The candidate will have to speak about a certain subject for a specific duration. The candidates get max to max two to three mins to think about the topic, what they are going to speak about in that duration.

The candidates can create a few notes to help while speaking. It completely depends on the wish of the candidate if they want or don’t want to make that note for help. Read on to learn more about the cue card topic – talk about an interesting talk or a lecture.

Talk About an Interesting Talk or a Lecture

Talk about an interesting talk or a lecture cue card, you need to speak on:

# When was the first time you heard about it?

# From where did you hear about it?

# What was it about?

# What is the reason behind you thinking it to be interesting?

There are few steps how you talk about an interesting talk or a lecture cue card topic and they are as follows:

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IELTS Cue Card Topic Talk About an Interesting Talk or a Lecture – Sample Answer One


Well, in my life I came across many interesting talks and heard several inspiring lectures on various events. So I would like to share an interesting topic about Chakpa Phayeng.

When was the First Time You Heard about It?

I heard about Chakpa Phayeng in one of the Tourism Seminars, which was a great experience indeed. There were new topics that I heard for the first time, how tourism is becoming a global phenomenon, boosting the nation’s economy and how the tourism industry is growing rapidly in today’s world.

It was a very informative event because I realised that there are still certain topics that we need to explore and learn from it. The local people were sharing their part of the stories which was very inspiring and students who opted for the tourism industry were talking about the potential the tourism industry holds. Every bit of knowledge that I gained from the seminar was helpful.

What was It About?

The whole event was about the tourism field. So there was a time when villagers of Phayeng Chakpa which is in West District of Imphal, Manipur India were introducing their tourism product Chakpa Phayeng also known as Yu, which is a local beverage made by this local community.

It is made of rice and goes through certain processes to take its original form. It isn’t widely famous because the place is not well developed and there aren’t many people to promote the product. So they got the platform to showcase Chakpa Phayeng and grab the eyes of many.

What is the Reason behind You Thinking it to be Interesting?

Chakpa Phayeng is a very interesting tourism product that is introduced by the villagers. This beverage came into existence years ago and it is brought down from generation to generation as a legacy of their culture.

Phayeng is not just a local rice beverage, it is the emotion and their vibrant culture, which is visible in the product. Apart from being a cultural tourism product the thing which was very interesting for me is that it contains medical benefits such as headache, fever, cough, indigestion and many more.

It came in different flavours which was the uniqueness of each family in the village. The product has a huge potential and I am hoping to see it in a global market one day.

Community which is Eco Friendly

The villagers had no trees on their hills before. The four fathers of the villagers had deforested them as the reason was timber-associated conflicts. But villagers began to know that the region had become very warm, there was a shortage of water and the population was falling sick.

So villagers agreed that the jungle should be restored at any rate. The Umang Kanba (committee for forest protection) appeared with several regulations and included all 660 households in the village in regenerating the jungle, said Angom Gajendra, the former chief of the village and a member of the forest committee.

So they took a step towards suitable living and saved the environment from exploitation. They even celebrate the festival each year showing their culture and promoting eco-friendly living. The small village of India with high ethics of living.


Tourism is growing at a great pace. If more and more people will get engaged in this industry we might get a global platform to promote our nation’s tourism industry which is unique and diverse.

IELTS Cue Card Topic Talk About an Interesting Talk or a Lecture – Sample Answer



I came across a lot of interesting lectures and they provided me with a lot of knowledge and an understanding of life. So I would like to share a brief lecture that took place in the TEDx Event Guwahati 2021.

When Was the First Time You Heard About It?

The first time I heard about the experience in Antarctica, how it feels and what are things the travellers had to face in order to reach there. The climatic change that is taking place in Antarctica and how people of Antarctica are staying in such climatic conditions, adapting to it to survive. All this knowledge in one lecture of TEDx.

Who was the Speaker?

The speaker was Rituraj Phukan, he is a writer who is based in Assam, India. He is an activist of the environment, he writes about the rich biodiversity, climatic change region.

He left his job in the government sector and started travelling and began engaging himself with nature. Being a commerce graduate, he left the field and started instructing learners about wildlife, climatic change that is taking place and the environment.

What was It About?

It was about the climatic change that is growing in every part of the world and due to which the human race has to go through a lot of things and also it’s leading to a lot of negative impact on the environment. The speaker shared his journey towards the Pacific. How he faced so many issues while travelling to Antarctica. The experience was mesmerising.

