purchase Made You Happy?

I was happy with the purchase because first of all the quality of the product is great, and the other reason is that after so long I wasn’t being lazy and was creating something that I love. Being productive in the lockdown. Few of my artwork got sold as well so it made me happy.

Follow Up Question for IELTS Preparation

Did You Mention to Anyone about Your Purchase?

Yes, I told my friends and family that I bought the canvas and that piece of artwork got sold. They were very glad that I was utilising my time in a good way.

Was the Product Up to the Mark?

The canvas was of great quality, the texture was very smooth and the paint wasn’t spreading all over and the stand that came with the canvas was just great. It completes the overall look of the art.

Would You Suggest Others to Buy this Product?

Yes, I would suggest others buy the canvas because it is of great quality at a very reasonable price, and people who love painting should buy this product. They won’t regret buying it.

IELTS Speaking Examination

The International English Language Testing System Speaking test is conducted face to face. It is the same for both the General Training and Academic Test. The duration of the Speaking test is 11 to 14 mins and the examiner gives you 2 to three mins to prepare yourself and you can make small notes which you can use while speaking on cue card topics.

The examiner examines your skills in the language of English, and you are marked based on your speaking skills which will be visible in your final band scores. So don’t take this section lightly because you have to speak directly with the examiner, you have to prepare yourself nicely to score well in the IELTS speaking exam. T


IELTS stands for International English language Testing System. This examination is conducted to test the skills of the candidates in the English language who want to study, work or migrate to a foreign country when English is their first language. It consists of four sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, and based on these sections the candidates receive the band score.

Name of The Examination IELTS
Full form International English Language Testing System
Held By IDP Education Ltd.
Known For Work, migration and study to English speaking nations like Canada and the USA
Examination Mode Paper-based and computer-based
Range of Band Score 1 to 9 Band Score
Fees for Registration INR. 14,700
IELTS is Conducted 4 times a month and 48 times in a year (approximately)
Official Website

Types of IELTS Exam

There are two types of International English Language Testing System:

IELTS Academic Test
IELTS General Training Test

# Academic Test: The Academic exam is adequate for those who want to study in an English-speaking setting or college (to pursue a degree). You can also appear for the Academic test for skilled enrollment reasons.

# General Training Test: The General Training exam is adequate for those who are applying to work or study. This comprises an English-speaking university or academy. It can also be accepted for job experience or additional employee training.

Different Sections of IELTS Exam

There are four sections in the International English language Testing System examination:

Reading Test
Writing Test
Speaking Test
Listening Test

The Reading Test

In the Reading category of the academic exam the aspirants are provided with 40 questions and 3 texts, and the duration is divided as 13 to 14 mins for every text. Whereas in the general training test the texts tend to be smaller and have up to 5 texts. Aspirants are given the duration of 60 mins to read and fill in the answer sheet.

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The Writing Test

The writing section consists of two Tasks, in Task-I you are required to illustrate a diagram, chart or graph and then answer according to the question given in the IELTS Academic test. Candidates who opted for the general training test have an International English Language Testing System Writing task to write a brief essay and a letter. Writing in International English Language Testing System essays needs some serious practice. The aspirants are given a duration of 60 minutes.

The Speaking Test

Initially, in Task-I the test taker will ask an aspirant about the interest, purpose of appearing for the test and hobbies of the candidates, this will be the topic for the Speaking test of the International English Language Testing System. In Task-II aspirants will receive a cue card and need to make themselves ready to speak on the topic, they will be given 2-3 minutes to think about what they will speak. Task-III of the Speaking exam for the International English Language Testing System encompasses a conversation with the test taker about the topic related in the earlier portion. The aspirants are given the duration of 11 to 14 mins depending on the examiner.

The Listening Test

The listening test consists of 4 fractions of increasing complexity. Every fraction is a short monologue or dialogue that is preceded by a set of queries. You must prepare adequately for the category and know sufficient the International English Language Testing System Listening strategies as every text is only played one time. And in total, you will have only 40 mins in hand to finish the task. The aspirants are given the duration of 30 minutes and an additional 10 mins for transferring the file.

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IELTS Preparation

Preparation is what makes you different from the rest of the candidates. If you want to achieve your desired band score then you have to prepare effectively and efficiently. Given below are a few tips and tricks that you should follow:

Understand the Pattern of the Examination

It is very crucial to know the structure because that way you will be able to prepare for different sections (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) efficiently and effectively.

Read as Much as You Can

Read English newspapers, magazines, books or anything which helps you improve your English language skills.

Watch English Channels

Watch English language-based movies, YouTube videos or news as visualising things helps you understand better, and will improve your fluency in the English language.

Grammar Books for Foundation

Read your old grammar books which you studied in your high schools. Honestly, it helps a lot to make your base strong and will help you avoid grammatical mistakes in your exam.

Management of Time

Manage your time properly as you have to solve a lot of questions in a limited time. It’s important to keep a track of time so that you don’t miss out on questions.

Previous Year Question Paper is Helpful

Try solving the previous question paper, you will get a better idea about the exam pattern.

Practice Test Series

Practice test series, as it will help you to know what are your weak points and can work on it, and your strengths

Enhance Your Skills

Try to improve your English skills even if you are good at it because once you appear for the exam you might make silly mistakes and regret them later on.


In the above article, we discussed the cue card topic for your better understanding. Hopefully, it helps you in the IELTS Speaking test. For further guidance join IELTS Ninja where you will be given excellent assistance, study materials, conduct mock tests, doubt clearing sessions which will boost your preparation so join now and take a step towards your success. So how are you preparing for the Speaking test? Share your thoughts with us. Comment in the below section.

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