In early 2021, Sirisha Tulasiram had been looking to move to Canada but was slightly unsure of how she would manage to do it single handedly. She persevered nonetheless and was finally able to relocate there with the assistance of IELTS Ninja. Let us trace her journey through an interview that took place.

How It All Began
Sirisha chose Canada because it seemed more convenient to move there in comparison to the other countries. When it came to visa, accommodation and other amenities, Canada seemed like an ideal destination. 

Originally from Bangalore, Sirisha’s family consists of her parents and her younger sister. She mentioned , “ It’s like an average Indian family where you do everything together.” Her parents were fond of travelling and took Sirisha and her sister to places such as Ooty and Kodaikanal. Sirisha too has inherited the travel bug from them and continues to explore Canada when she has some time to herself. 

Sirisha was always fluent in English and remains grateful to her parents for getting her in the habit. While she was in the fourth standard, she grew up on books such as the Reader’s Digest and the Children’s Digest. She would immerse herself in these books and enjoy poring over them. She attributed her fluency to her reading habits and also felt that the more she read, the more words she picked up. English remained her first language throughout her childhood and early years. 

Overcoming Teething Problems
Something called an SIN  is a prerequisite until the time you are an inhabitant of the country. A Social Insurance Number tracks you until the time you’re in Canada and is a Government registered number. 

Sirisha wasn’t aware of it and so, it took a week for her to receive her SIN.  The rental prices and the groceries too are a little pricey and one needs to be prepared for that before one relocates there.

Sirisha had to exert herself in order to take care of her needs but does not regret doing so. She felt that it had strengthened her from within and also made her more resilient.

Sirisha works for the Canada Post and commutes all the way to her office. She takes care of the entire management aspect of the post office as well as of the inventory.

She has learnt how to live a self-dependent life by being in a foreign country, far away from her actual home. When we enquired about her neighbours, she said “ Most Canadians are very kind and helpful. They live in harmony and sometimes go out of their way to help others.”

Indian Community in Canada
When we asked her about the Indian population in Canada, Sirisha’s face broke into a smile. She told us that there are many Indians in Canada and the local people too remain interested in Indian culture. 

She said that Canadians can whip up better butter chicken than most Indians will be able to. It also felt overwhelming to witness foreigners take an interest in your native country. A multicultural vibe existed in Canada and she had seen most of the people relishing piping hot Indian curries at eateries. 

Taking a leisurely walk in a nearby park was one of her favourite pastime activities and she would often encounter other Indians who she would exchange pleasantries with. It almost felt like taking a walk in your neighbourhood and with people you have known for a lifetime.

How She Pieced It All Together
It has been almost two years since Sirisha has relocated to the country of her dreams. She has been through experiences that have helped her in evolving into the person that she is today. She does not regret anything as each stumbling block taught her something new about herself. 

While she had applied for Canadian permanent residency, the thought of giving up struck her from time to time. It was a tedious procedure and tested her patience until the time her documents came through. She mentioned “ Arranging your finances, documentation and your loans can take a toll on your mental health.” 

The apprehensions that followed post her application process drained her. However, she kept bringing her mind back to the reason for moving to Canada. She said “ There’s always a reason for making the move and that reason should remain your core. If you can bring back your entire focus to your reason for relocating, you will feel much calmer and composed.”

Throughout Sirisha’s journey, IELTS Ninja stood like a pillar in order to help her get to Canada. Her journey may have been fraught with uncertainties but it was worth the hassles that she had to endure. 

Sirisha’s conviction and courage helped her overcome all those curveballs that life threw her way. She managed to obtain her permanent residency status in Canada after spending countless hours on documentation and other paperwork that followed. 

Under the guidance of dedicated mentors, Sirisha felt more at ease while waiting for her PR. IELTS Ninja believes that every candidate who has a strong determination and willpower can move to a country of their choice. 


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