Canada immigration from India might seem to be a difficult process and to be frank for the first time anyone might find it hard to settle down in the country as well. The reason many people think it is hard to immigrate is that there are requirements to meet that many people are unaware of indeed.

But there are people or students who want to immigrate for a better future in the work career, studying and for family also. So, in order to help you understand how the process works, we are going to discuss in-depth about the immigration requirements. It is not only important to have a zeal to move to a new country but you have to understand that you will need to meet the standards set by the government of the country to have you as a new citizen.

Available Residency Options

So learning about the requirements is important but before you do so you need to have a clear understanding of the type of residency you are opting out for. In simple words, many people move to Canada for PR- permanent residency purposes when they get a good job and want to settle in the country as well. But there are quite a few options other than PR which we are going to list and discuss below.

A. Permanent Residency

People who want to move to Canada to settle down with a handy job offer can consider this option where they will have to get a PR visa.

  • Past work experience
  • English assessment test or IELTS exam for Canada.
  • Knowledge assessment test

B. Study Visa

Mostly when students complete their under graduation from their native country, take an assessment test in English like the IELTS exam for Canada. In order to be qualified to join any of the postgraduate universities in their preferred courses based on the band requirement.

  • English assessment test
  • Knowledge assessment test
  • Graduation certifications

C. Working Visa

Many times when working in a company you might be transferred to the on-site location which can be Canada, and during that time the company will help you get a working visa. But the visa officer is the one to approve your working visa, so you need to have the offer letter and sponsorship from the company ready. Along with your past work experience which can work as an added benefit to show you have a good attitude towards work.

  • Offer letter from the company
  • Visa sponsorship from the company

Apart from the above-mentioned visas, we also have business and holiday visas which do not count under immigration. It is so because these visas are easy to get and a time period of less than a month, which only counts under travelling or visiting.

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Canada Immigration Citizenship Requirement

Let us say that you have scored a good band in IELTS and you want to pursue higher education in Canada. Then you also have to meet the standard points set by the government and only then you will be given a visa to enter the country.

1. IELTS Exam for Canada

So people between the ages of 18 to 54 who want to get PR in the country have to take on an English language assessment test. We all know that such tests are very required to test the knowledge of the individual so as to determine if they are capable of living in the country. Most commonly preferred test is IELTS which has a band point score system, where you have to score above 6 to get a PR.

At the same time, the applications that are below 18 years of age do not have to meet the language requirement. So there is age relaxation present for minor i.e., age below 18 which helps people moving with their family. When it comes to studying for a visa, you only have to meet the university set IELTS band score and if it matches with your score then you are good to go.

2. Age Limitation

So the age limitation is set to 18 years for anyone who wants to apply for permanent residency. While there is no set bar required for studying when it comes to studying for a visa. But age relaxation is available for minors and spouses in the family in case of total family immigration.

3. Experience in Work

If you want to move into the country as a permanent resident then it is required that you need to have work experience from the past. So, based on the previous work you will be given a point in the Canada point system and this will be recorded in your citizenship as well.

4. Discover Canada Test

People looking for immigration to Canada without IELTS must know that you have to take a written test for citizenship and this test will be based on Canada to test your knowledge about the country. In simple terms, English assessment is for your language skill testing, while this test checks your knowledge. This test can be taken written in either English or French language and the test will be solely based on the Discover Canada guide.

5. Family Sponsorship

According to the latest changes in Canadian immigration, if you have a family member already as a permanent residency then you will have it easy because family sponsorship is the second easy way of getting the residency. You can ask your family members already living in the country to sponsor you, which means they have to write down to the government that you are a part of the family.

In this way, you will be allowed to join the country through family help, but it takes time. Remember that applying for residency through sponsorship might seem easy but you need to understand that you will have to provide required documents for verification.

Supportive Documents

It is much needed to have a supportive document from the government that can help prove your relation to the family that is sponsoring you to the country in the Canada immigration points. Also note that sponsoring you to the country is one thing and taking the required assessment test for language, skills, and knowledge is also required.

6. Prohibition and Restrictions at Canada Immigration Points

So every country wants a citizen who has no criminal record inside or outside of the country as well. And this does not mean you are prohibited forever but you will be not given the visa for some time. And the period of time when you are prohibited from entering the country will be based on the sentence or crime you are serving.

What is the Canada PR Processing Time

So when someone from Indian or any other country wants to immigrate to Canada through a permanent residency visa format, they might wonder how long this would take. In the case of a Canada visitor visa, it only takes about 2-3 weeks which is because the period of time spent is actually less for visiting visa.

But when it comes to PR visas the time taken is around 4-6 months on average and the reason for high time is simple, because it takes time for the online application to reach and be validated. At the same time, the visa officer has to determine your visa and the process for verification of all documents also falls under this period of time.


So these were the requirements for Canada immigration from India or any other country as well. You will need to have past work experience for PR and university required grades in assessment tests for studying for a visa.

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