The speaking test is the second element of the IELTS assessments that will test you for your language proficiency and speech skills. Those are conducted face-to-face via video conference arrangements with a specially trained expert in speech and linguistics to rate you. A cue card with a question or a topic you’re going to talk about on the spot is given to you. You are given a long training period of 1 minute and you must speak for two minutes or so.

In common, the topics are descriptive formats which challenge you to describe a range of items, relationships, individuals, or your areas of interest, such as a close colleague or your beloved relatives, or your favourite country destination, or your favourite passion.

“Describe A Volunteering Experience You Have Had” is one of the cue card topics covered. Go through it to get better for the IELTS exam.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic ” Describe a Volunteering Experience You have Had” Explained

Questions You Must Answer to  Describe a Volunteering Experience You have Had

Who inspired you to volunteer?

Where was the volunteering location?

Why were you volunteering?

How did you feel about that?

Sample IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Answer- Introduction

Volunteering gives you the chance to pursue a new job without having a long-term commitment. In a new sector, it’s a great way to learn various experiences. You can volunteer directly with an agency that does the kind of work you are involved in certain areas.

What was the Volunteering Situation?  Where Was It?

I really wanted to do some work that helps me to help the poor and vulnerable. In March 2020, I was offered a chance to volunteer. The Corona pandemic began in India, and our Prime Minister ordered a full lockdown for a few months in India to protect the public.

I mean to say the good side is that people remain healthy in their homes and still get the chance to spend time with their families, which they don’t spend because of their busy schedule. We all know everything has two sides. Yet lockdown proves really bad for people in the labour class because many people are losing their jobs and have not had enough resources to provide their families with food and shelter.

Why did you Volunteer?

My street people wanted to help poor people, so they declared that they needed volunteers to help them support vulnerable people with medical facilities and encourage them to agree with the government and go to the hospital for testing if they suffer from temperature, fever, coughing and just about any other coronavirus symptoms, so they get proper care on time. We all raised some cash for the purchase of masks and for sanitization.

How did You Feel about That?

I found that it offers a lot of mental peace to do work for others that I did not get while I worked for myself. There has been a lot of change in my way of thinking and outlook on life.

Wrap it Up

I worked for the government for two months, but to this day I use my allowance money to buy some healthcare equipment that I distribute to impoverished people and bring them to the hospitals if they need certain care. It really doesn’t mean I quit helping people.

Prepare for IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Follow Up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions that might be asked by the interviewer relevant to the cue card “describe a voluntary experience you have had” during your speech part 3.

Question 1

  1. To be a volunteer, what qualities are required?

I don’t think any special qualities are required in this kind of job. Reliable strength, but without any expectations, is required to do the job.

Question 2

  1. What kind of reputation does a volunteer have?

A volunteer has a personality that is welcoming. He’s readily available to people. He wears a smile on his face at all times. He’s got excellent listening abilities.

Question 3

  1. How do businesses that participate in charitable work benefit our society?

Companies may help in many ways, such as supplying schools with health care, food, and donating money.

Question 4

  1. Do you think individuals should be more interested in volunteering nowadays?

I do think so because people are busy with their jobs nowadays and have little time for others. In addition, individuals are self-centred or maybe more selfish.

Question 5

  1. How do new technologies benefit the experience of volunteers and volunteers?

First of all, people come to know where people need assistance, what kind of region they are going to go to. Location assistance helps with this.

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By now, you will have a good understanding of how to treat and answer questions about cue cards in a reasonable way. The more you attempt to answer these sample questions in the main IELTS test, the more you can do. You may practise a similar approach for IELTS cue card topics by keeping an eye on this post. To make it feel more accessible and genuine, you should remember to create a background for the answer. For more such explanations check out IELTS ninja.

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