Canada is one of the topmost nations around the world which provide quality education in almost every professional field. The study visa for Canada is obtained through a multi-level process that requires certain criteria to be fulfilled. This blog will give you a thorough view of the Canada Study Visa requirements.

In order to follow procedures here as an international student, a study permit is required. The student may also require a temporary resident visa that will be alongside the passport and the study permit. Another requirement is an English language proficiency test score like IELTS, TOEFL, or GMAT.

Study Permit for Canada

A study permit is a document issued by immigration authorities which is permission for international students to acquire education. International students from other countries cannot enrol in universities without a valid study permit. Also, the students who hold a student permit can enrol themselves only in Designated Learning Institutions, these are the institutions that provide admissions to international students.

A student permit does not allow a student to enter the country, and it is different from a Visa. It is given to the student upon arrival after the thorough registration and documentation work is complete. Also, the visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization may be allotted along with the student permit, if approved.

Canada Requirements for Study Visa-Documentation Process

A student is eligible for applying for a Canada study visa under the following criteria:

  • To be enrolled at a Designated Learning Institute (DLI)
  • Ability to show proof of funds for study and stay
  • Have no criminal record
  • Prove good health through a medical examination

The study visa for Canada can be applied online and there are a number of documents that need to be prepared for visa application. These are as follows:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of acceptance by a DLI
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • English Language Proficiency Test score
  • Passport size photographs
  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME)
  • Credit cards (in case of online application)
  • Proof of funds

Canada Study Visa Fees

A study permit for Canada costs CAD$150, which is INR 8581 according to the current exchange rate. The exchange rate keeps on fluctuating and it is advisable to check beforehand at the time of application.

Canada Study Visa can be applied both online and offline, and the payment mediums differ in both cases. In the case of an online application, the payment is to be made through a credit card, and if the application is done offline, then payment is made through a demand draft in favour of the Canadian High Commission. Cash payments can also be made at the VAC.

The payment is to be made at the time of application, or when the payment receipt is provided online. An additional CAD$85 is applicable for a biometric charge after the visa application process is complete.

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How Much Money is Required to Study in Canada?

Canada is quite affordable in terms of studying as compared to other countries. The average tuition costs for courses annually ranges between CAD$ 20,000 to CAD$30,000 here. Other than that, the housing, food, and other living expenses depend on the location of stay; but the estimate is averagely between CAD$15,000 to CAD$20,000 annually.

The following table provides an idea of expenses based on the field of academics:

Field of study grouping Undergraduate Graduate
Education $20,875 $15,764
Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies $25,127 $14,737
Humanities $28,676 $13,667
Social and behavioural sciences $27,647 $15,032
Law, legal professions and studies $33,192 $17,237
Business management and public administration $26,680 $24,693
Executive MBA Not available $66,665
Regular MBA Not available $38,950
Mathematics, computer and information sciences $33,012 $16,647
Engineering $33,703 $19,301
Pharmacy $40,960 $12,876
Veterinary medicine $63,323 $10,099
Other health, parks, recreation, and fitness $24,626 $18,551
Personal, protective, and transportation services $20,332 Not available

The minimum bank balance for a Canada student visa is to be given as proof of funds. The current value for the same is CAD$10,000.

Study MBA in Canada

MBA courses pursued here are internationally well recognized and offer several perks in terms of opportunities. The nation itself is a successful business entity and rich in resources. For those who wish to study MBA in Canada, the grade point is generally required to be 3.0 to 4.0. This is common for most post-graduation courses here. For MBA, the GMAT score required by the topmost colleges and universities is 580 to 600.

The average cost of MBA programs in Canada costs CAD$30,000 to $40,000 annually. MBA is a professional course, and there is a limited number of scholarships for the same. There are lots and lots of opportunities for students who pursue business management here, and they are well-groomed in terms of skill development, efficiency, and well prepared for real-world situations. The course enriches students with both proficiency and earning potential.

Student Visa Canada Requirements- Selecting the Right Institute

There are numerous universities and colleges that offer MBA and business-related programs as per the specification or type. It is important to choose the right institution based on various factors:

  • Searching for universities with the exact specification of the type of course which the applicant wishes to pursue. The student also must look for the most quality institutions.
  • To choose a university in proximity to the residence, as the stay will be as long as the tenure of the course.
  • To research the tuition expense of the university which is chosen.
  • To look for universities that provide proper orientation, introductory and advisory support to international students.


Canada is a great choice for pursuing higher studies and it offers one of the best services for students in the world. This blog covered the major requirements that are to be met in order to become a Canadian student. Drop a comment in the below section and let us know what more we can help you within any of the related processes.

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