Many aspirants have doubts about which is easier, whether it is IDP or British Council. Both IDP and British Council are the organisations collaborating with IELTS and they all are the entrance gates for English-speaking countries. IELTS is a gateway to various prestigious institutions abroad.

This article will clearly state the difference between them both and give you a clear idea of what you can go with. Though there is not much difference between both of them, one needs to be precise about the minor ones too. That is clearly stated in the article and stay tuned till the end to know all the differences.

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What is British Council?

BC or British Council is an educational organisation which helps in promoting the English language all over the world. The BC in India conducts IELTS for general, academic, UKVI, etc. It is a registered and official examination centre for IELTS, where aspirants can book their IELTS dates online and offline.

Why Take BC for IELTS?

#High-quality practice resources support: Access free training examinations online including sample examinations for IELTS general and academic training.

#More choice: Take the examination on computer or paper.

#Convenient location and dates: They have 70+ test centres across India.

#Carefully established venues: All of the 850 official British Council IELTS examination centres have new installations and are conveniently placed.

#Professional and generous staff: Highly instructed and trained staff to guarantee that your examination day journey goes smooth without any external causes.

#Five Test Report Forms (TRF) free: Five extra documents of your Test Report Form (TRF) sent immediately to universities for free.

#Hassle-free enrollment process: Reserving the examination is simple with the online enrollment process.

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What is IDP?

IDP or also known as International Development Program is an educational organisation that engages with the student’s placements in UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

Why Take IDP for IELTS?

Test Locations 

They offer 140+ examination centres all over the world and are well-acquainted and convenient.

Always There to Help 

They have been providing outstanding service to every aspirant and also they have the best experience while they take the IELTS test for the candidates. One can easily visit the website and check their availability and can ask them if one has any doubts.

Hear the Difference

During the listening test, the IDP offers infrared headphones. The headphones offer high-quality sound resolution and the flexibility to adjust the volume and the length is also very convenient and easy.

Be better Prepared

It offers a convenient and low cost and sometimes free for the IELTS studying and preparation material. They are very beneficial to help you to study for the exam.

Check Your Results

They give you the option and alternative of sending your result via phone SMS or through the online portal. The IDP counsellor assigned to you will provide you with all the answers to your questions and doubts. He/She will also help you to book your IELTS exam.

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What is the Difference Between IDP and British Council?

Nature of the Test

All the questions and problems are framed by the Cambridge English Language Assessment. The nature of the test is the same for both the IDP and British Council so there is absolutely no difference between them.

IELTS Examiners

The examiners for both organisations will be trained in the exact same manner. The aspirant will be evaluated based on the number of right or wrong answers. The listening and reading sections are also based on the same pattern. There is no unique or special role of the examiner in this.

The examiner plays a major role in the remaining sections, that is writing and speaking. The examiners for both that is British Council and IDP, course and marking criteria are all the same. They will have a regular checkup on how they will evaluate.

Accents Used

As the name suggests, British Council is British and the IDP is Australian. But, they both are the same. The aspirant can be from any nation or country and they can speak any accent. Even the examiner can use any English accent.


The test taker needs to choose the nearest location for the examination centre. The aspirant can report at the examination centre well in advance before time and focus on other important aspects. You will have to choose the centre based on the proximity, and instead of choosing a far centre, which can make you exhausted, choose one near you.

Availability of Equipment 

Most of the aspirants use headphones while listening to conversations in the listening tests. Always check the availability of headphones and equipment in the examination centre before starting it because it will help you to concentrate more.

Availability of Test Date 

Always select the nearest centre with the availability of dates. The aspirant should take the test when he/she is completely prepared and confident to sit in the examination hall. So, choose the nearest centre which offers you the date that you want.

Fee and Format

Both the exams, that is IDP and British Council, have the same exam fee and charges. There is no difference between academic and general exams, both for IDP and British Council for computerised or pen and paper tests.

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Is IDP Easier than British Council?

When it comes to the difficulty level, both the exams have the same difficulty level as both the questions and problems are prepared by the Cambridge English Language Assessment. Students rather feel that the IDP is easier than the BC but, that’s a myth because both are the same and none is over the other.

IELTS Exam Fee and Charges 

Test Type Cost (INR)
Computer-delivered IELTS 14,700
IELTS Life Skills (A1 and B1) 13,940
IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration 15,100
Pen and paper-based IELTS 14,700
Cancellation 5 weeks before- 25% will be deducted from the exam fee refund

After 5 weeks, no refund will be done

Rescheduling 3000

Hopefully, this article has solved all your doubts regarding the examination. Now, you might have a clear idea, that both the IDP and British Council are the same. The fees, equipment, format and difficulty level. But, one needs to choose their examination centre carefully and also check the availability of equipment there. One needs to remember that they should appear for the exam only when they are confident and ready for it or else it is just a waste of resources.

Always be determined and focused to achieve something big. If you are having a tough time preparing for the examination then IELTS Ninja is the best place to overcome that. If you have any queries or questions regarding your preparation then please feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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