What is the Reason behind You Thinking It to be Interesting?

It was interesting because it opened my eyes. The alarming rate of global warming is going up day by day and the effect it’s putting on the world is very serious.

There were some positive things as well that I liked about the speech, such as the experience that the speaker had diving into the cold water which was in a negative temperature and feeling the climate.

Everything looked like he was in a different world. He shared his travelling pictures and those pictures were speaking in thousands of words to us. Everything he spoke about was very informative and inspiring.


Climate change is a real issue that can’t be neglected. We have to find a solution to it as soon as possible before we regret it later on. So let’s come together to make the world a better place to live.

Understand the Cue Card Topic

The examiner gives you the cue card topic for the section of the speaking test of IELTS. You are provided with a specific duration to think about the topic and speak on it. The examiner gives you this period of time to prepare yourself for what you are going to speak about the specific topic. This topic is known as a cue, it’s a term used in the IELTS examination.

The instructions about the specific topic are written down as a guide for you and you can as well make notes for the cue card topic briefly to know what you want to speak. But it does not matter how perfect of an individual you are in speaking but you will get anxious during the speaking test of IELTS if you do not practice beforehand.

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Key to be Effective in the Speaking Test

So the key is to be calm and maintain the requirements that are pronunciation, accuracy, less grammatical error, lexical resources and coherence & fluency. It can be quite challenging but it’s all worth it once you crack the exam. Just keep in mind that the examiner is checking your confidence as well so better not mumble.

IELTS Preparation Tips

IELTS preparation is not that tough if you are dedicated to clear the exam. You just have to follow the below-mentioned points for better IELTS preparation:

Understand the Exam Pattern

The initial phase towards IELTS preparation is to become acquainted with the exam pattern. Formerly you’re alert about the exam pattern, you recognize what to expect in every category-creating it simpler for you to appear your queries.

IELTS examines you on the 4 sections of language English, which are – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

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IELTS Test Format

The IELTS test format of 4 sections are illustrated in detail below:

Section Duration
Reading The listening exam will be for 30 mins and is separated into four categories.
Writing The reading exam includes forty questions, all distributed into three categories. The period of time for this category is 60 mins.
Speaking The writing exam will have two tasks and will be for 60 mins.
Listening The speaking exam encompasses three categories of 11 to 14 mins.

Make yourself familiar with the pattern of the exam by studying the exam content, also the question and task classifications for every category. It’s conjointly necessary to browse through the IELTS regulations and norms.

These are set into the Notice to applicants and Statement that are enclosed within the form of application.

IELTS Practice Questions

Preparing with practice queries will assist you to inform yourself of the pattern of the exam. We’ve given sample inquiries in IELTS Ninja to assist you to prepare for the IELTS exam. This may offer you an inspiration of what to anticipate within the reading, writing, speaking and listening exam.

Check Your Progress

With the help of practice tests, you can know your weak points and strengths and where your preparation stands and is it effective or not.

There is an official IELTS online practise exam where you can take the test, the test is checked by professionals and skilled markers. Give a timed or untimed exam, collect the feedback comprising an expressive overall band score and particular band scores for every category, assisting you ready and learning the portion you require to work or concentrate on.

Practice Materials

IELTS Ninja has developed a sequel of study materials for preparation. These are constructed to assist you to comprehend the IELTS exam pattern and the sections of exam questions you might be asked during the test. It includes practice test series for both General Training and Academic Test for all the four sections (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening).

IELTS Ninja Benefits 

IELTS Ninja provides you with a key answer of all four sections so that you can check whether your answers are wrong or right. For the listening section practice test, they provide you with videos of real aspirants during the examination and you can practice through it and after that, you can also appear for the practice test where you will be examined by professionals. So don’t doubt who is the one evaluating your answers or replies during the exam. DVDs are as well given to you with film footage of 3 aspirants appearing for the speaking test.

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The IELTS test is conducted 4 times a month and approximately 48 times a year. So candidates don’t have to worry about missing the exam.

In the above article, we discussed how you can prepare a cue card topic and what points to speak on. Hopefully, it helps you with your preparation. For more guidance and assistance you can join IELTS Ninja where you will get the best materials to study, one on one sessions for clearing doubts, understanding topics and many more.

So what are you planning for, are you going to study or work abroad? Share your thoughts with us. Comment in the below section.

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