Australia has been a popular country for international students looking to pursue their master’s abroad. Australia’s diverse culture and welcoming nature with tons of aspiring opportunities, make it a go-to country for many aspirants.

Though MS in Australia cost can be a bit expensive, including the accommodation expenses, there are some well-known government-funded low-cost universities that can make your dream come true.

In this discussion, we will list the low cost universities in Australia for MS in IT and is MS in Australia a good option?

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Why MS in Australia?

Australian universities are known for their exceptional quality of teaching and education, training, research, hands-on training experience, and an advanced curriculum. Pursuing MS in IT from Australian universities, offer you an enhanced basis of research skill, experience and knowledge in the scientific and technological areas with an in-depth study of practical implications.

Pursuing an MS in Australia earns you an internationally recognised degree that is based on the British education system. You get the opportunities of performing in Australia’s educational culture of ample research and development. You also get a decent amount of internship opportunities in your indigenous fields. The overall development is partnered with the great enhancement of technical and leadership skills.

How to do MS in Australia?

Pursuing MS in Australia asks for different academic, English proficiency and visa requirements for international students. Below you will get to know which exam is required for MS in Australia.

Academic Requirements

  • Standardized entrance tests like GMAT or GRE are generally required for good universities.
  • An undergraduate degree is mandatory.
  • Professional qualifications or work experience is generally required for MS in Australian universities.
  • At least two letters of recommendations by your academic references.
  • Statement of Research or Statement of Intent to be attached with the application package.

English Proficiency Requirements

  • International students from a non-native English country are required to appear for the English proficiency tests.
  • ELP test proofs are required in every university for masters.
  • Generally, the English proficiency test scores required by top universities in Australia are IELTS – 6.5 or above, PTE- 58 or above and TOEFL – 80 or above.

Visa Requirements

  • Fulfil the original temporary entrant requirements.
  • Keep your electronic Certificate of Enrollment (eCOE) handy.
  • Fulfil the English language proficiency requirements.
  • Fulfil the sufficient fund test. According to the Australian rules, the average cost of pursuing international students that must be populated in the student’s financial status is 21,000 AUD/year
  • Fulfil the character and health requirements.
  • Submit the OSHC.

How to Apply for MS in Australia?

The international aspirants should be aware of the process and requirements to apply for MS in Australia successfully. The process is as follows:

  1. Process your applications through university agents who can apply directly for your program or apply directly from the particular university’s website.
  2. Meet all the application and admission requirements.
  3. Be prepared and be present for the interviews.
  4. If selected, receive a study offer letter.
  5. After accepting the study offer, receive and acknowledge the eCOE.
  6. Apply for your Australia student visa.

There can be different application dates and deadlines for different universities. The application dates start from February to June for the first semester and July to November for the second semester.

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Average MS in Australia Fees

The cost of pursuing MS in IT from Australian university might vary from university to university. Regardless of the tuition fee, there are few additional costs involved in pursuing MS from Australia, involving certain pre-arrival, visa, accommodation, and other living expenses.

If we talk only about universities’ tuition fees for MS in IT, it ranges from 26,000 AUD to 40,000 AUD per year. This might vary among the list of top universities in Australia for MS.

Australian University Scholarships

Studying MS at top universities in Australia might turn out to be a bit expensive. To cut down these expenses, the best option is to opt for scholarships. There are few scholarships and work-along opportunities availed by institutions like IDP and DFAT, which can earn you an offer of expense-free learning. Some of the most popular scholarship options are –

  • Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships – This scholarship program is mainly for short term courses and certain graduate research-based programs.
  • Scholarship for International Postgraduate Research.
  • Destination Australian Scholarship – This is a new kind of mobility scholarship program offered to domestic and international students applying for MS.
  • DFAT Australian awards – These scholarship awards comprise various scholarship programs like ACIAR Fellowships, Australian Award Scholarships and Australian Award Pacific Scholarship.

List of Low-Cost Universities in Australia for MS in IT and CS

University of Southern Queensland

The University of Southern Queensland is based in Toowoomba, Australia. The university offers a brilliant course of Masters in IT and Computing at a total first-year fee of around Rs 19.7 lakhs. Being a public university worldwide, it also offers accommodation services for students.

The eligibility requirements of English proficiency here is:

  • IELTS – 6.5
  • TOEFL – 90
  • PTE – 58

Federation University Australia, Brisbane

The Brisbane base of Federation University Australia is also a public university, allowing admissions for domestic and international students. It does not offer accommodation facilities for students. It offers a Master of Technology (Software Engineering) course with a total first-year fee of Rs 13.9 lakhs.

The eligibility requirements of English proficiency here is –

  • IELTS – 6
  • TOEFL – 60
  • PTE – 50

University of New England

Based in Armidale, the University of New England offers an excellent course for Masters. It is a public university allowing applicants for domestic as well as international students. It also provides accommodation facilities. It offers the course of Master in Computer Science at a total first-year fee of Rs 19.3 lakhs.

The eligibility requirements of English proficiency here is –

  • IELTS – 6
  • TOEFL – 79
  • PTE – 57

IIBIT Adelaide

Based on the delightful city of Adelaide, IIBIT Adelaide is a private university. It does not offer accommodation facilities. The university offers the course of Masters of Technology (Software Engineering)  at a first-year fee of Rs 14.6 lakhs.

The eligibility requirements of English proficiency here is –

  • IELTS – 6
  • TOEFL – 79
  • PTE – 50

Australia is now a central hub for international students to pursue Masters in IT. With a more practical and comprehensive approach to learning, Australian universities focus on developing a more enhanced and advanced generation-based training and learning experience. This is the reason why many students from India look to migrate to Australia for pursuing Masters.

Though Australian universities along with the pre-arrival, visa, accommodation and other costs can pinch your pockets a bit, there are many top-class universities that are government-funded and are highly ranked for Masters programs.

Your dreams of going to Australia can be fulfilled progressively with the help and guidance of IELTS Ninja. We here at IELTS Ninja back our training process and assure our students develop skills and knowledge that can help them utilise their highest potential. Stay tuned with our regular blogs and articles to find more relevant and important information regarding abroad education and related exams.

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