The IELTS exam includes a process of answering a question related to a cue card in the speaking part. The cue card topic which is going to be covered in this blog will be, ‘Describe a person in the news that you want to meet’. There are many aspects which can be covered while answering this question, which you will find ahead.

The speaking cue card part is a 3-4 minute task in all. The candidate is given a cue card with the topic written and is then given 1 minute of time to prepare for what he/she has to speak, and this time can be utilized for making quick notes. The instructions for speaking are also given on the cue card. The candidate has to speak for more than 1 minute and less than 2 minutes. The examiner will stop the candidate in case the speech exceeds 2 minutes of time.

Introduction- Describe a Person in the News that You Want to Meet

The media industry has something or the other always going on and is full of sensationalism and drama other than giving facts and information. What makes the news pieces worthy are the people who are involved in the process, the newsmakers, journalists, and the anchors. For describing a person in the news that you want to meet, the following points should be included while answering:

  • Who is the person
  • What is the role of the person in the news?
  • How did you come to know about this person?
  • Why do you want to meet that person?

IELTS Model Answer

A duration of 1 minute is provided after the cue card topic is given, and the candidate has to make quick pointers about what he is going to speak about. Following is the model answer for the cue card topic, ‘Describe a person in the news that you want to meet’. The answer will cover the previously mentioned four points, along with an introduction.

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There are multiple people who contribute to making news pieces over multiple platforms like social media, TV, and the internet. There are only some people among them who we sometimes deeply wish to meet.

Who is the Person?

One such person is Sudhir Chaudhary, who is a journalist and a news anchor for Zee News, a prominent news channel in India. He is currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief for Zee News. He won the Ramnath Goenka award for excellence in Journalism in 2013.

What is the Role of the Person in the News?

I feel that he takes up topics in the news that are important for the national interest and he also devotes a section of his programmes to general well being of the viewers and public. These include topics like health, lifestyle, use of technology and its impacts, student issues, and much more diverse topics.

How did You Come to Know about this Person?

I regularly follow his programme DNA, or Daily News and Analysis, on which he analyses various news and important events of the day. I started watching this show almost a year ago, and I was very impressed by his way of speaking and delivery. Since then, I regularly follow the shows that he anchors.

Why do You Want to Meet that Person?

Mr Sudhir Chaudhary is an important journalistic figure in the country and I admire his way of news presentation. I am inspired by his thoughts which are inclined towards national progress. I would want to meet him in person and thank him for his contribution to Indian media. I would also talk to him about his experiences and challenges, and what is his vision of a better India.

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Follow up Questions for IELTS Exam

In IELTS exam speaking part 3, the examiner may ask questions similar to the topic given as a cue card speaking exercise. Since the topic here is about describing a person from the news that you want to meet, the questions will revolve around news, media, television, changing trends, journalists, etc. We shall look at a few of such questions ahead along with their answers:

Which Type of News is Prioritized by News Channels?

News channels will firstly prioritize the news which is of utmost importance to the public, related to national or international affairs. However, these days, the news has started to become more sensationalized and more drama is added to it, to attract audiences to that channel.

How Have the Sources of News Changed for the Masses?

In the current time, social media has become a crucial source of news and information for people other than conventional mediums like Television, radio, and newspapers. People can receive information on the go on their mobile phones through various social media platforms.

Should You Trust Everything You See on the News?

Not everything that is shown on the news is bound to be true and reliable. Many people in the news sector may make false claims or provide incomplete information about certain topics. So the news may not be reliable at all times, and it is important to well research and study about any topic before believing in it.

How to Prepare for Such Cue Card Topics?

As mentioned before, a minute duration is given to jot down all the points you can on the basis of the cue card that is given to you. A cue card contains important instructions and directions as well as relating to the speaking task. As for preparing for such tasks, the points which are to be noted should cover major aspects of the topics in a broad manner.

The motive is to give an exhaustive speech in a limited time period, which is 1 to 2 minutes, and the words used should be crisp and on-point. The pace of speaking should be such that it is clear and not very hurried, and should perfectly match with the duration given. For this, you can also perform various sample speaking exercises to get a hold of the process.


The IELTS exam will have a variety of cue card topics which can be from any general field. The candidate should frame his points well, and speak confidently. As for the topic discussed, the next time you get a topic which says, ‘Describe a person in the news that you want to meet’, you know just exactly what to do!

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