Paraphrasing means rewriting a phrase (a group of words) or sentence in your own words without copying it and most importantly, keeping in mind that the meaning remains the same and that your rewritten sentence should not match with the original sentence word for word.

How Paraphrasing is Helpful to you in IELTS?

It is one of the essential skills required to achieve a good band score in IELTS as you need to use paraphrasing skills in almost all the four modules viz. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. In listening, you find the question paraphrased but the meaning would be the same as per the audio being played and hence, understanding paraphrasing is important.

Similarly, questions are paraphrased (e.g. using synonyms) in the reading section as well and you need to search the information given in the reading passage. However, in case of the writing module, you yourself have to paraphrase the question (e.g. essay introduction) and in the same way, it is good to paraphrase the question while answering follow-up questions in speaking. You can use several paraphrase tools to perform your tasks.

What are the Three Ways to Paraphrase Information You Find While Doing Research?

There are different methods of paraphrasing sentences without plagiarism:

1. Use Synonyms

One of the effective ways of paraphrasing is to replace some words in the sentence with synonyms.


Crime needs to be controlled as it affects the development of a city.

It is necessary to control violence in the city as it hampers its growth.

2. Change Active to Passive Voice

Changing the voice of a sentence from active to passive is another good method of paraphrasing a sentence.


The government should implement the changes in policies as quickly as possible.

The changes in policies should be implemented by the government as soon as possible.

3. Change the order of words/ phrases

The simplest way of paraphrasing is to change the order of words in a sentence.


The status of women in society has changed a lot for the past few years.

In society, there has been a drastic change in the status of women for the last few years.

Practice Questions

  1. Technology has benefited mankind in different ways.
  2. Teams of engineers built battle-worthy robots which fought against each other.
  3. There were two million computer misuse offences and 3.8 million fraud offences in the 12 months to the end of March – suggesting fraud is the most common type of crime.

Sample Answers

  1. Technology has brought benefits to humans in various ways.
  2. Engineers teamed up to build combative robots which battled against each other.
  3. The fraud was found to be the most common crime from the fact that there were 2 million and 3.8 million cases of offences related to fraud and misuse of computers respectively reported by the end of March, in the period of one year.

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Practice Questions

4.Last year Vocalink reported £182m revenue as it processed more than 11 billion transactions. As            well as the UK, its technology is also used in Sweden, Singapore, Thailand and the US. The 18 banks        that currently own Vocalink will retain a 7.6% share for three years and could receive an extra £169m      depending on future targets.

Sample Answer

  1. With the number of processed transactions reaching over 11 billion, Vocalink earned £182m last year. Its technology is also used by countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Sweden and the US, apart from the UK. The 18 banks currently owning Vocalink will possess a 7.6% share for the period of three years and depending on the targets achieved in the future, they can also earn £169m extra.

Practice Question

5. Telehouse North confirmed that its network had been affected by a tripped circuit breaker but               that engineers were now on site. BT said that connectivity returned to normal by 13:45 BST,                       though some larger businesses may still have problems. There were reports of other organisations            experiencing connectivity trouble, including HMRC.

Sample Answer

  1. It was confirmed by Telehouse North that a tripped circuit breaker had affected its network but engineers reached on-site to resolve the fault. It was informed by BT that the connectivity issue was back to normal by 13:45 BST though some of the large businesses may still experience some issues. Other organisations including HMRC were also facing connectivity issues according to the reports.


Now you have got all the required information about what paraphrasing is, how are you planning to practice it? Do share your thoughts with us by commenting in the box below.

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