The speaking examination is the second component of the IELTS exams that will test you for your linguistic abilities and capacity to articulate yourself. It’s a speaking test for IELTS. These are conducted face-to-face to assess you by video conference agreements with a specially trained expert in speech and linguistics. A cue card with a topic or subject you’re going to talk about on the spot is given to you.

You need to go through 4 sections of IELTS training to perform well in IELTS: writing, listening, coherent communication, and reading. To complete the entire IELTS test, you are given 2 hours and 45 minutes. Your English speaking abilities are measured in the speech component. Not only does it examine the way you express yourself, but it also depends on some minor points when you answer the contextual issue.

‘Describe Your Favourite Weather’ is one of the few subjects discussed in the cue card themes. Go through it to get better at the IELTS test.

IELTS Cue Card Topics Explained – Describe Your Favourite Weather

These points you can cover-

What’s the weather like?

How does this weather normally happen?

What do you normally do during these environmental conditions?

Explain how you are affected by this weather?

And how can you describe why you like this kind of weather?

Sample Answer – Introduction

Well, the weather is an important aspect of nature as well as, according to their preference and desires, everybody likes and dislikes the weather, however, I always prefer hot weather because I like it a lot that time, I go out with friends and family as well. It usually happens from June to September, but it can occur differently in various types of areas of the nation now due to emissions.

Interestingly, I enjoy hot summer days all the time, and I also like green grass, hot air, and more. I typically do a different style of things in summer, such as hanging out with friends and eating ice cream, as well as consuming cold coffee, soft drinks, and shakes with it. I spend a lot of time with relatives.

In addition, I keep visiting the poolside and waterpark with my dad. The pleasant island is a water park next to my home, where there are a lot of water sports. I typically love water slides, rain dancing, diving, and delicious Chinese food when I go there as well.

Lead to Body and Conclusion of IELTS Cue Card Topic – Describe Your Favourite Weather

Along with that, because I like to wear skirts, swimsuits, shorts and more other summer clothing, I enjoy hot weather. In the summer since there is a holiday week I often stay in the room in the afternoon and listen to rock music and have some healthy snacks.

I don’t like winter temperatures, on the other hand, since I can’t go outside in modern dresses at the time, I can’t eat cold food as well, I don’t like having a thick coat on the clothes as well.

In addition, the time days are too long in summer and I visit other places quickly and I usually visit Chandigarh Sukhna lake and have a lot of fun with friends. These are the key reasons why I prefer hot weather the most.

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Describe Your Favorite Weather Cue Card Topic Sample Answer 2

India is a nation that is complex. Whether there is no summer, freezing in winter, rainy and dry conditions, we experience so many things.

I’d like to speak about the “rainy weather” that I like best, rather than other weather. It normally happens from July to September, but it can now occur differently in various areas of the world due to emissions. The rainy season, also known as the “Monsoon.”

Get into Detail of the Cue Card Topic Sample Answer

It is the time of year when much of the annual rainfall in the area occurs. In this climate, I enjoy myself a lot. Most people have enjoyed some spicy snacks and rainy days in my region. This temperature, apart from it, affects one’s life as kids do not play outdoor games on rainy days, everyone is obliged to visit outdoors. But I love it because I relaxed at home at that point and saw the rainy weather lying on my balcony. In addition, I loved listening to music and loving eating fresh snacks.

On the other hand, I don’t like very hot weather in the summer, but rainy weather relieves me of this hotness. In winter, the temperature in India is too cold and we can’t completely enjoy it. Overall, the perfect time to visit other areas, such as hill stations, is the rainy season. Snowfall weather at some locations in Monsoon and we enjoyed snowfall there.

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IELTS Speaking Follow Up Questions for IELTS Preparation

Question 1

How does the atmosphere (or the weather forecast) impact people’s activities?

Answer: In many respects, the weather impacts people’s activities. The weather has changed quite dramatically day by day in recent years. And that is because, like global warming, the destruction produced by human beings on earth. When there is a prediction of poor weather, people can not go to their jobs.

Question 2

Why do certain people hate climates of some kind?

Ans: It depends on people’s attitude and decisions. Some individuals want one kind of temperature, and others don’t. Some people enjoy the snow, while others dislike the sun’s scorching heat. Some prefer the season of spring, and others like the season of storms.

Question 3

Do you think that the weather affects the mood of people?

Ans: Yeah, of course, the weather has a huge effect on the attitude of people. In the summer season, when the air is very hot and dusty winds are blowing, the atmosphere of people gets ruined.

Question 4

In recent years, how do you feel about the climate?

Ans: I sense a major revolution, like the global alert that changed the region’s atmosphere.

Summers have been dustier in recent years and warmer and colder in winters. The fields have been spoiled by unexpected rainfall. The glaciers could melt due to global warming, and there will be a scenario like floods in India.

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Tips to Successfully Answer Cue Card Topics

  • Practice Note Making in a Minute.
  • Critical is the one minute you get before you start chatting. You ought to understand how this time can be used. To train, you can use the following method:

Emphasize relevant words in each cue in the 2020 IELTS cue card

To build up the argument, write 2-3 keywords against the subject of the cue cards and every cue.

Reading Practice

Practice speaking for a minimum of 3-4 minutes. If you think it’s going to be easy, then your mind tricks you into thinking you’re better than you actually are. For 4 minutes with a stopwatch, try speaking out loud about a subject and you will know how tough it really is.

To listen to your pronunciation and cohesiveness later, capture what you say. Your rhythm would be interrupted if your emotions are dispersed.

Additional Tips for IELTS Exam Preparation

  • Chat in front of the Mirror

In order to see what the body language conveys, try communicating in front of the mirror.

There is a good justification why the IELTS test is not yet virtual and the reasoning is that the interviewer not only listens to the words you speak, but also tests your comforts.

When anxious, everybody gets a nervous twitch or sweaty hands or makes noisy gulping noises. None of these will happen if you are secure in your ability. You don’t need to know anything, but whatever you do know, you have to be sure. So, smile, relax, and as you mean it, talk.

Stuff You can Stop doing During the IELTS Test

  • Breaks

While pause is seen among intellects as a desired virtue, here it is not much preferred. Make them in a chronological manner while you are given time to make notes. You only have to return to the sheet of paper after you’re finished writing to assist you with the rhythm of your voice. Pausing for a long time has led to band score being minimized.


You will have a good understanding of how to treat and answer questions about the IELTS talking cue card in a logical way by now. The more you try to answer these sample questions in the main IELTS test, the more you can do. You can practise a comparable technique for IELTS cue card subjects by keeping an eye on this article. To make it sound more accessible, you can try to create a context for the response to

Check out IELTS ninja for more examples of this nature.

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