The unsaid rule for preparing for any exam or preparing for an interview is to know all about it like the duration, fees of the final examination, and also the coaching duration and fees where you will be preparing for the exam. This is important to know because you will start preparing according.

If you know the timing for the IELTS examination you will prepare according to the timing, if the timing is less than you will need to work on your speed and if there is a lot of time given to complete the IELTS exam that you will need to focus on achieving 100% accuracy. To achieve the desired result you will need to prepare accordingly, if you prepare in the wrong direction, you may lose the point despite working so hard.

What is the Duration of the IELTS Course?

The duration of the IELTS course is 2 hours and 45 minutes. This duration is for completing all 4 sections:- Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. In this duration different time is allotted to the sections and you have to complete each section in the provided stipulated time. So when you are preparing for the IELTS exam keep in mind the duration given for each section, so that you practice how to time your paper and what techniques to use so that the exam is completed on time and also the accuracy of the right answers is higher. IELTS course duration and fees are the question that was gulling in your mind and was troubling you then you will find your answer here and after getting the answer you can have the right direction to work on.

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Fees of IELTS Examination

For Indian students fees for the IELTS exam is INR 14000. IELTS is offered up to 4 times a month so in a year you can choose from the 48 dates for the IELTS exam. But the availability of the Academic and General Training module differ, where the academic version is available on all 48 dates, general training is available on 24 dates. This gives the candidate flexibility to choose from any date which is convenient for the candidate.

And seeing the availability of the candidates and candidates who are applying comes from various backgrounds, the test is usually held on Saturday and Thursday, there are various centres all around India which the candidate can choose according to their convenience. Listening, writing, and reading sections in the test are given on the same day but the speaking test is taken on any other subject which is prior or post the 7 days. So now you know about “How much is the duration for the IELTS course? to tackle the IELTS exam, and achieve the desired score.

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IELTS Course Details

Each section has been allotted a different duration, you need to complete the section within the stipulated time. So the timing given to each section is –

  • The timing given for the Listening section is 30 minutes and 10 minutes which is the transfer time. You will need to complete 40 questions in just 30 minutes. Marks for each question is 1
  • Academic Reading Section and General Reading section:- timing given for the academic reading section and for the General reading section is 60 minutes, within which you will need to complete 40 questions
  • Academic Writing section and General Training section:- timing allowed for the academic and general training writing section is 60 minutes and in this section, you will be given 2 questions.
  • Speaking Section:- Speaking section is the section that is allotted the least time which is 11 to 14 minutes. In this section, you will have an interview with the examiner where you will be a topic to speak.

Bring-in Smart Techniques

Keeping the duration of these sections in mind you have to prepare in such a way that you learn the smart techniques to complete each section within the given time and you complete it with greater accuracy. To get into your desired college or university you will have to score above or more than a minimum band in the IELTS exam, with such criteria you cannot afford to get even one lesser mark. So to prepare in the right direction, practice completing each section within their time frame. Practice the question paper and give as much test as you can.

IELTS Coaching Duration

IELTS Coaching duration differs from one institute to the other, as they have different teaching modules. Many coaching online is self-paced, that is you are provided with all the resources and you can use these resources according to your flexibility and convenience.

The course duration of the coaching can be from one to 6 months, those candidates who have decided to give IELTS a long time ago have plenty of time with them. So they can enrol themselves in the coaching which is offering a course of 6 months. But if it is already late for you to prepare then you can enrol yourself in the coaching which offers a 1 months course.


Candidates need to prepare on the basis of what will be the course duration and duration of each section. This information will help you in your preparation. You will have to learn about the smart techniques to speed up yourself and complete the exam in the stipulated time. In this article, you have got the information about the IELTS course duration, coaching duration, and duration of each section. Knowing this information will help you work in the right direction. You can choose the coaching on the basis of the course duration that they are providing to you.

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