Getting a Permanent Residency in Canada is a dream of many in India. Did you know that in 2019, 80,685 Indian grabbed PR, i.e., Permanent Residence in Canada? An increase of 105% has been seen since 2016. Each year it’s increasing, and if this trend continues, more than 225,000 Indian will move to Canada by 2021. The numbers are crazy, right? The reason for this huge number is that Canada has a quality lifestyle. This country ranks second among the countries having a quality lifestyle.

Getting into this lifestyle is neither very easy nor very tough. There are various factors to get a PR in Canada.

Want to know what they are? Keep reading this article till the end. We have covered topics like Canada immigration eligibility criteria, how to improve eligibility for Canada immigration etc., to make you know the right information before you apply for it.

Canada Immigration Eligibility Criteria


The age of the candidate should be between 18 to 35 years. A maximum of 12 Canada immigration eligibility points (CRS points) are given. One point is deducted every year above the age of 35, and no points are given at the age of 47.


Having more educational qualifications will come in handy here. You can be allotted up to a maximum of 25 points. If one is studying through a Canadian institution, his or her chances of getting a Canadian immigration increases.


Applicants should have good proficiency in either English or French language. Canada is a bilingual country and they will hire someone who has a good command of these two languages.


You should have at least one year of employment experience. Having a work experience of 6 years is the maximum consideration. You can get a minimum of 9 points and a maximum of 15 points.

More Criteria

Another criterion can be a job being offered in Canada. This can give you a maximum of 10 points. Having a one-year job experience in Canada is a bonus and you’ll be allotted 10 points.

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Ways to Apply for Canada Immigration with Eligibility

Though there are many ways to get Canadian immigration, we have listed the 5 easiest ways you can get yourself into the country. Read it carefully as you don’t want to miss out on what will work best for you.

1. Canadian Investor

This investor category is for those who had a high net-worth from businesses in overseas countries. Canada allows these business owners to invest in their country to increase their economy.

Two investor programs are there in the country. Number one, “federal investor program,” and number two, “Quebec program.” Both can apply for the Canadian immigrant along with their spouse and children as dependent applicants.

2. Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Work Visa

This involves getting a Canadian job offer and then applying for an LMIA. Note that this is applied by a Canadian employer. After your LMIA is approved, you’ll get your LMIA visa and can immigrate to Canada. This process would require quite a lot of involvement, but it can easily get you a PR in Canada once done.

3. PNP (Provincial Nominee Programs)

This is a very fast process, and this route is drastically increasing. The rule is you should be living in the province after you arrive in Canada. The province is the area of the country divided by its local government. Some examples of the programs are Manitoba Provincial Nominee, Yukon Nominee Program, Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program, Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program, British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program and Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.

4. Sponsorship from the Family Class

You can get sponsored by one of your relatives. The only rule is that your relative should be a permanent citizen of the country. This is a very basic way used by Canadian immigrants. The relative can also sponsor their kids under the age of 22 and their spouse. Although sponsoring your grandparents and parents is no longer available in Canada, you can bring them under the super visa category.

5. The Express Entry Program

It is a Canadian immigration program. This program allows immigrants to work and live in the country. A candidate who is skilled and has the required qualifications is recruited. They are recruited under the following program: The Federal Skilled Trades Program, The Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Worker Program.

How to Improve Eligibility for Canada Immigration?

If you are eligible for Canadian immigration, you can apply for it. Based on your education, employment, age and language proficiency, you will be scored from the total of 1200 Canada immigration eligibility points, also known as CRS points. A minimum of 440 CRS score is required to get it.

Read the following list to improve Eligibility for Canada Immigration:

# Getting Job Offer

Getting a job offer in Canada can drastically increase your chances. Well, it’s not that easy, but it can give you a score up to 200.

# Improving Language Skills

Having good language skills in either English or French can improve your eligibility. Clearing a standard test of any of these two languages would showcase your skill directly. For example, for the English language, scoring a band of 6 to 7 in the IELTS Exam is a great way to improve your CRS score. In the case of French, both TEF and TCF are acceptable language tests.

# Canadian Education

Getting an education qualification from Canada boosts your score to the next level. You can pursue your higher studies by taking the IELTS exam. This is just one example to get an education in Canada. You can look out for many according to your field.

# Provincial Nomination

Getting a provincial nomination can give you up to 600 points. Although it’s not very easy, if you manage to get it somehow, you can easily score 440+.

# Improve Work-experience

Increase your work experience to increase your points. If possible, try for Canadian jobs.

These were some factors. Other than that, you have to keep a broad perspective and be aware of all areas. Staying updated is the key to getting Canadian immigration.

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How can You Check Your Eligibility for Canada Immigration?

Our website IELTS Ninja has a program named Canada Immigration Program to help you in improving your CRS score. One of the fastest ways to get a high CRS score is by scoring the maximum possible band. You can enrol for it on a budget.

With our easy enrollment process, you can check your eligibility, your present CRS score, and IELTS requirements in advance. Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a personal trainer who will oversee all the requirements and verify your program’s eligibility.

Get your Canada immigration eligibility checked now on our website. The Canadian immigration process will be hassle-free with us.

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