Hello! Dear aspirants, this article includes a list of September 2021 through December 2021 cue cards as well as answers. As you may be aware, one of the most significant aspects of IELTS is the speaking module. Even if some aspirants are nervous about their speaking module, they must respond swiftly and effectively to the examiner’s queries.

Here is a method that will assist you in passing the IELTS exam. This will assist you in achieving a high band score and increasing your self-assurance.

Let’s begin the journey to boost your band score for the IELTS exam 2021.

IELTS Cue Card Topics for September to December 2021

Given below are the topics for September to December 2021

#Describe a time when you were not permitted to use a cellphone.

#Interpret an occasion when you were shopping at a street market and solved a puzzle.

#Imagine a future city where you would like to dwell.

#Describe your favourite singer.

#Describe an item of local news that piqued people’s interest.

#Describe a moment when you supported a friend

#Describe an occasion when you saw a lot of people smiling

#Describe a future plan that isn’t related to work or study

Some More for IELTS Preparation

#Describe a tall building in your town or city that you like or dislike

#Interpret a leisure activity near or in the sea that you want to try

#Describe something you’ve shared with others

#Describe a health article you read online or in a magazine

#Describe an art and craft activity you did in school

#Describe a quiet spot you like to visit

#Describe a movie you like to watch

#Describe a large corporation in your area that employs a large number of employees.

#Describe an instance when you were on social media and observed something fascinating.

Some More for IELTS Preparation

#Describe a law that protects the environment.

#Describe a time when you attempted something but were unsuccessful.

#Describe a useful piece of equipment that is not your home computer.

#Describe a natural talent you’d like to develop.

#Describe a common activity you engage in at work or school.

#Describe a disagreement between two of your buddies.

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IELTS Cue Card Questions for September to December 2021

#Recollect a line from a poem or song that you remember.

– What is it?

– From what poem is it?

– What you know about it and how you feel about it are two different things.

#Explain one of your country’s traditions

– What is it?

– Who participates?

– What activities are available?

– Also, let us infer how you perceive it.

#Explain someone you believe is particularly open

– Who is this individual

– Explain how you came to know this individual

– why do you think this person is so open

– and how you feel about them.

Three to Six

#Describe a long-lost friend with whom you recently reconnected.

– Who is he or she?

– What kind of person he or she is

– How did you make contact

– Also, describe how you felt about it.

#Explain about a family you enjoy and are pleased to know

– Who they are, where they live, how you know them, and why you like them are all things you should know?

#Describe a vivacious person you know

– Who is this individual

– How did you arrive to notice this person?

– Why do you believe this person is energised?

-Also, express how you feel about this individual.

Six to Nine

#Explain about an instance when you witnessed youngsters misbehaving in public

– Where was it?

– What were the kids up to?

– How did the rest of the world react to it?

– Also, describe how you felt about it.

#Explain about a topic about which you were uninterested in a conversation

– Who did you speak with?

– What was the topic of the conversation when you had it?

-Also, explain why you didn’t want to participate.

#Explain about an expensive hobby or pastime that you love pursuing on occasion

What is it?

Who do you do it with?

Why is it so costly?

Also, let us know how you feel about it.

Nine to Twelve

#Describe a scientific field that you are interested in

Exactly what it is

How did you find out about it

What makes you want to learn more about it?

#Explain about a reward you have won

What was it

What did you do with it when you got it?

Also, describe how you felt about it.

#Describe the first time you spoke in a foreign language

What were you doing

Who were you with

What did you talk about

Where were you?

Also, describe how you felt about it.

Twelve to Fifteen

#Explain about a recent good decision you made

What it was

When you made it

How it turned out

Also, describe how you felt about it.

#Explain about a time when you were at an event and didn’t enjoy the music that was being played

What was the event

Where you were

What was the music like

Also, please describe why you didn’t enjoy the music.

#Explain about a long-term goal that you’ve had

What it is

What you did to attain it

When you expect to reach it

and why you have this aim

Fifteen to Eighteen

#Describe a time when you changed your mind about something

When it happened

What your original thought was

Why you changed your mind

and how you felt about it.

#Give an example of a smart person you know.

– Who is this individual?

– What does he do for a living?

– What makes you believe he’s clever?

– What are your thoughts about him?

#Explain a favourite snapshot of yourself (or you have taken)

– Do you know when it was taken?

– Can you tell me where it was taken?

– Who was the one who snapped it? or How did you handle it?

– Describe your reaction to the photograph.

Eighteen to Twenty-One

#Interpret a person who volunteers in his or her spare time to benefit others.

