If you are preparing for the IELTS lessons by yourself, then you definitely need a helping hand. There are so many resources online that it is easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we have identified the best sources of information for all your IELTS test needs.  

These are blogs with great content on tips, strategies and other IELTS lessons related information. Almost all of them are maintained by experts, examiners and 9 Band scorers. 

So go ahead and turbocharge your preparation with these 10 amazing blogs.

1. IELTS Liz

On the top of our list is IELTS Liz which has been created purely for helping students prepare for IELTS lessons with the help of various training tips, lessons and more.

It is a free preparation website where students can find great resources and valuable information about the exam topics, model questions as well as model answers.

The blog owner Liz completed her examiner training in 2008 which is why she is able to put forth such different modules and collection of lessons.

And if you are a fan of YouTube binge-watching then you can watch the exam-related videos from her official channel. 

2. IELTS Ninja

It is one of the most trusted International English Language Testing System training brands. Their blogs are detailed with comprehensive content on exam preparation tips that includes IELTS speaking, writing, listening etc. Most of their blogs have illustrative examples along with their explanations.

They have tonnes of IELTS lessons experts curating the content which means you get top quality content. Their blogs on IELTS speaking and reading comprehension are particularly exemplary.

And if you want to gauge your current level of preparation, you can use their IELTS Band predictor to know where you stand now. They are incredibly accurate.

3. IELTS Blog

This is an official British council product. This blog was created with an aim to prepare students to succeed in the exam with the best materials and coaching modules.

The major reason why this blog is a treasure trove is that all the posts are written by examiners, teachers, IELTS lessons authors and successful candidates.

You will find different training tips and methods on every possible topic for better preparation.

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4. IELTS Simon

The main reason why this blog is on this list is that the post consistency is regular while providing the best of the training. Frankly speaking, it is possible only for a former International English Language Testing System examiner to post such modules and explain them clearly in depth.

One more reason why this International English Language Testing System blog is amazing is its simple design. Simon is also on YouTube, where he discusses different parts and skills required for the IELTS test with clear explanations.

He started the blog in January 2018 but now it is considered as one of the most valued resources for this exam preparation.

5. IELTS-Blog

This Blog is one of the best IELTS lessons partners you can find online because it has everything related to the exam.

It provides you with the finest preparation tips for 4 different skills and shares various modules based on them for practice also. At the same time, you can also check out various recent IELTS test question papers and their answers for a hands-on experience of the exam.

Not only that, but we can also find tons of different successful case studies of people with good band scores and replicate their amazing strategies.

6. IELTS Buddy

We all have real-life buddies who help us and prepare us for either good or bad times; similarly, we have IELTS Buddy.

What’s different from other blogs is that here you can find lots of models and practice tests on different modules. At the same time, you can find tons of free IELTS lessons on skills like reading, writing, listening and IELTS speaking combined.

The author has released a few eBooks on the test preparation that can be downloaded for free. It also has a forum where different questions regarding the exams are asked and answered thoroughly.

7. IELTS Exam

This blog portal has a large collection of free practice tests and questions. I would consider it to be a great source of knowledge if you want to improve your English speaking online.

8. IELTS Advantage

If you are aiming to score band 7 or higher then this blog website has the right modules prepared for you.

They share module explanations along with supported videos, documents and infographics, which helps in better understanding. 

They also have a YouTube channel with the same name, where video modules and training videos are uploaded for student preparation.

9. IELTS Master

The author of the blog is an International English Language Testing System instructor who has put together some of the best IELTS test strategies, practice and techniques that work. Years of experience has helped him create high-quality practice questions for 4 skills combined that includes IELTS speaking.

The blog also gives test day tips that are quite important because we forget little but valuable instructions even on the day of the test. So aiming for a band 6.5 or higher? Then learn from the master himself by using carefully tailored strategies and tips.

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10. IELTS7Band Blog

This blog is new to the industry but make no mistake because the guide and exam preparation methods are tuned perfectly for band 7.0 and higher. So it is an online training source where we can find content on all 4 skills and video modules which are easier to understand.

They have excellent practice tests and custom tutor support which can be great for preparing for the test from home directly. So the blog has illustrated and creative explanations about different skills and topics discussed in them.


So now you have a compiled list of blogs that will help you prepare better for the IELTS test and enrich your IELTS lessons. Which one are you going to start with?

Comment below to let us know your take on the above-mentioned blog sites and share which one you like the most.

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