Are you preparing for IELTS? Well then which part of it do you find hard? IELTS Speaking right! Don’t worry you are not alone. Nearly every student is scared of this section.

But you know it is not as hard as it looks. In fact, it is quite easy if you prepare in the right direction. In this article, you will find the perfect strategy to ace your speaking section. Read the article till the end you will be familiar with all three sections of the IELTS speaking module. Also, find recent IELTS exam questions with answers.

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IELTS Speaking Part 1

In this section, you will have to answer some basic questions of the examiner. These questions generally revolve around your daily lifestyle and routine.

Generally, the number of questions varies from 4 to 6. But the number can be increased or decreased according to your answer and the will of the examiner.

In the first question, you will be asked to introduce yourself. Then the other questions will revolve around your home, family, work, academics, interests, and hobbies. This section is around 4 or 5 minutes.

Recent IELTS Speaking Topic 2021 Part 1: Questions and Answers Revolving Around TV Programme

#1. Do you watch TV programmes?

Yes, I watch TV programmes whenever I get a chance. I love to watch comedy genres specifically.

#2. What kind of TV programmes do you watch?

I prefer comedy or fictional shows over any other genre.

#3. Do you watch TV programmes alone or together with your family?

I love to watch shows with my family, especially my mother and sister.

#4. What was your favourite tv programme when you were a child?

As a child, I had so many favourite shows. I used to get up early in the morning and watch them. Baby looney tales, Oswald and Vinnie, dragon tales, Shin-chan, etc were some of them.

#5. How does TV affect your lifestyle?

TV programmes inspire people in different ways. It inspires them to dress in a specific way, some learn about new people and culture, while others learn about new dishes like me.

#6. How are different TV programs beneficial for people?

TV programmes are beneficial in several ways. If a child watches some good show he will learn moral values and become a good human in future.

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IELTS Speaking Part 2

The cue card or long turn is the IELTS speaking part 2. In this section, the candidates are given random cue cards with a topic on which they have to speak. First, they have to pick a pocket, then they will be given one minute to prepare for the topic.

In this one minute, they will be provided with pen and paper on which they can write down their thoughts, keywords, or main topics they need to cover in their speech. Exactly after 1 minute, the candidates will be required to speak on the given topic for at least 1 to 2 minutes.

After speaking on the given topic the examiner will ask some follow-up questions revolving around the topic. In this section, you will be given marks according to your skills to cover the topic efficiently with the use of good vocabulary, proper grammatical sentences and rich lexical resources.

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IELTS Recent Speaking Topic 2021 Part 2: Cue Card Topics Revolving Around TV Programme

#1. Describe your favourite TV programme.

You should say:

# Which TV programme?
# What is the TV programme about?
# How often do you watch it?
# Why is it your favourite?

TV programmes are a great source of entertainment. There are various types of TV programmes, for example, fictional, non-fictional, drama, education, spiritual, etc. I am not a big fan of smartphones or social media therefore you can easily find me watching a TV programme whenever I have time.

But now that I think of my favourite one, I will tell you about a programme that I encountered accidentally and became my favourite. I am quite a food lover and I also love to make new dishes for myself and others.

Months back while I was switching the channel I came across my favourite food channel, Living Foods. There was an interesting show going on. The title of the show was a health challenge. At first, the title intrigued me but the introduction made me watch the whole show.

Chef Saransh was taking a food challenge in this show. He was set to recreate popular fast foods into healthy ones without compromising the taste. There were judges who would decide if he was successful in creating a healthy one. That day he was going to recreate samosas, pizza and red velvet cake.

In the first round, he recreated a healthy version of samosas. He replaced the unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones. For example, he used whole wheat flour and semolina with refined flour. And baked the samosas in place of frying it. Apart from these changes, he followed the whole recipe. The judges declared that he passed this round.

Then the second round began. Similar to the first round he replaced refined flour with whole wheat flour and semolina and cheese with homemade ricotta cheese. The results were quite good and he passed the round though one of the judges exclaimed that he should have added more cheese.

The third round was pretty challenging. He has to create a healthy version of red velvet cake. He used healthy ingredients: whole wheat flour, curd, baking soda and baking powder, beetroot juice, honey, etc. The final result looked tasty though the judges failed him. According to them, the taste was different from this one.

Though he failed the last stage, he set an example of how we can switch to healthy food items without compromising the taste. From that, I used to watch that show daily and now I have a good collection of food recipes to try.

I love the show because it inspires me to create healthy and tasty dishes. It forces me to use my creativity to recreate healthy dishes. Till now I have created different dishes and tried them. And yah, they all came pretty well.

