The IELTS candidates must be equipped with the knowledge of the delivery of answers. It is extremely beneficial and significant to learn effective ways of speaking for cue card topics. The topics are easy and simple but the examiners test your proficiency in speaking along with the ways of delivering the potential answers.

If you are preparing for the IELTS exam and want to explore and learn the answers to be delivered for scoring high, you need to read the complete article. You will know two sample answers to describe a cafe you like to visit. So without wasting any more time, let’s start the learning process and step forward towards achieving success.

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IELTS Speaking

It is a magnificent part of the IELTS test where you have to showcase your talent and fluency in speaking and representing yourself. This gives you endless learnings for your future as representation and communication make you a valuable and influential person in society. You need to communicate well with the people where you are residing.

For English-speaking countries, it is primarily needed to know the language perfectly. This section can drive maximum scores to you if you give excellent answers for the asked topics and ultimately come out as a winner. You need to focus on the IELTS speaking section and prepare for it well before confronting the test takers to avoid fumbling and pauses.

Cue Card Topics

The cue card topics are asked in the speaking section of the IELTS exam. The examiners give you the time to think over a particular topic and after that, you are required to answer. Remember that the answer should be in a proper format and sequence to impress the test takers.

You should not speak too fast or too slow. Be moderate with the speed and answer honestly. You should not say something that you don’t agree with or believe. It can make a false narrative of your thoughts. The people sitting there are renowned personalities and are more experienced than you. So they can easily catch you with false answers. You should have a good thinking capability and answering ability to impress them along with honesty.

Required Points to Know for the Cue Card Topic

Do you want to get good scores in the IELTS speaking section? Are you preparing very hard for it? Do you have the goal to perform best while confronting the examiners? Well, every candidate going to appear in the test wants to get high marks but the one who achieves the target is the one who learns the effective way of answering.

Look below to know the sequential way of answering the topic to describe a cafe you like to visit IELTS cue cards. You must be aware of the correct format of answering to include all the necessary points. If you forget to mention some significant thing, it will result in the deduction of scores. Prepare yourself by knowing the following questions to answer.

#. Where is it?

#. What kinds of food and drinks does it serve?

#. What do you do there?

#. And explain why you like to go there?

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Describe a Cafe You Like to Visit: IELTS Cue Card Answers Part 1

Where is it?

Cafes are liked by many people, especially youngsters, to hang out with their friends or have some good food. The cafe that I like to visit the most is my friend’s cafe. He started it a few years ago to fulfil his dream. He always wanted to start a cafe or restaurant. It is located near my place. The cafe is within a walking distance of my place and makes it easy for me to visit whenever I feel like it.

My friend’s name is Hitarth and the food of his cafe is loved by everyone who visits there. Its location is in the centre of the city i.e in the main market. This is the reason that everyone visits there comfortably.

What Kinds of Food and Drinks Does it Serve?

The cafe offers delicious food and drinks for its customers. The food and servicing is the most prominent thing that the customers like about it. Although I like grilled sandwiches and nachos the most, it offers quite a few other yummy things like pizza, garlic bread, soups, mojitos, pasta, different salads, noodles, and a variety of continental and Chinese food.

The best part is the cafe’s writing wall. The customers are asked to give their feedback on food and drinks as well as the service which makes it more spectacular and creative. I have seen the positive and best replies on the wall.

What do You do There?

I visit there whenever I feel the cravings for good food and want to hang out with my friends. I take a lot of selfies and pictures as the lighting is beautiful inside the cafeteria and there are a lot of dramatic elements in it which gives it the perfect aura of an international cafe.

I talk to my friend and try new food items. I have recently been there for one of my friends’ birthdays. We enjoyed eating and dancing a lot. Its dance floor is also an attraction for the customers as they can shake their legs on their favourite beats. I can do everything that I desire.

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Explain Why You Like to Go There?

I have a lot of reasons to visit there. I go there whenever I want to meet my friend or hang out with my other friends. Moreover, I am fond of the cafe due to its delicious and variety of food, servicing, and infrastructure. The environment and splendid inside structure make it ravishing to visit again and again.

I feel positive vibes at the place along with amazing enjoyable activities. The separate areas are also provided to the customers if they desire to have a separate celebration with friends or family and music is set according to the customers. Every detail of the cafe makes it the best for visiting.

Describe a Cafe You Like to Visit: IELTS Cue Card Answers Part 2

Where is It?

