Imagine dragging yourself to the next class as you worry about the monotony of the whole situation. Why restrict your learning to your college/school’s four walls? We mean travelling for a vacation abroad seems amazing, but have you given a thought about travelling to study abroad? If yes, you are in the right place to know about it!

Studying abroad would be the best decision you ever made, as you not only get to know and study but also experience a different culture, learn in a whole new global environment, and not to forget making those life-lasting memories. English proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE play a major role in getting admissions for these study abroad programs.

It doesn’t matter what year you are in, what course, language or interests, there is something for everyone.

So, what is the best study abroad program to go through?

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Tips to Get you Started on Your Study Abroad Research Options

As you begin your research on various study abroad options, different questions arise, such as what is the best study abroad program to go through, where should I study, What should I study, when is the best time to take up an abroad course, is it going to be worth it, etc. Well, to answer your last question directly: Yes! It will be worth it. Below, we have tried to explain what exactly to look for while choosing the best study programs abroad.

Seek More than just Experience

Of course, you will be making a lot of memories through experiences. And these memories and connections will last throughout your life. However, earning academic credits, while satiating your travel lust will be another level of achievement. Also, this will ensure that you don’t fall behind in your academic semesters.

Choosing the Best Program Company/Provider

Your regular academic duties and requirements may try to pour cold water on your shining dreams to study abroad. However, if you choose the best program company to help you with the process, they will make sure you have the best options. They help you find programs that balance well with your school semester or year, making the experience worthwhile.

Taking Care of the Costs

The thought of studying abroad seems very expensive and can make many students give up on their dream. However, your program provider might act as an angel that will guide you towards various scholarships and other financial aids to help you support your program.

Organised Fun

Your trip is going to be loosely organised. However, this will still leave plenty of room to have those memorable, unexpected moments. So, you can aim to have unexpected adventures all the while having clarity about your purpose and goals for your trip.

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Best Program for Study Abroad

1-Study Abroad in Greece – College Year in Athens

When – Summer/ Year-Long/ Semester

Where – Paros, Santorini, Athens, Crete, Greece.

Get a chance to study in the historically rich country of Greece. The land of great thinkers, intellectuals, and philosophers has a lot to offer when it comes to academic courses for students from abroad. After seeing and learning so much from Greece, you are sure to return home an intellectual.

2-USAC KOREA: Seoul – Korean & East Asian Studies at Yonsei

When – Semester/ Year-Long

Where – Seoul, South Korea

Studying in the culturally advanced capital of Korea, Seoul has a lot to offer not only in terms of the experiences but academically as well. See, interact, and try to adapt to the Korean-study life. Make friends with the students at Yonsei University, and learn not only what’s in the course but also the secret hotspots of the capital and get the chance to experience the K-Pop scene up close.

3-Uppsala International Summer Session

When – Summer

Where – Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala International Summer Session is a top-rated language school in Sweden that is a non-profit organisation. This school offers exclusive opportunities for its students to learn about the Swedish language, their country’s culture and traditions through distinct weekly excursions.

This fun way of learning makes exploring the country and its history more amazing.  This school has top-ranking faculties and offers many opportunities for the students to themselves participate in the culture of Sweden.

4-IES Abroad Vienna – Music Semester/ Year Program

When – Semester/ Year-Long

Where – Vienna, Austria

This is a fantastic opportunity for music lovers and learners alike. Learners get the opportunity to learn in the same city where musical maestros like Beethoven and Mozart showed off their artistry and became a household name for the city. This musical city has so much to offer, from courses on Music History to Performance Studies; this city is sure to please all your music learning desires. A semester or a year here might guide you to become the musical master you always wanted to be.

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5-Meiji Academy – Study Japanese in Fukuoka

When – Summer/ Semester/ Year-Long

Where – Fukuoka, Japan

With occasional excursions, learn about Japanese culture and the language in one of the safest destinations in the world. You can choose from small size lessons to private tuitions; all focused on making your Japanese language fluent. They also offer Japanese business courses which are coupled with their culture, making it an experience to remember.

6-IES Abroad Siena Summer – Tradition & Cuisine in Tuscany

When – Summer

Where – Siena, Italy

We are sure this experience will fill up your mind as well as the stomach with everything this Italian city has to offer. Dive into the food, culture, and tradition; and learn all about the beautiful restaurants, the various pizzerias, as well as the enriched wine-yards of the city. The courses in Siena are sure to satiate every gourmands’ mind and soul, and give them a rich experience and mastery over fine wine and dine. The Italian culture is sure to make you fall in love with it.

7-Study Abroad & Spanish Immersion in Heredia, Costa Rica

When – Summer/Semester/ Year-Long

Where – Heredia, Costa Rica

The city of flowers, Heredia in Costa Rica offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where students live with a host family to guide them through the experience. With them, they take part in the various stimulating cultural experiences that help them to learn Spanish and its culture with creativity and ease.

The accredited Latin University of Costa Rica will help you with those conjugations and roll Rs better than anyone. What’s more, is you get to earn three to four extra credit scores in your academic degree.

Study Abroad from IELTS!

Now, in a lot of these above-mentioned study abroad programs, you have to clear English proficiency exams like the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL. Since you cannot dive right into the foreign language, you are guided with the help of a common instructional language.

As you start your IELTS preparations, you have to remember that the whole program will become even more comfortable as the faculties give you the assurance that you clearly understand and read through the instructional language – English. You can get assistance from IDP to clear all your eligibility requirements for the study abroad programs.

What Role does IDP Play?

IDP Education (International Development Program), Australia, partners with the University of Cambridge and the British Council to conduct the IELTS. It is connected with more than 1000 organisations like universities and academic institutions for admissions, governments for migration assessment, registration bodies, and employers. There are more than 1000 centres where IDP Education conducts the IELTS exam.


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