#2. Describe a TV programme that made you laugh.

You should say:

# What was it about?
# Who were the main characters?
# What made you laugh?
# Why do you remember this TV programme?

I am not a regular television watcher but whenever I get time I watch 1 or 2 TV programmes. But as soon as I saw this topic I was reminded of a show that I watched two years back. It was a funny programme and I had a great laugh watching it. Today I will talk about that show. It has been so long still I would love to watch this show again and now I guess I will watch it after this session.

The Baby’s day out is a Hollywood movie of 1994. Yes, it is that old but still, people watch it. It is an American adventure comedy film directed by Patrick Read Johnson. It was written by John Hughes. It is a show that revolves around a baby boy and three kidnappers who try to kidnap him. But the baby was 10* times smarter than them and hence what happens throughout was really hilarious for viewers and nightmares for the kidnappers.

The baby is the son of rich elites Laraine and Bennington Austin Cowell ‘III’. The baby Bennington Austin Bink Cowell IV is a smart boy who loves to watch picture books with his nanny.

One day three kidnappers Edgar Eddie Mauser, Norbert Norby LeBlaw, Victor Veeko Riley conspire on a plan to abduct the rich baby for the money. The three dressed as photographers and entered the house. There they abduct the baby when they have a chance. But the baby was crying so they decided to put him to sleep. When they were showing him a picture book they themselves fell asleep.

The baby crawls and gets out of the house. He boards a bus while kidnappers wake and follow him. Then he went to a shop, taxi and eventually a zoo. There he gets into the gorilla’s cage. The gorilla feels affectionate towards the baby and takes him as his child. When he finds the kidnappers trying to retrieve him back the gorilla hits them. This part is really funny.

Finally, they hold the baby and hide him under his coat when they encounter two policemen. They question him about the van and they go away.  But the baby sets his pants on fire.  When their attention diverges to extinguish the fire the baby went to a construction site.

Over here the three kidnappers faced near-death experiences still they didn’t lose their determination. On the other hand, the baby’s parents, nanny and FBI were searching for the baby. They were surprised to see the images of the baby at so many places. Finally, the nanny guessed that the baby Bink is following the pattern of the baby’s day out of the book.

Therefore, according to the assumption, his final destination would be the Soldier’s house. And yes her guess was right and they found their baby over there.

The FBI arrests the baby after returning the book to the baby. Everyone was surprised how a small baby could do such a miracle.

Do it Yourself

#3. Describe an educational TV programme you watched.

You should say:

# What was it about?
# When did you watch it?
# Explain why was it educational

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IELTS Speaking Part 3

In this part, you have to discuss with the examiner a topic. This topic will be related to the one you spoke about in the second part.

Recent IELTS Speaking Topic 2021 Part 3: Questions and Answers Revolving Around TV Programme

#1. Do you think TV programmes depict what is actually happening in society?

Some TV programmes depict what actually happens in a society. For example, documentaries, shows, dramas display what actually happens in society in a creative way. But then there are fictional shows that are based on the imagination of the writer.

#2. What is the significance of TV programmes in your country?

There is plenty of good content on TV. If we watch it strategically we can learn several things from it. For example, one can learn about a new language or culture from a TV programme. If children watch some good shows they can learn different moral values. On the other hand, students can learn current affairs, news, sports, etc for educational purposes.

#3. Do you think people’s preference for TV programmes changes with age?

I think people’s preference for TV programmes changes with age. While children love to watch colourful visuals, teenagers love to watch dramas full of romance with a dash of mystery. As they grow they taste switches from drama to family-based dramas. They also prefer to watch news channels and documentaries.

#4. Do you think people watch TV programmes for entertainment or education purposes?

I think generally people watch TV programs for entertainment. They usually use TV programmes as a medium to escape from the reality of the world and relax for a while. While everyone is busy with their lifestyle then they need a time when they can relax. People use tv programmes for the same purpose. There are only a few people who watch TV for educational purposes. They watch news channels, documentaries, etc for it.

#5. How can a TV programme affect a child’s mentality?

TV programmes affect the minds of young children. But the parents need to be meticulous with the selection of the shows. If they watch some good shows they can learn moral values that will help them to become a good person in future. But if they watch any random shows they might inhibit violent behaviour.

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The IELTS Speaking Module is an important part of your IELTS exam. I hope these answers helped you to understand the pattern. For more such answers visit IELTS Ninja. IELTS Ninja is a website devoted to the preparation of various English language tests.

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