For immigrants seeking a new life in Canada, IELTS is the most recommended and popular route.  A permanent residency permit is required for those interested in studying and working in Canada.

Canada immigration eligibility requirements must be fulfilled to obtain a residence permit in Canada. To pursue one’s dreams of living overseas, such qualifying requirements must be met. The following are some of the most important things to consider when applying for immigration to Canada.

Language Skills

Applicants need to pass a language skills test to qualify for a Visa. This examination will determine whether or not a person is fluent in a foreign language. The application for a visa would be issued based on a minimum level of language proficiency. An individual must pass a language test in English or French to obtain a Visa for immigration to Canada.

An applicant can take the IELTS General Training Test to demonstrate English proficiency. The language test assesses a person’s ability to read, write, listen to, and speak a specific language. A student can comfortably gain Canadian immigration eligibility points in the English language with the right coaching and guidance.

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Minimum Bands Requirement

A candidate for a study visa in Canada must score at least 5.5 in each of the IELTS’ four bands. For diploma and undergraduate programs, there is a need for an overall minimum score of 6.0. Professional studies need a score of at least 6.5 in all four bands.

An applicant must gain a good score per band to travel to Canada for further studies. Students may use the band score test to determine their ability by testing their competency. Students should use the Canada immigration eligibility check tool to help them target and achieve the right band. IELTS Ninja has served more than 80,000 students in getting their desired bands in IELTS.

Canadian Study Permit Criteria

An applicant must meet and qualify for various permit requirements to study in Canada. A temporary resident visa or an electronic travel permit may be used to obtain a student visa in Canada. If a student is granted a student visa, he or she may stay enrolled and make reasonable progress in completing the course.

An eTA is valid for five years or before the passport used to apply for it expires. Check your eligibility for Canada immigration depending on the policies of your home country and the program you want to pursue. If a student enrols in a prescribed course without registering for eTA, he/she can apply for a temporary resident visa. One can talk to an academic counsellor to know more about the eligibility filing and documentation.

Express Entry Eligibility

For professional immigrants who wish to live in Canada and work there, assess express entry eligibility for Canada immigration. An applicant does not require a work offer letter to qualify for express entry. To apply for express entries, you must complete two stages. Gather all documentation related to language test results, academic credentials, and passport travel documents.

Next, the second filing includes the submission of reference letters, identification cards, police clearance certificates, and medical test reports. For Canada immigration eligibility, students must have:

#1 A university or college diploma,

#2 Professional job experience,

#3 And a moderate command of the English or French language.

Work Experience

Check your qualifications for Canada immigration by looking at the required job experience. When applying for express entries, job experience is necessary. Different marks are awarded for experience in various professions. To maximize their Canada immigration qualifying points, a student must choose the appropriate points based on their work experience category.

It is not a good idea to serve over longer periods to gain extra Canada immigration eligibility points. A college curriculum will help you engage in the best career so you can earn maximum job experience points. Moving to Canada first as a student and then seeking job experience is a fair option. As a student, your initial entrance into Canada will provide you with many opportunities to gain valuable job experience in preparation for further studies and jobs.

How to Check Eligibility for Canadian Immigration?

To find out if you are eligible for Canada residency, have a Canada immigration eligibility check.  The eligibility check will help you in assessing your level of language proficiency, target band, and obtaining the necessary documentation to apply. A student’s IELTS score can be improved with an initial stage eligibility review.

If a student achieves a decent IELTS score while still having a high undergraduate score, they will be able to collect the bonus points. Before sending your profile for the course abroad, you can review your eligibility for immigration to Canada.

Comprehensive Ranking System Tool

A student should use a comprehensive ranking tool to review their overall eligibility for Canadian immigration. The student’s entire profile will be evaluated and ranked by the test method. Language performance, skillset, college qualification, job experience, documentation criteria, and other considerations will be evaluated by the rating tool.

The tool kit’s initial findings will indicate whether a student can qualify for a one-year degree or whether they are qualifying for permanent residency. Tutorials should be taken based on the results to secure the minimum scores required to qualify for the dream program.

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Parting Words

Having a coach to help you practice for IELTS is the most effective way to boost your CRS performance and get a guaranteed band in IELTS. Get your IELTS eligibility for Canada immigration checked by IELTS professionals with years of experience. Get training from expert professionals in one-to-one sessions.

IELTS Ninja provides a safe and interactive environment for students to learn and grow. We’ve developed a customized IELTS training curriculum to assist you in studying for the exam. We facilitate an amazing tool to predict your band in advance. Exam tips, question papers, unlimited guidance, and query resolution for Canada immigration eligibility is offered to students. Keep reading our blogs for more IELTS-related information.

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