Canada Band Score Requirement For 2019 – Everything You Need To Know

IELTS exam is top English language proficiency test for proper future education and immigration. IELTS was established in 1989 and this test...

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Canada Band Score Requirement 2018

IELTS exam is top English language proficiency test for proper future education and immigration. IELTS was established in 1989 and this test since then was upgraded to become one of the most required English language test.

As per scenes over three million plus exams are been taken through IELTS till now. IELTS is one among the three tests that Government of Canada recognizes for immigration purpose. Other two exams are Test d’Evaluation Du Francais (TEF) and Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP).

Note that this exam is one among the language test asked by Canadian government for immigration and migration as well. The result of IELTS is given Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB), which make a fair ranking as same CLB is given for other two exams.

This is why student’s results in different marks in different marks will be considered less than one roof through CLB. The results are the same but you need to score good points in the IELTS exam if you want to apply for either study or work permit as well.

1. How students can join universities with IELTS in Canada:

Students who have appeared for the IELTS exams need to enter the pool through Express Entry. Express Entry manages immigration selection system manages the Application submitted to any of the federal programs initiated by the government of Canada. Immigration under Express Entry must prove their ability under French and English. It is a level playing field that at every point matters to candidates, which consider for Invitation to Apply for permanent residence.  

To Express Entry pool you need to either have French ability or not in position to sit a CELIP English test, else must have pass IELTS exam. There are 3 three different ways of entering the pool, this are offered by Canada to entry within Express Entry.  Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC), Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

2. Important threshold to express entry

Candidates who apply for IELTS results equivalent to CLB 8 or below have a chance of increasing their CRS points by performing better in language skills. If you have crosses CLB 9 known as Initial Advanced Level, something special can happen. As under Skills Transferability facts of CRS, as language is paid separate attention with education level

3. Minimum IELTS score required for Canada express entry

This is an average minimum IELTS Score for candidates to score to make way for Canada Express Entry. CLB 9 score can be acquired by getting IELTS as listed below for skills as speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening.

  • Speaking – IELTS 7
  • Reading – IELTS 7
  • Writing – IELTS 7 and
  • Listening – IELTS 8

4. IELTS score required for Canada work permit?

Canadian Language Benchmarks CLB has set some standard to test English Language level of Adult who is wishing to work in Canada on Work Permit Basic. IELTS score is valid to apply for Work Permit in Canada, precisely different CLB score for different job type.

You can check your edibility with IELTS Score comparing the CLB points in official Canadian Government website. This might help you to find out CLB score you need to get through scoring in IELTS Exam. But according to the recent updates it has been stated that you need to score 6.5 in the language assessment test and no less than 6.0.

5. Immigration to Canada for work?

Students have clean availability to work in Canada and using IELTS Exam score they have an option to entry the country.  As Canadian Government is stick about the Language skills, a good score in IELTS coming to get higher CLB score with your work experience and qualification helps to get easy Work Permit. If the reason you are immigrating to Canada is work, then you will have to state the period of visa and the company accommodating you should also agree.

But if you are given work when can be permanent then you can consider taking the permanent residency PR entry which can help you get permanent visa which allows you to work and live as well. Candidate experience, higher education and other sources will be compared to get CLB score. At the end students have to structure their future whether they want to work or take higher studies in their carrier.

6.  Canada band score requirement for study visa

In the first point we have only discussed how IELTS score helps students to join universities but there was no mention of required bands. And if you want to get a study visa then you will have to first select the university which you want to study and check whether your present score in IELTS matches the required band limit set by the university you are opting out for.

Many students find this a little burdening to again match the score, but you need to follow the standards set by the universities that only intake students with good band score. In such cases the best option would be to not just select one university but make a list of top 4-5 universities that you want to join and then start checking the bands required. It is to be noted that there are many university that also accept a band score of 5.5 but you need to understand that you may get selected for some courses you don’t like. So, a band score of at least 6.0 is preferred and if you can have a score of 6.5 then you have very good chances of joining any Canadian university for future studies.

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