In order to score a good band in IELTS’s writing assignment, you need to have a cool head to brainstorm ideas for the assigned subject better. The subject can be complicated, but you will still break down the assignment into manageable pieces.

In this blog, the topic “Demand for Oil and Gas is increasing” is given, which will guide you to better understand the style of IELTS essay writing.

Sample IELTS Essay 1 – Demand for Oil and Gas is Increasing

Nationwide, renewable energy products are rising. Consequently, several other individuals believe that in new areas, energy reconstruction should really be authorized. All these who do not really support me are right. Today’s global community can’t process any further environmental damage and pathogens, in one’s perception. Sure, it is even more incredibly important and pivotal to browse for these other greener types of fuel.

Use Examples

A strong argument for preserving unexplored ground is that global warming is exacerbated by the current consumption of oil and gas. In several other phrases, owing to increasing natural gas usage, global average temperatures are steadily increasing. Only as consequence, the possibility of destruction threatens humanity. In addition, when we do indeed avoid exploiting our natural capital, the protected spaces that make up our universe’s ecosystems will diminish far more. Everyone’s well being may also be affected by it all. In contrast to all of that, due to the extreme release of toxic substances and several other chemicals through manufacturing, infections can propagate further rapidly and cause more problems. A further argument to remember is that it would be important to defend the unrevealed territory from construction wastes.

Conclude Your IELTS Essay

Inordinate demand for energy does significant harm to our world, as we’re seeing. The sole way to resolve the issue is to build renewable energy technology. The detrimental effects of hazardous exhaust fumes and pollutants created by misuse of renewable energy can indeed be minimized by these innovations. In Central Europe, for example, nearly all automotive plants operate on renewable energy.

These developments retain improved emissions regulations and will continue to be lower than comparable alternatives in the long run, too. This, in essence, would reduce production costs and allow inexpensive and more sustainable materials and components.

Renewable sources are beneficial, but they can have harmful environmental implications. I am also persuaded that perhaps we should invest in green power technology instead of mining unrevealed territory for further shale gas.

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Sample IELTS Essay 2 – Demand for Oil and Gas is Increasing

While nations around the globe strive to modernize and expand, there seems to be a growth in consumer capitalism, manufacturing and transport, and the demand for more gas and oil is matching. Having it in otherwise unchanged and distant areas, such as in some parts of the globe, is one way to satisfy this need. Those who assume, nonetheless, that doing this may not be the best approach. Such a policy has its advantages. With that being said, this is because people want to increase their quality of life, especially in developing countries, and this is allowed by fuels such as oil and gas, as both encourage the heating of houses, the operation of cars and aircraft and the development of products.

Break the Paragraph

Amidst this, though, there are big concerns of untouched and isolated areas being abused. A drawback is that we will actually end up sabotaging whatever magnificent ecosystems are. For example, the North pole, habitat to so many glaciers and species including such polar bears and penguins, is now an environment where nations would like to drill. Oil exploration would indeed destroy the ecosystem, as well as any overspill would be devastating for the ecosystem in general.

It is clear that perhaps the massive use of some of the pollutants has contributed to the emissions of many settlements and their residents’ resulting sickness where vehicle use is too heavy.

Conclude Your IELTS Essay

Greenhouse gases are now being discharged into the air, and this could put our own life at risk. Developers really should try to make use of other environmentally friendly alternatives, including certain solar energy for power generation for vehicles.

While exploring new ways to get natural gas is a plus, which is that we will preserve and enhance our living conditions, the detrimental effects overshadow this as we can harm those ecosystems, as well as end up harming our healthcare and the climate.


If you follow the proper style, essay writing in the IELTS exam can be simple and done correctly. When you practise all views in an article called “agree or disagree,” you will have a better interpretation of such subjects. If you are committed enough to the subjects and practise frequently, writing assignments will be the category to earn high marks for you.

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