For any examination do you check the score out of which you will be getting evaluated? The answer is pretty sure a ‘Yes’. Similarly, when a candidate is preparing for the IELTS examination, they need to look for the score criteria on the basis of which they are evaluated.

Different countries have different minimum marks requirements, so you need to do your research before you start your IELTS preparation, you should acquaint yourself with the marks that you have to aim for to get entry into your desired country.  On the basis of the marks required by the country, you can decide your strategy and even take guidance from the coaching centre and personalized coach.

 IELTS Overall Band Score Calculator

The total time given to complete the IELTS examination is 2 hours and 45 minutes. You have to prepare in such a way that you get the desired brand. You can score between 0 to 9 in the IELTS score. For each section, you will get a different marks calculator as the sections are evaluated differently, and they have different structures. Even these sections are split into sub-criteria on which the examiner evaluated you.

For example in speaking skills, you are not only evaluated on the basis of your English fluency but you are also evaluated on the basis of other components like- use of a wide range of grammatical structure, use of correct pronunciation, use of good vocabulary, and voice modulation. When you know that these are the components on which you will be evaluated, you will keep them in mind, right?

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 How is the IELTS Reading Score Calculated?

For reading marks in the IELTS you will see 2 different sections for it: Academic and General Training IELTS. So you will need to see their marks calculation separately because they are calculated separately. The reading section has 40 questions, each question is allotted one mark, and for every correct answer, you get one mark each. You will be happy to know that there is no negative marking. You get different types of questions in the reading section. You will get questions like- MCQs.

True False, matching, sentence completion, summary completion. This is important to know for you because if you don’t know about the type of questions that you can get then in which direction will you move to? If you think that you have to write the passage in the reading section, then wouldn’t you waste your time in writing? Yes, that is why it is important to know each section thoroughly and then start the preparation for that section.

You can see below the difference between the score calculation for IELTS band score for academics and for general training.

 How to Calculate IELTS Academic Reading Score?

Academic IELTS is conducted for the people who want to study abroad, they give the IELTS exam for academic purposes. The candidates desire to complete their graduation or their post-graduation from a country other than their home country. So for this many institutes ask for an IELTS mark and different minimum criteria are there for each institute. Check out the reading band marks academic given below.

Band Raw- marks
9 39-40
8.5 37-38
8 35-36
7.5 33-34
7 30-32
6.5 27-29
6 23-26
5.5 19-22
5 15-18
4.5 13-14
3.5 8-9
3 7-6
2.5 5-4

Reading the table now you must have got an idea about how the IELTS Reading score is calculated and which raw score you can aim to increase your scores.

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 How to Calculate IELTS General Reading Score?

General training IELTS examination is for the people who are planning to move abroad for professional purposes like, work, immigration, or some training purpose. In this case, the IELTS is the entry pass for the candidate to enter the country that they are going to work in, without achieving the minimum required band it will be difficult for the candidate to get approval and get the visa.  You can see the IELTS general reading band score list given below:-

Band Raw- marks
9 40
8.5 39
8 37-38
7.5 36
7 34-35
6.5 30-31
6 27-29
5.5 23-26
5 19-22
4.5 15-18
3.5 12-14
3 9-11
2.5 6-8

It is important for you to get insight into each section of the IELTS examination. You need to do thorough research on the evaluation criteria, how is the IELTS reading score calculated? Where will you find the previous year’s question paper? These are important things to know to prepare in the right direction.

There will be no point left if you start in the wrong direction, as all your efforts will go in vain. For different countries you will need to get different bands, so decide beforehand in which country you have to move to for studies purposes or for professional purposes.

In this article you are given, all the information about the IELTS reading score calculator, to see which points to focus on and which points to let go of. You will get a deep understanding of the marks and the band allotted to each raw score.


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