In IELTS Writing Task 2, you will be asked for various kinds of essays. Opinion Essay, Argumentative Essay, Advantages/Disadvantages (Pros/Cons) Essay, Problem & Answer Essay, and Mixed Essay are included in this. The form of essay demanded must be identified and your answers are written accordingly. When responding, you are supposed to use your talents, knowledge and examples.

You are expected to answer a basic question in mission 2. To be more precise, IELTS Writing Task 2 allows you to compose at least 250 words of an essay on a given subject. Although not to forget, the mission is constrained by time. You are given 40 minutes to address the given subject skillfully in your own words and without any errors, obviously. This blog covers a sample essay on the importance of art in society.

IELTS Essay Marking Scheme for Writing Task 2 Topic

  • Cohesiveness & Harmony
  • Lexical Recourse
  • Accuracy & Grammatical Range

25 percent of the average Writing Score is added by each criteria. You will lose a decent portion of your score if you do not think about these criteria in your writing.

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IELTS Essay Tips to Follow for Writing Task 2 Topic

Key Points for IELTS Essay

  • Comprehend your thoughts 
  • Map them out
  • Be familiar with the popular topics
  • Ask yourself questions
  • Employ your own opinions
  • Look at your time management
  • Pay heed to lexical resources
  • Pay attention to producing paragraphs
  • Accomplish Your Response
  • Know Syntax, Punctuation & Spelling
  • Formal Language Use

Half of the dilemma is solved by knowing what the question specifies. Paying attention to all the points described in the question is important. Next, look closely at the issue and then define the form of a question, whether it is a conversation, an argument, a solution to the problem or a mix. Identify the major keywords and grasp exactly what the examiner in the essay experts.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Samples One: Importance of Art in Society Essay

You must ask yourself some relevant questions before you start writing, for example, 

  • Do you think it is necessary that art be taught to children? 
  • Do you think that kids should be motivated to work on painting rather than other topics?

Art is viewed as both an important aspect of civilization and an element of its history. The idea that art is a good way to relieve stresses and stress is a known fact. It also helps to bring out their imaginative side and encourages them to better articulate themselves. For example, by observing their sketches, psychologists may comprehend the reasoning process of children. The photographs they make and the colours they use reflect what they feel about the activities in their world.

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Add a Balancing Out Conclusion

Around the same time, though, fair consideration must also be paid to scholars, since not everyone can achieve their livelihood from art. One needs to be academically powerful to pursue careers like medicine or teaching. Similarly, one needs to specialise in skills that develop with experience for occupations such as plumbing and carpentry. Children should also be encouraged to concentrate on academia.

To conclude, since both are advantageous in their own respects, it is very important to find a balance between art and academia. Studies offer an incentive to explore professional careers if the arts provide a forum to openly share one’s creativity. In my view, though, it’s not a good thing to explore art at the expense of other subjects. Finally, I think that all students would be less likely to be interested in studying conventional subjects. It is imperative that a substantial proportion of students learn art subjects in order to have a balanced culture. We need as many physicians, engineers and physicists as we need writers, painters, singers, historians and media practitioners.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Samples Two: Importance of Art in Society Essay

Here are some additional pointers that you can include in your essay on the topicImportance of Art in Society Essay’

Its ethos, artistry and talent pursuits also represent the way society works. I think it is important for kids to acquire proficiency in art subjects. Informing and expressing the cultural dimensions of any country, art plays an invaluable role. We would not have beautiful objects, statues, ornaments, and architectural monuments to speak of if no one embraced art.

It also allows us, through previous cultures, to understand our ancestors, origin and developmental patterns. Art affects our imagination deeply. Ingenuity and inventiveness were inspired by art as an area of work. The popularity of artistic disciplines is evidenced by many popular artistic discoveries in literature, poetry, songs and dance styles. Leonardo da Vinci’s well-known Mona Lisa painting,

Break the Paragraph

The majestic façade and stunning architecture of Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal and Paris’ Eiffel Tower are only a few examples. Similarly, numerous styles of music have evolved through the arts, such as classical, jazz and rock performances.

In addition, art provides students with a forum for discovering the latent potential and presenting them with better job alternatives.

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By displaying their creative prowess, even individuals with less fortunate backgrounds can transform their lives. The winner of India’s Got Talent, for instance, came from a modest background last year. Not only did this competitor win big prize money, but in upcoming films, he even got chances.


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The Writing Task 2 of IELTS is a crucial segment of the IELTS exam. To write a perfect essay, you must be aware of a lot of facts and topics. This wide knowledge can help you quickly relate something to the topic to support your point. There are different types of essays, so you must practice each type with zest in order to acquire a high band score in your IELTS exam.

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