Ankur Sethia always dreamt of making it big and faced a tumultuous time during the time of his Canada PR application. He eventually received his permanent residency and was able to sail through with IELTS Ninja’s nudge. Let us read about his journey with us so that we understand what it took for him to get there.

Inception of Ankur’s Journey
Ankur comes from a small town in Rajasthan called Raisinghnagar. He is a Chartered Accountant and has been working in Mumbai since the last 5 years. He now wishes to move to Canada in hope for a better life.

 At the back of his mind, Ankur had always known that he would move to the maple country someday. The process for Canada PR seemed relatively easy and he was also aware of the nitty gritties that he needed to get done with. He knew that he needed a band score of 8.777 in order to relocate and that his CRS score needed to be high. 

He was always determined to move to Canada and had done his research before enrolling at a Settle Abroad Consultancy. 

How Ankur’s Childhood Years Shaped His Decision
While growing up in his childhood years, Ankur would often change schools as his native place and the surrounding districts did not have proper schools. 

He faced challenges growing up and did not want his children to face the same struggles. It all changed with the birth of Ankur’s daughter. The moment she came into his life, he was determined to give her a secure future.

He was always into sports as he played hockey for four consecutive years while he attended school. As he grew up, he realised that being active in sports had really toughened him up as an individual. He felt mentally and physically strong and was able to accomplish most tasks that he had set about for the day. 

He had mentioned the following during his interview – “ Having a clear goal from a young age is important.”

Ankur’s resolute nature left him with no choice but to persevere and wait for things to happen. To remain positive, Ankur maintained a journal where an account of his daily string of activities would be recorded. It helped him stay on track with the happenings of the day. He also loved taking walks as they made him feel rejuvenated. 

Acquiring fluency Through Sheer Practice

Ankur regretted playing truant a little too often while he was in school. He would often bunk his classes in order to participate in an extracurricular activity and that affected his rudimentary knowledge in subjects such as English.

As he began his Canada PR journey, he realised that he should have paid more heed to his classes. He had to work on his language skills with his mentors and it took considerable time for him to improve his language skills. 

However, he was able to work on all those areas that needed work and achieve the score that he was intending to and his grit helped him with that.

3 Things Ankur Wishes He Knew Before Making the Move

  • Do not leave your current job in India unless you have a Canadian job in hand
  • Start working on your language skills and Spoken English skills before you begin preparing for the IELTS
  • Seeking the services of a registered Settle Abroad Agency facilitates the overall process of obtaining a Canadian PR

Why Choosing The Right Settle Abroad Consultancy Matters

Ankur was slightly confused as he did not know which Consultancy to opt for. Many such agencies who were charging very high rates were available but Ankur did not know which one to zero in on.

He found out about IELTS Ninja when he chanced upon a video online and decided to go ahead with them. Initially he was sceptical but as time went on, he understood that they were seasoned professionals who knew everything about the process. When we asked him what he felt about IELTS Ninja, he said,  “ You guys provide the best services at a low cost.”

At a point in his life when things did not seem too certain, he was able to make things work in his favour and is grateful to IELTS Ninja for guiding him.

He had a piece of advice for all those aspirants who wish to move to their preferred destinations abroad. He felt that all those people who wish to relocate should be aware of why they’re going there in the first place. Making a list of their short and long term goals will help them in making up their minds and choosing an ideal agency would also smoothen the entire procedure. 

Ankur’s journey was fraught with uncertainties and delays but he managed to sail through as his conviction was strong. IELTS Ninja continues to shape the lives of all those individuals who are looking to either study or settle abroad as it believes in manifesting results.

If you harbour a dream of moving to the country of your choice, you should nurture it. A registered and reliable Consultancy will help you get there by taking care of all those anxieties that come with the thought of moving overseas.


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