– Who is this individual?

– How frequently does this person assist others?

– How does this individual assist others?

– What motivates this person to help others?

– How do you feel about this individual?

#Discuss a prize you’d like to win.

– What is the prize?

– How did you learn of it?

– How are you going to win it?

– What motivates you to win?

#Explain a book that was valuable to you or an intriguing book that you read.

– When did you finish it?

– What is the title of the book?

– What exactly is it about?

– What made it valuable to you?

Twenty-One to Twenty-Four

#Give an example of a moment when you received excellent news.

– What was the topic?

– Who broke the news to you?

– When you first realised it

– How did it make you feel?

– What made you think that was a good idea?

#Describe a comedy film or a comedy movie that made you chuckle. 

– What’s the title of this film?

– How long have you been watching it?

– With whom did you watch it, and why did it make you laugh?

#Explain a time when you squandered your time.

– What you did

– Where you were

– When it happened

– Also, justify why you believe it was a waste of time.

Twenty-Four to Twenty-Seven

#Give an example of something or someone who created a lot of noise.

– Who or what was the source of the commotion?

– What was the volume of the noise?

– What were your first thoughts when you heard the noise?

– What are your thoughts about it?

#Explain about a future water sport that you’d like to try. Give an example of a sport you’d like to attempt for the first time

– What exactly is it

– Where will you do it

– Whether it is simple or complex

— Why do you want to do it?

#Explain an instance when you were taken aback when you ran into a buddy.

– Who did you meet and where did it happen?

– What year was it?

– Could you tell me why you were surprised?

Twenty-Seven to Thirty

#Explain a senior citizen you know and admire

– Who is he or she?

-How did you come to know this person

– What kind of person he or she is

– Explain why you admire him or her.

#Explain a risk you’ve taken that has resulted in a positive outcome.

– Could you tell me what it was?

– Why did you take it?

– What was the outcome?

– What were your thoughts about it?

#Recollect a blunder you’ve made – what was it?

– Can you tell me when you made it?

– How did you do it?

– What were your thoughts about it?

Thirty to Thirty-Three

#Give an example of a volunteer experience you’ve had

— What was it

– Where it had been

– Why did you volunteer?

-How did it make you feel?

#Explain a computer or phone programme or app.

– What is the app/program?

-When did you get it, where did you get it, how do you use it, and how do you feel about it?

#Explain a long vehicle trip you recently took

— What you did when you were there

– Where you went

– Who you were with when you were there

— Justify your decision to travel by automobile.

Thirty-Four to Thirty-Six

#Explain about a time when you visited a location that was polluted

– Where is it

– When did you go there

– What type of pollution did you see there

– Also, describe how this location was impacted.

#Describe a buddy or someone you know who is a great leader

– Who is this individual

– What you know about this individual

– What he does

– How he acts

– What makes you believe he is a good leader?

#Describe a memorable dinner you had

– When was it

– What you ate, who you were with, and what you did

-Also, describe why you liked it.

Thirty-Seven to Forty

#Describe an individual who has apologised to you.

-Who is this person?

– Can you tell me when this happened?

– Can you tell me what this person said when apologising?

– What was your reaction to the apology?

#Describe an intriguing animal

-Including its appearance

-When you first saw it

-And where you saw it.

-Explain why it’s fascinating.

#Describe a health article you read in a magazine or on the internet

– What was the topic of the article

– When and where you read it is up to you.

-What did you take away from the article?

-Explain why you think the article is good or terrible.

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IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers: IELTS Preparation

Here, there will be four answers to two different topics to give the aspirants a clear idea of how to speak when different genres of topics are asked during the exam. Aspirants should keep one thing in mind, that they should not speak relevantly to the topic asked. Have a look at the below answers to make yourself clear.

Topic 1 for IELTS Speaking Exam Preparation

Describe a change that can improve your local area

– What it is?

– How it can be done?

– What problem it will solve?

– How you feel about it

Cue Card Answer

My city council makes every effort to improve the lives of its residents by introducing new facilities on a regular basis.

What It Is?

Let me discuss one such facility that is now unavailable in my community but might greatly benefit if there was a park.

Actually, there isn’t a park in my neighbourhood. People, on the other hand, utilise a weekend plot to dumb down their crap. At the same time, you can always see stray animals here. This plot is more of a blemish on my community’s face. It not only stinks horrible, but it also helps to keep infections at bay. If this space is turned into a garden, I feel it will significantly improve the region.

How It Can be Done?

It would aid with the clean-up and greening of my neighbourhood.