It is pretty common in the present era to visit cafes to have drinks or amazing food. I would like to talk about a cafe today that I regularly visit to sit to enjoy and talk with my friends. The cafe is located right in the city center. I visit there quite frequently.

My, I and my friends mostly visit there every Sunday to meet as we all are free in the evening. The cafeteria is quite popular in the city brand for its authentic taste and quality ambience. The furniture makes it comfortable for people to sit for hours without getting bored.

What Kinds of Food and Drinks Does it Serve?

The cafe is most famous for its unforgettable taste and variety of snakes. One can enjoy a wide range of beverages and authentic food with great flavours but my friends and I mostly order a cappuccino with a sandwich. The garlic bread is delicious along with the other indo-italic foods. I enjoy italics and Chinese the most.

This is the reason that it has become my favourite place to visit. The beverages and soft drinks never fail to impress the customers and their taste buds. The ratings are high for the cafe due to the customer feedback. Overall I love the place.

What do You do There?

Well, there are multiple reasons for me to visit this cafe. I hardly go to other places because when one gets attracted to the best one, they never want to spoil the experience by moving to the other. The interior and environment of the cafe are mesmerizing and fresh. I often go there for celebrations and hangouts along with satisfying my taste buds with yummy food items. I also visit the place for meeting the other people related to my work by reserving a separate area.

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Explain Why You Like to Go There?

I love the place for its music which is indeed enjoyable and makes the place even more alive. Their way of presenting the food is a treat to the eyes and makes it more interesting to enjoy. I have to mention that the staff at this place is very cordial and polite. They talk humbly and greet every customer. It gives the best service experience.

The cafe also offers a few coupons and vouchers that help the customers to get additional discounts. These are the complementary perfections of it along with the food, interior, music, and authenticity.

IELTS Preparation

The candidates put tremendous effort and hard work in preparing for this exam but there are a few people who think that being fluent in English is not a difficult task and hence do not put maximum effort into the test. You must know that this exam is not merely dependent on basic English but it requires proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking of the language to represent yourself well in the English-speaking country. You should make a proper timetable to get a hold of every subject and area.

The candidates should do time management as you are required to be top-notch in all the sections of the English language. You need to be consistent in learning and doing spectacular jobs in the exam.


This test is the dream of many millennials for developing their personality entirely along with getting the chance to get admission in the most profound universities across the world. You have to be determined and goal-oriented to achieve your dreams by doing maximum preparations.

Everything is available online so you can reach out to different online platforms to grasp every detail about the cue card topics or can take mock tests that will give you the idea of the exam pattern and questions. Practice is the most important thing to get perfect.

Do not think that everyone else knows more than you, rather be confident and focused. Putting your best will make you above others and let you achieve your ambitions.

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Strategies for IELTS

The major strategy for the IELTS test is preparing wisely and learning the knowledge of time management. Every question in each section of the test comes with a particular period to answer. In the speaking section, the test takers also provide a particular time to the candidate to think about the cue card topic. You must be prepared enough to answer all the questions perfectly.

Vocabulary is Important

You should start engulfing new words because grammar and vocabulary are highly important. You should read newspapers and articles along with writing a few things to ensure your success in this prestigious exam. You should make a habit of talking in English with a friend or family member. The most prominent tips are to be determined and diligent.

Need of Grammar

While speaking, grammar is essential. The candidates who want to get admission to the best universities should know the perfect grammar while speaking. It makes your answer productive and perfect and you worthy to talk in a professional environment. If you are weak in grammar, you are considered a laggard in English. Grammar is the backbone of the English language.

You should focus on increasing your grammar capabilities during the preparation phase to achieve your target and get perfect to sustain in the English-speaking nation. All the grammar aspects like tenses, active or passive voice, direct and indirect sentences along with all the types of sentences must be perfectly known to you. Work on it and reach greater heights.

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Hence, we hope that you have learned the ways to get creative and deliver your answer properly. Each topic requires some technique of answering it perfectly. You must know the questions to answer for each given topic. It is tremendously important to know the aspects to be clear in your answer to be creative, honest, simple, and impressionable.

If you have any questions popping up, please visit IELTS Ninja and resolve all your queries. If you have queries or confusion in your mind, it would get difficult for you to answer the topic properly. So head towards getting in touch with the professionals and score maximum. All the very best for your exam! Get success and make your career by relying on the best platform.


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