IELTS aka International English Language Testing System is one of the most popular and widely taken tests for international migration and higher studies. 

It is one of the four language tests that is accepted by the Government of Canada. Other than IELTS, one of the other tests is CELPIP- Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, this is generally administered within Canada. The other two tests namely TEF – Test d’Évaluation du Français and the TCF – Test de Connaissance du français pour le Canada are specifically utilized for assessing French language ability.

Those who are planning to study in Canada and thinking – is IELTS required for Canada? well, most of the universities in Canada require IELTS score as proof. IELTS is one of those language tests that is well recognized and widely accepted as a proof of proficiency in the English language by the Canada immigration or to be specific, by IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

You will be asked to submit your IELTS result along with your application when you will be applying to Canada universities to study for the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Required IELTS Score for Canada

Across Canada, IELTS is a widely accepted test by most of the professional associations and by over 350 colleges and universities, thus making it very important to get through the IELTS exam for Canada.

The IELTS score required for Canada depends on many factors such as:

  • Type of VISA requirement.
  • The organisation where you want to study in Canada.
  • The company you are looking to work with.

Proof of English language proficiency can be required to be submitted by Indians or other international students who want to study in Canada. IELTS Academic Exam is the option for such cases. For immigration to Canada from India, one has to go through the IELTS General Examination.

One needs to score at least 6 for each section of the IELTS for Canada PR, that is basically a score around CLB 7.

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Take a Look at the IELTS Academic Exam Score Requirement for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study in Canada:

Canada universities that accept IELTS score Required IELTS score to under graduation study in Canada Required IELTS score to postgraduate study in Canada
University of Toronto Overall 6.5. No sectional band below 6. 7.
University of Alberta Overall 6.5. No sectional band below 5. 6.5
McGill University  Overall 6.5. Overall 6.5.
University of British Columbia Overall 6.5. No sectional band below 6. 6.5
McMaster University Overall 6.5. No sectional band below 5. 6.5

There are several other universities in Canada that don’t require or accept IELTS score. They might have their individual English proficiency entrance examinations. Some of those universities are University of Winnipeg, Brock University, Concordia University, University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina etc.

How to prepare for IELTS Exam to Study in Canada?

Know the Pattern:

For any exam, it is a must to know and understand the exam format clearly. Familiarise yourself with the exam pattern, analyse the question of each section. 


There is nothing more helpful for exam preparation than solving practice papers. Solving the previous year and sample papers will make you understand what you should expect in the various section of the IELTS exam. Practising more will make you eligible enough to get your required band score to study in Canada.

Coaching/ Classes:

IELTS is a vital examination as the band you score in this examination can determine how your future will be. You must take the required IELTS score for Canada universities seriously and get your self enrolled in IELTS coaching/ classes. Some of the online coaching providing portals offer individual mentors for each student so that they can prepare the best to fulfil their wish to study in Canada.


To study in Canada, you need to have the required IELTS score and to achieve that score, you need to devote yourself to the exam preparation. Once you feel that you are good to go for the examination, you will be required to register and fix a test date with an IETS centre.

So which Canada university are you aiming at? Comment below and let us know how your preparations are going.

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