Furthermore, it would allow community members to socialise in the same way that we see people doing in the evenings and mornings in parks, where they sit together and converse. We frequently observe elderly individuals sitting together, playing cards, or engaging in other hobbies. In the same way, it would provide a secure play place for youngsters.

What Problem will it Solve?

Most children in my neighbourhood play on the streets, which is quite unsafe because there is always the potential of an accident.

A park, on the other hand, would provide them with a safer environment in which to play. In fact, there are usually swings, rides, and other activities in parks, which would encourage youngsters to participate in these activities rather than sit at home and use their phones.

How Do You Feel about It?

Last but not least, people nowadays face several health issues; however, they can go for a walk in parks, and Yoga sessions can be held there as well, which would greatly benefit the people and ensure the community’s well-being.

Wrap-up Your Answer

Local citizens have already submitted a request to the council, and I am confident that the council will accept it and turn this useless plot of land into a lovely park. Thank you for this topic. It helped me share one of many wishes I wanted to come true.

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Topic 2 for IELTS Speaking Exam Preparation

Describe a new skill you want to learn.

– What it is

– How would you learn it

– Where you can learn it

– and explain why you want to learn it.

Cue Card Answer

Depending on their requirements and goals, various people prefer to study different sets of abilities. Some people even like learning new talents, such as new hobbies. Well, as for me, I’d like to master a talent because I believe it is vital, and I’ll explain why.

What Is It?

But first, let me tell you about a skill I’d like to learn. “Fixing motorcycles” is the name of this expertise. Well, I understand if you don’t find this skill as interesting or inspiring as many others, but believe me when I say that if you have a motorcycle that gives you difficulties on a regular basis, this skill will come in handy.

You’re obviously figuring by now that I must own a motorcycle in order to care so passionately about this motorcycle repair skill, and you’re correct. Despite the fact that I adore this old metal bird, I do own an old motorcycle that likes to bother me every now and then.

How Would You Learn It?

However, just because I enjoy it a lot doesn’t mean I’m willing to spend a lot of money on it every week to fix it. As a result, I’ve chosen to master this talent so that I won’t have to rush to a mechanic to get my clumsy motorcycle fixed.

Where Can You Learn It?

To do so, I’d have to enrol in a technical school first and then read some relevant literature on the subject. Furthermore, watching any practical tutorials on this trade skill would be quite beneficial.

Explain Your Feeling and Conclusion

Anyway, I’d like to develop this talent because it’s critical to have the necessary safety and security on the road when riding a motorcycle. Furthermore, I want to study it since it will teach me how to repair my own motorcycle, which would save me a lot of money.

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IELTS Speaking Exam Preparation Tips

Here are some preparation tips for part three of the speaking section.

Part 3 follows directly after Part 2 and there is no time to rest, therefore it is critical that aspirants remain calm while remaining focused.

Aspirants must give longer replies and develop their ideas in order to effectively answer Part 3 questions.

There are several ways to create your ideas, but aspirants should follow these three phases (O.R.E.) and present your,




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Samples Questions for IELTS Speaking Part Three

Here are some sample questions for the speaking section part three.

#What has happened to shopping in the last few years?

#What do you believe will happen to the family in the future?

#What can we do to improve our cities?

#Why do people strew trash on the sidewalks?

#What are the benefits and drawbacks of globalisation?

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Sample IELTS Speaking Topics for 2021

Part 3 will cover the same ground as Part 2, but you’ll delve into greater detail, deepening the topic and delving into other subtopics.

Here are some examples of typical Part 3 subjects, along with possible subtopics, that you should be prepared to discuss.

To acquire an IELTS Speaking lesson to help you prepare for the test, click on the topic title.


Wild animals, pets, zoos, hunting and extinction, animals in research


Exhibitions, modern art, the role of art at school, museums, digital art, art at home, graffiti


Reading for pleasure, online book shops, digital books, novels, books and learning


Play, games, behaviour, obeying parents, toys, study


Traffic, city versus countryside, city planning, advantages, noise pollution, pollution, green spaces


Fashion, clothes industry, buying online clothes, brand names

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In IELTS, the speaking module is one in which the aspirants lack confidence. The main reason behind this is because many aspirants are terrified of the types of questions that the examiner might ask them. This is why they find it difficult to do so because they need to think about the response for a while, and they don’t have time to consider in the middle of the answer.

Also, a long pause in your answer could result in a score decrease. As a result, it’s preferable to think about your answer beforehand so that you can finish it in under two minutes. Aspirants need a lot of practice for this. IELTS Ninja will supply you with some expected IELTS speaking cue cards 2021 for your practice, do visit the website.

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