Australian universities supply a good vary of courses and degrees; therefore foreign students will simply explore the most effective faculty and sector for them. On selecting a degree programme, the primary selection foreign students need to build is that faculty caters most to their wants and needs. Universities, educational activity, and English language coaching is also selected by students. It’s simple for college students to modify between one level of qualification and another, if necessary.

The concentration of scientific study is one of the foremost attractive aspects of study in Australia from an Asian country for international students. Australia is at the forefront of the latest technologies and scientific innovations. Students in the UN agency study in Australia from an Asian country can enjoy the wonderful technology and resources of the country. These don’t seem to be found in most countries.

To avail and simplify, here is a list of best MBA colleges in Australia.

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MBA in Australia for Indian Students

It takes between 12 months and 2 years for an MBA or Master of Business Administration in Australia. Many colleges, such as the University of Queensland, the University of Western Australia and the Melbourne Business School, have also begun offering one-year MBA programmes.

Best MBA Colleges in Australia

The following is a list of 20 MBA Universities in Australia that you must consider

  • Melbourne Business School
  • Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)
  • Monash Business School
  • Queensland Business School
  •  MGSM Macquarie Graduate School of Management
  • University of Western Australia Business School
  •  Australian National University (ANU)
  • Deakin Business School
  • University of Wollongong Sydney Campus
  • RMIT University School of Business and Law
  • La Trobe Business School
  • The University of Sydney Business School
  • Brisbane Graduate School of Business
  • EBS Business School
  •  University of Technology (UTS) Graduate School of Business
  • Adelaide Graduate School of Business (AGSB)
  • Bond University – MBA
  • Victoria University Graduate School of Business
  • Griffith Business School
  • Chifley Business School

MBA in Australia Cost

Average MBA fees in Australia rose 7.82 per cent in 2020, compared to 2019, costing more than $58,000 for the average MBA fees in Australia.

MBA News has reported more than 110 MBA courses nationally, spanning from $126,000 (unchanged from 2019) for Melbourne University’s Senior Executive MBA (SEMBA) to $17,000 (up from $7,000 in 2019) for CQUniversity’s 100 per cent online MBA (Leadership)

You can cover some of the MBA fees in Australia by taking advantage of Student job opportunities-  Foreign students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while studying in Australia from India. This is a perfect way to cover living expenses during their stay for those who wish to raise money.

Moving on, if you’re wondering how to apply for MBA in Australia?

How to Apply for an MBA in Australia?

The conditions for MBA in Australia for Indian students entry depend on the type of qualification you choose to opt for. There are typically two options: a course in General Management (i.e. researching general management topics or concentrating on some industry) or a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

You will need to appear for GMAT in order to study an MBA in Australia as most universities require a respectable GMAT ranking. A number of Australian universities also require a 3 or 4-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum score of 60 per cent. You will need to have administrative job experience of at least three years.

Requirements for Indian Students

As most institutions ask for a good grade, you will need to appear for the GMAT test.

Most institutions often request a 3 or 4-year bachelor’s degree, with a minimum score of 60%.

Maybe you need at least three years of experience in managerial work. Some colleges, however, often accept students without any previous job experience.

You are also expected to submit your proficiency test score for the English language this may include IELTS.


Good placements, sufficient facilities and/or low tuition fees are the most crucial variables relevant to the decision to pursue an MBA at an Australian institution. These factors make it worth the MBA in Australia cost. The ranking of the school, the programme offered, the faculty, foreign accreditations and the availability of scholarships are other considerations that you should bear in mind before zeroing down on any institution. To know more check out IELTS ninja.

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