So you are starting your journey to prepare for the IELTS exam or in the middle of it, right? Whatever the answer is, some days would be highly motivating for you, and some days would be not. You would be bombarded with lots of questions like, am I doing everything right? Are my strategies to prepare for it correctly, is giving a mock test even worth it, is the real exam will be more difficult than the mock test I gave, etc.

Whatever your date of exam is, doubts and questions will be rising in your mind with each day passing. And you are not alone in this; almost every aspirant faces the same thing. It’s normal. But don’t worry, as long as you keep your preparation higher than your doubts, any exam is easy to pass

Am I Preparing it the Right Way?

The most honest answer is there is no right way or wrong way. The only way you have to do it is your way. Everyone is different, some may be able to crack it after just doing a crash course of one month, or some may take a year to get fully prepared.

What about the Materials and Mock Test?

If you are doubting whether you are studying from a good quality material or whether giving a mock test is beneficial or not, then don’t worry; we have your back!

To make sure your resources are of good quality and relevant to the IELTS exam, go through the old IELTS question papers. In this way, you’ll get the idea of what resources will be right and what type of mock test is worth giving. You can also attempt five previous year questions to know your average band score. Compare this with your mock test’s band score. If the band is lower, then the tests are right for you, and if higher, try looking for another one.

Isn’t it Time Taking?

Yes, it will eat a lot of your time. To get high quality and assured course without doing all that research, our website IELTS Ninja will help you in no time! Keep reading till the end to know-how. We also have free IELTS mock tests, in case you are looking for some.

Speaking of mock tests, if you include them in your rituals, you are doing a great job! You’ll get a lot of benefits from it. You will improve very much. You will be able to manage your time effectively. You will discover your strategies. You will be aware of your strong points and weak points, and accordingly, you can work on them.

Your decision-making and comprehensive skill will be developed to the next level. We will suggest that you search for mock tests on the internet. By giving IELTS mock tests online, you will get an instant result. You can find a lot of IELTS mock tests for free.

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But, How Difficult will IELTS be Compared to Difficult Mock Tests?

Generally, the difficulty level of the mock test is designed keeping in mind the real situation of the IELTS exam. The four modules that are speaking, writing, listening, and reading, are kept the same. The duration to attempt the questions are also kept the same. This way, you get an idea about how to answer the questions in a limited time. So, giving the IELTS mock test online is the best way to taste what the real exam is like.

How Difficult is Exactly Both the Online IELTS Mock Test and The Real IELTS Test are?

Well, you’ll feel a slight relief after reading this. The IELTS exam is not very tough. It does not test your knowledge in general; it only tests your English skills and abilities. As you know, the IELTS exam is the path to study or work in English-speaking countries; that’s why those skills are tested. The exam council makes sure the candidate they have selected is as familiar with the language as the native speakers are because, without proper communication, one can’t stand there. And not just communication, your reading and writing ability should be of good quality.

How to Learn English?

Many people think that taking a 30 days English course could help them in learning the language completely. This is so not true! Learning English is a long process; we mean a life-long process. No one on this earth knows everything about it. But, those who are considered experts of the English language are the ones who constantly learn it. So you see, take the learning as a process, and you’ll gradually get a lot better at it.

How to Take IELTS Mock Test Online?

Our website IELTS Ninja has a perfect solution for you! When you go to the website, log in yourself, or in case you haven’t registered before, register to the website. Go to the homepage, and you’ll see a section named ‘Question Paper’. Click it, and there you go! Your free IELTS mock test is right in front of you.

If you went out of mock tests, search free IELTS mock tests on google, and you’ll get plenty of websites with multiple tests. Solve them regularly at your favourable time and rock the preparation!

How will IELTS Ninja Help Me to Find the Right Resources?

We will help you from every side! Whether it be the right resources, mock tests, expert mentors, a good learning environment, anything you need. Our factory produces world-class books, test papers, and recent exam questions. Check out the free resources, band predictor, exam tips, and Questions paper. We also have a free demo class in case you want to get double sure about the teaching methodology.

Throughout our courses, we ensure that every student gets the learning and tips required to pass the exam. Why not become part of our community too?

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