For the second part of the speaking IELTS exam, one out of any cue card topics may be given to the candidate to speak on. The topics are descriptive most of the time, for instance describing any experience, place, object, or situation. For this blog, we shall look at the sample answer for a common IELTS cue card topic, ‘Describe a new skill you want to learn’.

There is 1 minute of time provided for quickly preparing what is to be spoken. The examinee can make quick pointers on a sheet of paper for reference while speaking. The speech has to be an appealing combination of accurate grammar, flexible vocabulary, and lexical resources. These factors will help in bagging a great score for the IELTS exam.

IELTS Exam Sample Answer: Describe A New Skill You Want To Learn

For giving an answer to such a cue card topic question, you can choose any skill that you are interested in and briefly explain your will to explore it. It can be concluded by how you will pursue it ahead in the future, or what impact will it make in your life. The following pointers can be made for the above cue card topic:

  • What is the skill?
  • How would you learn it?
  • Where can you learn it?
  • Why do you want to learn the skill?

Sample IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Introduction – Describe a New Skill You Want to Learn

There are numerous skills to learn and to be mastered through practice and consistency. I would like to talk about one such skill, which I would surely want to learn, and that skill is sketching.

What is the Skill?

I enjoyed painting and drawing as a child, and I never really got the opportunity to learn it as I got older. I try to make digital animations on my computer, but I feel that being able to sketch with a pencil on paper will allow me to express my ideas better.

How would You Learn It?

I would learn by practicing basic drawing skills at home. My main purpose will be to learn how to add structure and definition to my sketches. I want to learn how to put an idea in my mind on a sheet, exactly the way I create its image inside.

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Where can You Learn It?

There are various art schools that provide training for drawing and sketching for those who are starting from scratch. There are two such institutions near my residence and I might pay them a visit to learn about their class. Other ways to learn could be online tutorial videos, which will be really efficient if I want to learn it from home.

Why do You want to Learn the Skill?

I feel that sketching is one of the most expressive forms of art. It will help me to illustrate my thoughts and experiences, which I have always wanted to learn. I also have a keen interest in digital animation and art, so it will just add to my skill set. I may even pursue designing as a future job prospect, and explore the field as much as I can, and learn new things each day.

Follow Up Questions for IELTS Exam from Cue Card Topics

Following ahead will be a few samples of follow-up questions with answers for part 3 of the speaking IELTS exam. The follow-up questions are based on the cue card topics and are an extended part of the speaking exam in an abstract and generalized manner.

Sample questions and answers for the above cue card topic:

Does the Age of a Person affect His Learning of a Skill?

I don’t think that age is a factor if someone wants to learn a new skill. The retention power of the steps required in learning a skill may depend on age, for example, older people might be a bit puzzled when learning about computers for the first time. But still, on a general basis, there is not an issue in learning any skill on an age basis. Anyone who has the will and interest to learn a new skill can learn it at his/her own pace and comfort.

What is the Most Difficult thing in Learning?

The level of difficulty in learning anything will differ from one person to the other. Something might be difficult for one person to learn, while it may be a piece of cake for someone else. It is a very subjective concept, and also depends on the dedication and effort put in for learning. Even a tough task done with sincere efforts will yield good results in a short span of time.

Why is it Important to Learn Communication Skills?

Communication skills are important because they are the essence of interactions among people. Effective communication skills allow the other person to understand your ideas more accurately and quickly. Being proficient in communication skills is not only important for professional life, but for personal life as well.


Now that this blog has covered one of the important cue card topics about describing a skill you want to learn, along with the follow-up questions, it is now time for you to brush up your vocabulary and grammar as well. Looking for more such cue card topics for the IELTS exam? Click here.

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