Putting up a testimonial for one of our student Safi who was guided by her trainer for her IELTS Preparation.
IELTS Ninja has been of great assistance to Safi, who scored a 7.5 band due to collaborative efforts of him and his trainer Monika for his IELTS Preparation. Let us know how !

IELTS Exam: IELTS General
Student’s Name:  Safi
IELTS Ninja’s Trainer: Monika                                                                               
Target Band: 7.0
Overall Band achieved: 7.5
Scores Achieved:
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Safi’s experience with IELTS NINJA for his IELTS PREPARATION
Safi was efficiently benefited from IELTS NINJA for her IELTS Preparation. He is extremely happy with her achieved band and wishes to thank his trainer who provided him the necessary guidance on IELTSNINJA. He was amazed how he much he could improve in just a matter of almost a week.

In his own words
I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning regarding the IELTS Preparation, I am quite to be lucky to have IELTSNINJA. My trainer Monika was  quite skillful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show me the way with the expert guidance. It surely helped me to improve my overall performance not only limited to IELTS Preparation, but beyond.
IELTSNINJA was a great platform. In just few weeks, I have learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime. This course is great for anyone.  I highly recommend it.
Textbooks can prescribe only the basics, but there’s no replacement for a teacher that can say, ‘This is what I do and it led to these results.’  It provided the same incredible value to me as a student of the IELTS preparation. I would strongly recommend to others that seize the opportunity.
I appreciate Monica’s generosity and  authenticity with students. Also, I am attaching the initial test results as an attachment with this mail.’
We are glad we could help you with your IELTS Preparation Safi.
Good luck !

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